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DNA (genes) prove crime, identity, events, Ancestry

"Powers+of+the+infinite Universe" Professor+Marvel Wizard+of+OZ

March 5, 2010-August 2017


CRIME  is not easy reading...it will ruin your day. Wizards of Awes is not for children, this exposes the brutal murders of children and a series of killings on April Fool (fish) French slang for Christians.  Several  of  these murders are on Christmas "Eve"  and involve kidnapping the victim to be taken to a hidden location for the worst. Americans have the right to know  what is behind these brutal killings.  This site exposes no gruesome details to shock, only facts to prove crimes, the victims names, dates and the reason for headlines!!  20 years on Jonbenet Ramsey. Revelation;  "All will be told lies...and all will believe lies" news media is controlled by oil ..not America..

CLONING  by genealogy "twin genes"  DNA in human genes split and mirror and cause past events to repeat in present, proving crime, identity and events as it proves ancestry.  DNA in test tubes is inert (not alive) Living DNA is alive,  and in action as a criminal commits a crime, and cloning proves crime... just as a test tube (limited to identity) test tubes prove DNA at crime scene...but cannot prove the same person committed the crime. ie hair is everywhere Cloning requires absolute accuracy and factual proven history from archives; "Let them eat cake"  never was said  

Kellogg's Double Trouble...for criminals...will someday save victims millions of dollars in proving crimes to family Victims of violent crimes lose everything. Cost of lawyers, investigators, witness time documents and courts takes all. John Ramsey said he was "shredded" and  Dorothy (myself) "shredded wheat"  from cereal killer sheriff "count votes"

JUDY GARLAND; Stuart-Plantagenet from King James, Queen Anne, Queen Mary Scotland and France 1661, George Washington,  Anne and Charles Lindbergh,  Baby Charles,  Frank Billings Kellogg (double twin genes) Wizard of Oz 1934.  "Over 40 years this story has delighted the young in heart"  Based on Book by Frank Baum

DOROTHY  (Ellen) great granddaughter of Frank Billings Kellogg who died in 1934 Congressman Minnesota. Over 40 dead will break your hearts, and frankly quite a bomb of headline murders! used as decoys and distractions to all world money manipulated into one computer; The Beast Swiss Bank controls all world money.  Owned by Oil $ and Frank Baum wrote Oz for his own children. Dorothy/Ellen is witness to child trafficking for child pornography films Fancy Bear... is a computer website from Poland/Russia  attempting to interfere with votes from citizens in America. So  far  with no success because votes are not on line (yet)  counted by hand by "sheriff deputy's count your votes"  

MISS GULCH...what a witch!  hit Toto with a rake and lie; "Toto bit her"  sheriff (her own brother) to kidnap and destroy Dorothy!?  Give me those shoes!  oh that's right, Dorothy must be dead to get those shoes! and her little car too!"  Car (car blanket) used by a murdered homeless women who was found dead with 41 dead bodies in Rancho Santa Fe.  41=April Fool (fish) Christians.  John Meade shot in head (letters about car) Gas City 46933=666 

SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW (Jonbenet Ramsey)  FACEBOOK  April Fool 2010  picture of beautiful six-year old child;  "No I don't smoke,  but I do F on first date and suck C for crack and you will find me dancing somewhere over the rainbow"  cruel jeer from Moorehouse Sex Cult Purple People Church of Satan  (41 dead AF) Jonbenet ransom note; "Victory! SBTC" (!=1) Victory!=41 April Fool SBTC "Satan Better than Christ" 1996=666 

WAY ABOVE THE CHIMNEY TOPS (Jon Creek)  painting  a  black cross  on the top  of his barn at his remote CORN FARM in Hartford City Indiana. That's where you'll find Dorothy trying to regain evidence (documents) and Jon Creek jeering and giggling on the phone with another member of Moorehouse Sex Cult Satan (Larry Charvoz) in Concord "city of diablo" (devil) California. Grapes, Purple, Passion, Royals for his Royal Majesty Satan San Fransis Black cross top of barn remote farm;  air planes from private airports near mobile home parks. Child abductions $$

MUNCHKINS (Missing Children)  INDIANA "highest rate of human and child trafficking in the 50 United States" National  Human Trafficking  Research Coalition Washington DC  "Over  $60 Billion a year in human and child trafficking for pornography and child pornography, child and teen sex slavery films and webs"  Golly Total $60 B organized  crime  can  only exist by  corrupt sheriff  police  judges mayors and city officials with very big pay-offs Indiana promotes itself as 'wholesome' but in fact it has;  "highest rate of incest and child molestation in 50 states"

DING DONG (Velma Jean Atkinson) dead with her son Cheyenne 2005 Thanksgiving "Eve"  Atkinson was given a copy of People magazine 41 dead bodies in purple shrouds.  Atkinson was a wicked witch!  Blackmail Dorothy and help to steal murder evidence. Car. John Meade murdered.  Atkinson Van Buren Indiana 46991=666 (18=3x6) 9=6

ABSOLUTELY REALLY DEAD (Kevin) Coroner; dead after told Dorothy "dead bodies do not have a horrific smell in only three days. Looks like six homeless bodies in a state of advanced decomposition were killed earlier and were planted  with  the  other  33  killed later"  Betty Deal and a red-head 'artist'  Brandy (myself/witness) were never members of Heaven's Gate.  Betty Deal was homeless and enticed to her death by an Indiana sheriff deputy (Jon Kelly Creek) offering "private homes" at Moorehouse Sex Cult Purple Church of Satan. $60 Billion a year snuff porn films

HOUSE FALLS ON DOROTHY  12th House. Libra rules Law.  12 House 'hidden enemies'  full-line-up in Libra October 1993  Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn, in Libra rules Law...was a mess of witches and spooks Hartford City Indiana Halloween behind a series of killings on Halloween and April Fool (fish) Christian and Thomas Kincade was one AF HALLOWEEN 1993  Dorothy arrived in  Indiana during a  long awaited witch coven  star pattern behind murders 

DOROTHY FALLS IN THE PIG PEN (Indiana) "Highest human trafficking and child trafficking in 50 United States" National Human Trafficking Coalition Washington DC   "Over $60  Billion a year  in underground human and child trafficking and child sex slavery for webs and films. Golly Toto  organized undergrounds can only exist and prosper by corruption in police, sheriff, judges, court clerk and mayors...follow their yellow trick road  to "vote fixing" gov

DOROTHY volunteer victims advocate for battered women; witness to Cowardly Leo; recruiting homeless for "private homes"  with Moorehouse Sex Cult called "The Purple People" and co-members the San Francisco Church of Satan on State Street in San Francisco;  founded by Anton Levey  a former police forensic laboratory technician.  Six homeless bodies were found in purple shrouds...planted homeless bodies at Heaven Gate 41 total dead in purple  Six homeless bodies in an advanced state of decomposition planted with 33 bodies reported as "collective suicides" 1997 

COWARDLY LEO (Jon Creek) law enforcement officer. Jon Creek left his corn farm in Hartford City Indiana to open up and manage Arnold Place Homeless Shelter on Christmas "Eve" 1991.  Concord "City of Diablo" (devil) California Concord; grapes, purple, passion, royals. His Royal Majesty Satan.  FBI "bodies with ritual cuts Napa *Wine Valley  under investigation by the FBI for over 15 years"  Nancy Grace Show 2005  (no contact to Dorothy) Satanics  kill  of the "Eve"  of Christian holidays  "Power of darkness over light"  and a series of  "Eve" murders Arnold Place Homeless Shelter...zip code 94520=666 (18) 9+9.  Satanics seek zip codes as gatherings for covens 

HALLOWEEN 1996 a group calling themselves Heavens Gate moved into a mansion in Rancho Santa Fe  California and paid a large monthly rent in cash to a landlord; Sam Koutchasfihana, who was later indicted and prison for the forging and falsified grades of foreign students in schools and colleges.  News says  "unrelated to deaths of Heavens Gate"  who are reported to have committed "mass suicide"  39  bodies found at Rancho Santa Fe and 2 more at the Holiday Inn four miles away; Wayne Cooke and Charles Humphrey's found dead in purple shrouds for a 41 total. All 41 dead  had  on identical black clothing  and brand new NIKI Destiny black running shoes  and covered in purple Halloween  1996=666   and 41=April Fool (fish) Christians  with six homeless dead in purple; Moorehouse Satan 

RANCHO SANTA FE, in San Diego was also the murder of Ian Spiro and his wife and three children shot in head while on their beds face down. Ian Spiro was a CIA undercover agent for America and British counter intelligence and was part of the Oliver North exchange of weapons for hostages with terrorists who are sending youth to American schools and universities for forged and frauded grades by such men as Sam K the landlord to Heavens Gate 41 dead . Spiro was found dead in the desert and his death was caused by cyanide poisoning. Same Desert HG members camp. Heaven's  Gate members made their incomes by programming computer websites.  Terrorists Beast computer 666pin

RIO DI ANGELO (Richard Ford) was one member of Heaven's Gate who did not commit "collective suicide" he was given money to leave,  and instructed by HG leaders to wait for a delivery by FedX telling him members had "exited their vehicles" (killed their bodies) in order to board the spaceship that was trailing the Hale Bopp Comet March 24 Fed X package also contained the only video of the dead taken by members...their bodies are not laid out neatly with black clothing, Nike running shoes and purple shrouds...original video clearly shows the dead dishelveled in the death state of body reflux in muscle contortions  and RIO had to have known...six of those dead bodies were never members Betty Deal, Nancy Neilson, Gordon Welch, Michael Carrier, Brian Schaaf  were homeless recruited for Moorehouse 

MARSHALL HERIFF APPLEWHITE  "charismatic leader" of Heaven's Gate UFO Cult made a tape of himself as a good-bye  and  justification  of the  suicide of himself and 40 other members by sleeping pills and vodka "exit is not suicide"  never blinks his eyes once (not-natural)  in  the  several  minutes  tape  which is an indication of LSD or mushrooms or a cactus found in the desert called payote and all of these drugs cause hallucinations.  HG members delusions "Applewhite is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ from Corpus Christi Texas  "Jesus is a Texan" writings  and will meet the Hale Bopp Comet just it was the star guiding wise men 2000 years ago and guided Abraham to UR"  It all rings too phony...a staged performance...and the same goggle-eyes are on *Boulder Detective Linda Arndt 1999 Police know a staged performance...and it gets more phony with  Ian Spiro and The Grateful Dead Band roadie dead

GRATEFUL DEAD ROCK BAND roadie (Robert Leon Nichols) is found dead in purple shroud, black clothing and Nike running shoes. Gary Garcia band leader bragged he was "priest in the Church of Satan Hollywood" and he is playing a rock concert with Anton Levey as his guest of honor.  San Francisco Hotel has a suite for Gary Garcia covered in Satan symbols.  Lady Gaga, teen idol brags she is a "priestess in Church of Satan Hollywood"  Grateful Heaven's Gate?  And one of the 39 dead in purple was  Thomas Nichols, brother of  Nichelle Nichols  of Star Treck; Luitenant Uhura starship Enterprise.  A roadie is the bands maintenance man. Sets up equipment and electric connect Follow their yellow trick road to the murder of Hollywood comic Robbin Williams "suicide" and  PR Ronnie Chasen shot dead...after reporting "followed and frightened" the previous April Fool 2009...again police lies "robbery"

HALLOWEEN  2012; Thomas Kincade   'painter of light'  world  known for his lamplight village cottage paintings and  Christian quotes. Shared  Bank with mother of  David Moore  found dead with 41 April Fools. Los Gatos Calif. JUDGE set-up  Kincade Halloween as a  "fool can't control money"  Thomas Kincade was dead  April Fool 2012 Nancy Brown wrote a newsletter exposing Heaven's Gate and later her son David Moore was one of 41 dead purple Halloween 1996  cult members rented the house they were found dead in two blocks from CIA Spiro family murders 

JUDGE set up Dorothy Halloween=31+10=41 April Fool (law kill me) two gun shots fired at me  Judge "won't read" Fed-X mail*  at Dorothy's door from a green witch bragging plans to kidnap Dorothy!   (warlock in green Mercedes) HALE BOPP  is on the personal license plate of a  red car van near this green warlock and another; Caleb Baker Dorothy's mail is interfered with...stolen at the post office..Beverly Meade mail stolen  (husband shot in head April F Fed X at door is the same March (fish) postmark as Heaven Gate 41 dead April Fool (fish) March 24, 1997 (fish 666)

SCARE-her-and-CROW (Chris Teagle) "lawyer" for Jon Creek; blackmail, court-fixing, felony fraud, stolen murder evidence (car)  Blackmail; "drop your lawsuit against Jon and let him go back to California, or we get a protective order and have you decreed insane"  (by a six dollar per hour homeless shelter hippy Devshe-She-devil) recruiting homeless men found dead in purple at Heavens Gate)  Chris Teagle=Christ Eagle predator for Satan 'law' HALLOWEEN "Judge" Chris Teagle sends me a fake summons to Winchester Court.  Winchester is a gun and the Winchester court zip code 47394=666 (18)    Dorothy knowing it might be a cop hit wore a blonde wig and ran !

IF THEY ONLY HAD A BRAIN; Muncie police; over 45 minutes for Dorothy to 'charm' and beg and cajole Indiana "law enforcement" who "Can't find tee hee yuk yuk yuk"  her own stalking complaint on Jon Creek filed July prior to "Lawyer" Chris Teagel's  felony fraud  and blackmail in September.  Stalking Complaint 95-30808 Muncie Jon Creek stalked Dorothy  for two months with attempts to recruit her to  Moorehouse Sex Cult Purple C of Satan   FBI "investigating Church of Satan 15 years" Nancy Grace...peep out side of door and slam it in my face ?! (shoes)

RUE BE READ SLIP-hers-a-FAST ONE (shoes) Betty Deal helped herself to Dorothy's shoes. Wicked old witch!  Betty wore those shoes on her dirty sweaty bare feet to walk the floors of the shelter; Arnold Place. SHOES have Betty Deal's DNA and shelter dirt and particles to prove she was a homeless and crazed psychotic in shelter and not a "serine disciplined monk-like-existence" as a member of Heaven's Gate. Shoes prove six homeless murdered after recruited by an  *Indiana sheriff deputy (Jon Creek) for Moorehouse Sex Cult Satan snuff pornography films. SIX attempts have been made on Dorothy's life. John Meade shot in the head April Fool 2006 (letters about 41 dead)

RANCHO SANTA  FE....39 dead bodies "horrific smell in spring heat"  San Diego is cold in March and these cult members were dead in "strong heat"  No bills for the dead to cool a million$ mansion with best air conditioners ?? NIKI lost millions of dollars in discontinuing production of their  Niki Destiny running shoes forever sealed in the minds of customers as death shoes. Millions lost in staff and marketing and advertising for Niki Inc.  (tax write off) Tax revenues for streets, roads, lights, maintenance and everything tax pays to keep Americans safe on our roads  All of this millions lost to San Diego city revenue is absorbed by tax payers  (you and me) to compensate for  frauds

RANCHO SANTA FE  property values fell so low; one $8 million mansion sold for half  (lost tax to city/you and me) As curious ghouls drove by to stare at the 'death house' of idiots who thought "Jesus is a Texan"  who will join a UFO trailing behind the comet Hale Bopp"   39 dead is 3x6 and all of these dead were age 20 and brainwashed for 20 years Question;  who is the 'doctor'  who would prescribe enough barbituates to kill 39 people at same time?  (350 pills) ??  All to the same address....prescription addictives  were kept on computers in 1997  and  that much won't go to same Moorehouse members are doctors,  police fraternal orders,  movie producers,  jet set  and ...hippies on drugs recruit  

HALE BOPP...news reported and still does 20 years later than "members of Heavens Gate Cult were losers and loners and misfits"   NO...from concert violinist LaDonna Brugato, to a well adjusted candy striper who volunteered to help the elderly in hospitals; Cheryl Butcher, to highly intelligent and verbal Dick Joslyn...all were good students and well socialized at school and work and all became highly skilled computer programmers for incomes with Heaven's Gate. All spent 20 or more years well socialized with each other in One house; with extreem disciplines  (6 minute bath in one gallon water)   Take them at age 20 and brainwash them with LSD and payote "natural" and NIKI loses millions

TAPE shows members to be childlike at age 40... full of blind faith like a little child that they will create their own rapture in heaven with Jesus (Applewhite) and be lifted into a space ship trailing the comet Hale Bopp..they all have the arrogance of children in know-it-all mode and they all lack the natural instincts of children to read the false (drugs Adolf Hitler "give me the youth and I will rule the entire world"  39 dead is 3x6 and Hitler is Anton Levey for Satan

WIZARD (Anton Levey) started as a carnival roadie.  Carnivals sell child pornography and kill for pleasure films called snuff pornography (six dead homeless  with 41 dead in purple)  Over $60 billion a year in pornography films. Anton Levey  became a sheriff-police forensic laboratory technician and forged or stole murder evidence (snuff films money?)  founded the San Francisco Church of Satan that grew to Hollywood and Hawaii CofS  (jetset thrills money) Anton Levey joined with Charles Manson to buy the movie rights to Exhorcist. Roman Polanski refused to sell and his wife Sharon Tate was brutally murdered in her living room with her hairdressor Jay Sebring "Helter Skelter" 1966 AL started "the black house for Satan" on State Street, San Francisco in 1966=666  and sang "the devil rocks" with Sammy Davis Junior. Levey visited Frank Sinatra in his Palm Springs home and knew Peter Lawford (Kennedy 1963 Revelation;  "in  the  end days the whole world will be in the hands of Satan"  Hollywood controls youth..in total    

EMERALD CITY (Seattle) Betty Deal  a  homeless woman from Seattle was found dead in purple with 39 dead  at Rancho Santa Fe, laid-out like the rest in brand new Niki destiny shoes  (losing Niki millions $ in customer disgust) Betty Deal was never any member of Heaven's Gate...she was a raving psychotic after 20 or more years heavy drugs. Betty Deal didn't know where she was or who she was. Cult daily hard disciplines such as "a six minute bath in one gallon of water"  would have sent her raving and clawing the nearest;  "brainwashed stupid F-ing moron! as-holes!!!" Betty Deal followed and harassed "Dorothy" daily for two months. The instant Dorothy (myself) saw Betty Deals picture listed with HG in People magazine. I knew  "a set up"  SHOES Betty stole from D and walked shelter  (dna)

CARNIVAL BAAL-LOONS  (Lisa Schoolman)  Be mighty glad your children don't  fly off with wizards!               DUCK TAIL RUN CAR SHOWS and carnivals. Sell your kiddies ice cream out the front of their food stalls, and a video of an eight-year-old boy begging for his life while asphyxiated on a man's over-sized member out their back doors.  Food stalls run by topless bars in $350,000 motor homes travel 49 states for $60 Billion a year child porn. Duck Tail Run  (Lisa Schoolman. Kirk McCollum and mayor Larry Leach) set-up Dorothy with two QUACKS   

RANCHO SANTA FE  a gated community of million to eight million dollar mansions in ocean wealth San Diego, is headquarters to online 'cat-fishing' on dating websites. Cat-fishing is fake-identity of wealthy millionaire engineers in Nigeria with a "big crew paid millions for building luxury hotels"   Nigeria has no water to support big hotels . Fake identifications are stolen from Linked-In  which names real engineers and architects  (leaving linkedin for theft IDs) Cat-fishing  is heavy duty romance and love e-mails  to lonely American women starving for affection and  set-up to kidnap (human trafficking sex slavery) by meeting these ardent lovers at American airports across 50 United States Nigeria  cat-fishing means kidnapped 'lovers' chained to computers in Africa and can only get  their freedom from chains by reaching 'goals' of  stealing money from American lonely women and a few men.  Suddenly great lover has an "automobile accident and lost his crew and money in hospital bills"  Please send your life savings to Nigeria !! Too many love starved do,  and lose life savings before they finally wise-up.  San Diego brings kidnappers from Mexico 

RIO DI ANGELO..a member who left days before "exist our vehicles" brainwashed and drugged to kill themselves for Headlines!!! costing millions to American manufacturing and property owners and taxes  (you/me make up for) is nothing like the childlike faith of 40 year olds with 20 years brainwashing the inexperienced lambs led to slaughter in the name of Jesus Christ"...ain't that how it goes Toto?  DiAngelo is more like Anton Levey...arrogant and narcosis in total self involvement; flapping in pretense of "still believe" on  You-Tube.   Betty Deal...he knew... never a member  But to give the guy a break...her already decomposing body might have been planted same day.. with six homeless  

BRING ME THE WITCHES BROOM (Will Kieth Kellogg) was a broom salesman before he founded Kellogg Cereal Company in Battle Creek Michigan with his brother John a nutritionist who created "heart healthy cereals" and Dorothy battles  Jon Creek  an ex sheriff deputy enticing homeless for "private homes" with Moorehouse Sex Cult connected to the San Francisco Church of Satan. Betty Deal and 5 homeless found dead with 35= 41=April Fools Heart is no healthy for Dorothy....Valentine murders of Amber Dubois, and Laci Peterson body planted April Fool. OK Toto...we know this is getting ahead of the story...but it is proof "every hair is counted" by cloning DNA in cells

SOMEWHERE OVER RAINBOW (Jonbenet Ramsey) ransom note signed "Victory! SBTC"  ("foreign faction") Victory!=41  April Fool  (fish)  Christians. SBTC  is a code known to every California college; "Satan Better than Christ" (!=1)  Jonbenet was murdered Christmas  "Eve" 1996   Satanics  kill  on the "Eve" of  Christian  holidays   "power of darkness over light"  1996=666 Headline murders!!!!! are decoys and distractions for 20 years  while all world money manipulated into one computer. The Beast computer Swiss Bank and pin number is 666 jeer Christians Ransom note; "we are a foreign faction who admires your business" (computers) "not country you serve" United Sta 

SBTC-1223=8=August Leo Beast. Swiss Bank and the pin number is 666.  Headline murders! are decoys to distract while all world money is manipulated into one computer The Beast.  FBI reports "Over $160 Billion a year theft of American credit cards. Bank charge backs are overwhelming and one financial organization was hacked/robbed of two billion dollars while staff were at lunch"  Revelation; "No man may buy or sell unless his name and number are fed to the Beast"  all billing from 'mark on the forehead'  east India and Sudan still today burn and stone women. United Nations; "over 10,000 women a year are 'burned brides' fire torture for 'dowry money'  (land with oil rites)" Revelation; "Get OUT of her my children before you share in her sins"  One key wipe out world money...you soon 

COMPUTERS and internet are excellent for research and DNA cloning to prove crime; dependent on information. However, I get historical facts from books at the library...cloning depends on factual and accurate history to prove present events...internet is an  'instant delete'  factual history for any nation or creed with a history of atrocity's. So Only long established...proven Books of factual archives  can give you factual history as it was without deletions. Library's are now a "book burning"  of  anything that does not  flatter and pamper  those  with too much to hide MONEY should never be on a world wide connection...which is designed to steal money.  Purpose destroy cash 

CASH private...totally private internet "protection" is a total fraud YOUR Social Security number is $35 on several webs..for prey...mine is too.. and the only one who got my Social Security number is a "highly ethical company" which sells to women ....target women is the means of all confiscation from cosmetics to the Rape of the Sabines Women have  always  had ....half male pay.... and full male bills to keep them at O income  (kidnap Sabine/Rome)

AUTOPSY  Boulder police attended the autopsy and knew Jonbenet was brutally strangled first, and then hit in the head hard enough to crack her small skull all across. NOT "hit in the head over bed wetting"  same cop wrote a book and bragged "we planned to plant evidence in Nedra's house and run"  Steve Thomas detective "plant evidence" Law Nedra was Patsy Ramsey's mother in Atlanta Georgia....Jonbenet was hit in the head with a police flashlight  and myself the witness to 41 dead April Fools was nearly clubbed to death  by  police billy clubs  and  evidence stolen

JONBENET was hit to crack her small skull open all across;  Aztec  ritual  child sacrifice  "let demons out"  same method was used on  Aliahna Lemmon Christmas "Eve" 2011. Lemon Drops and Somewhere Over the Rainbow...why Aztec?  because  child sacrifice  is a major part of  ritual for Santanista  who have been sacrificing children for centuries...the question is,  who offered these lambs  and paid them?  and then advertised in 20 years  headlines!!! Boulder police headlines!!!  "arrested Gary Olvia a registered pedophile" June 9, 2016=666 police lies again (9=6) 

SBTC=1223=8 August Leo Beast computer Swiss Bank and it's pin number is 666 a jeer at Christians. Swiss Bank Beast computer; is controlled by the Swiss Economic Forum and its chairwoman is (Sheryl Sandberg) former United States Treasurer for  Obama.  Sheryl Sandberg was CEO for Facebook (chief executive officer) Facebook 2010 jeer April Fool at Jonbenet from Moorehouse.  Sheryl Sandberg "fund raising for Obama" 2012  with Lady Gaga and Revlon model Beyonce  kissing Obama.  Lady Gaga and Beyonce bragging "priestess Church of Satan Hollywood" Hollywood sends billions of dollars to political campaigns and dines in the White House Washington DC many years Lady Gaga 'teen idol'  devils sign  both hands Boutique666NY and  Sheryl Sandburg  "advice to women"  Books 

SANTA CLAUSE  took Jonbenet from her bed, fed her *pineapple and brutally murdered the lovely child who was already primed to expect Santa Clause who waved to her at the Christmas parade; "I'll see you later honey"  Not the senior man who was paid by the city of Boulder to play the roll of Santa Clause; but whatever hippy terrorists were Rancho Santa* Fe series of murders and attacks on American economy.  Santa Fe  district attorney skiing as Jb killed 

TIN MAN who does have a heart (Larry Charvoz)  Revlon harem master "hates women" Beauty males do and fashion and beauty attracts sexual predators in management as much as 'crisis centers' attract Ted Bundy (serial killer) Revlon, Moorehouse Sex Cult Purple People Satan in Lafayette California (three million dollars per acre land) sex orgies in the guize of  "doctors sexual surrogates to train the inept" and film it for the rest of the inept hooked on porn Brandy, a redhead artist from Dallas Texas dead with 41 April Fools and was suppose to be Dorothy...redhead skilled makeup artist for Revlon.  Brandy (myself) was a skilled makeup artist for Beauty Pageants in Dallas and New York Heart; Valentine Day (Laci Peterson) was due to give birth to her fetus; Kidnapped Christmas "Eve" 2002 beheaded her eviscerated body was planted April Fool 2003. Richmond California. Jon Creek 5619 Doramus Ave. 5619=666

LEMON DROPS (Aliahna Lemmon) nine year old girl murdered Christmas "Eve" 2011 Fort Wayne Indiana. Child hit in the head "let demons out" and her body dismembered in freezer by her babysitter; Michael Plumadore. Plum is Christmas pudding purple  for his royal purple majesty Satan  and adore Christ. Michael "angel of death" for Satan. Satanics kill on the "Eve" of Christian holidays. "power of darkness over light" Websites "ordain you minister for Satan"  Aliahna   *mobile park and  Fort Wayne  police  refuse to take child murder evidence to forensic laboratory Zip codes is where you will find Satans predators 46818=666 (18) Indiana *sheriff deputy manage Mobile Parks

BLUE BIRDS FLY (Twitter) Tweet Tweet Tweet on Twitter and follow Dorothy, Toto (my big black cat) Tin man who does have a heart   Valentine murders of Amber Dubois and Laci Peterson.  Cowardly Leo (Jon Creek) law enforcement officer recruiting homeless for Church of Satan 41 dead April Fools and Scare-her-and-Crow a lawyer Chris Teagel  (Christ Eagle) Lawyer rat tail hippy in purple socks predator "Law" for Church of Satan 1996=666 All about vote fixing folks  "sheriff deputy's count your votes"  with court clerks...who dismiss 63 murders and Masons Masons "lights of Lucifer" and their symbol is the devil god Bapomet with a Mason star on forehead. Arab god

SOMEWHERE OVER RAINBOW (Jonbenet Ramsey) April Fool 2010. Facebook; cruel joke on Jonbenet from Moorehouse Sex Cult Purple People Church of Satan 41 dead in purple shrouds Rancho Santa Fe Calif 39 dead3x6 picture of beautiful child; "No I don't smoke but I F on first date and suck C for crack and you will find me dancing somewhere over the rainbow"   I took a web print and delivered it in person office Senator Richard Lugar (Indiana) I got an insulting jeer letter in return; "we don't understand what you are....trying...to say"   Trying ?  I'm Not clear ?    

OFF TO NEW FRONTIERS EH DOROTHY ? (professor Marvel OZ)  FRONTIER INTERNET  headquarters are in Fort Wayne Indiana.  Indiana Senator Richard Lugar's  Mason Boys Club understood perfectly. Changed my Account Number to 1323072-666-4563304 Frontier CEO David Benowitz, *District Attorney David Capp.  Indiana State Representative Eric Turner  (Mike Pence vice president United States)  Masons fraternity "lights of Lucifer" Masons  illuminati...ill-loom-a-naughty-websites for prey (you) money manipulated in Beast Computer and E-FILE

LIONS and TIGERS and BEAR  OH MY! (Jonbenet) ransom note; "we are a foreign faction who admires your business (computers) "not the country you serve" (America) John Ramsey lost his American computer manufacturing As did all of  Silicon Valley California.  Master's Degrees in computer engineering for and by united states was shut down and all of it went to China...Americans went bankrupted and oil kings arrived by thousands buy up 10c on$1 POLAND Computer Pirates snorting Cocain with *District Attorney Alex Hunter and Police Chief (Kobalsky) Koby BOULDER detective Steve Thomas, Book; "We planned to plant evidence in Nedra's house and if caught, run and say it was robbery"  repeat that  "police planned to plant evidence run lie"  and frame Patsy (Nedra was Patsy's mother)

SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW (Jonbenet)  you will find Jonbenet dancing under rainbow (paintings) at Denver International Airport.  Bazaar and ugly airport has murals on walls with Jonbenet painted in a coffin with purple orchids at her head, the quilt with the pattern found in her bedroom and photographed for world headlines. Her gold cross on her neck.  Purple orchids=Hawaii Church of Satan JB was fed *pineapple by her killer (Santa Clause) who waved;  "I'll see you later honey!" at Boulder parade.  POLAND skirt and vest and a white dove under coffin DOVE "Bride" Laci Peterson kidnapped Christmas "Eve" 2002 planted body April Fool 2003. Valentine birth date. Huge Nazi aims his Mason sword into rear of sweet little white doves are sacrificed and ugly paintings are Aztec. Mason symbols are all over the hideous Denver Airport and statues of Bapomet. Masons devil god is an Arab god  

JOHN RAMSEY a devoted Christian left his Bible open for police to read; an antique with an old passage long removed from modern Bibles by copy-right laws (requires changes) "Bind the sacrifice with strong ropes" and other Bible;  "mine  enemies seek to destroy me by destroying those I love"  Beth Ramsey was no "automobile accident" Chicago with her boyfriend; both killed on a 666 date and when I  find the date again I will add it here for you all. John and Patsy Ramsey knew the moment they found their dear little daughter...who did it..afraid to tell. I would be Like all educated Christians who know the day of the Beast would be a computer. JB hands were bound to bleeding

ARE YOU SAYING MY APPLES AREN'T WHAT OUGHT TO BE?  yeah full of little purple worms  Linda Arndt) Boulder Detective, picture with a goofy face and her eyes rolling in the exact same expression as Applewhite...reported as Heaven's Gate "charismatic leader"  NO  Heavens Gate members were 'like monks' as serene and self disciplined as monks; composed" ..they were exposing San Francisco Church of Satan and dead April Fools Applewhite with his goofy rolling eyes on the front cover People magazine was so doped-up his eyes could not blink Applewhite began with a  partner  Bonnie Nettles an ex nurse died of cancer.  "Psychiatric" nurse mind drug control 

I'LL SHOW YOU HOW TO GET APPLES (Linda Arndt)  arndt you the same detective who was reported as "sympathy and befriending Patsy Ramsey"  Arndt you same cop who bragged on national television; "I looked into John's eyes and knew what happened. I counted my 18 bullets"  to do what? shoot two sets of unarmed parents at the crime scene and destroy evidence?  like every other police and detective destroyed evidence from the first moment they entered the Ramsey's home on 15th Street..same street at Boulder University a long known devil coven school. FIRST thing these shyster cops did was to send 4 shocked people to 'search the house' destroy evidence for-police Police and sheriff deputies stole my evidence  CAR (car blanket used by Betty Deal dead with 41 Heaven's Gate) Linda Arndt resigned from the Boulder police department March (fish) 1999=666 like everything else in Boulder

HA HA HA HO HO HO and a COUPLE OF TRA LA LAS  HERE'S THE WAY EXPOSE THEIR PLAY Poland  "Fancy Bear"  website intention to control American voting....not yet...your votes "counted by sheriff deputy" American votes are not yet on line...counted by hand by state sheriff departments and *court clerks  (*Kevin Smith)ie Fancy Bear exists on line and is ready and waiting 'on line'  to hack-wipe out America  as soon as you vote on line. Revelation  "Get OUT of her my children before you share in her sins"   Americans are getting out...fed-up with it. Americans are being forced to forfeit our own jobs to give jobs to nations which never paid a dime tax to United St

LAW PL-2006  "AMERICANS  have no control over internet billing"  Federal Communications Commission is Discriminating....against America...federal IS America...or was...your Government is now totally controlled by oil. ALL Billing for your internet 'on line' is controlled by "mark on forehead"  east Indian Sudan & Beast computer with a pin number of 666 to jeer at Americans as "Christian fools"  with headline murders April Fool and Christmas "Eve" Copy  of  letter from  Indianapolis Communications Commission is free ...just send  LSESE to PO Box  contact us  

CLONING  is a method of proving criminal events by "Twin Genes"  so there are many repetitions (repeats) on Wizards of Awes....just bear with it folks...pretend you  are in a crime laboratory (forensics) looking for killers and murder is the dangerous disease you must find a cure...before it kills again...half the battle...next is courts of Laws 

RACE RIOTS !!!  shoot to kill police...police and sheriff deputies...count your votes...with court clerks. All of it terrorists instigation (decoys) to vote fix in America and put terrorists into key positions, police judges, courts. Los Angeles race riots (13 police killed) Chicago (9 police killed) Detroit (17 police killed) Alabama (250 police killed) Charlottville (police killed)  Billion$ property destroyed (city and private)  Billions Insurance. Hospitals (your tax $) All of it terrorizing and attracting citizens  headlines!!!!  as all your money and bank information goes to Beast com Targets to kill are honest police officers hit on purpose in the chaos...Arent you being replaced by apples vote fixing? 

E-FILE....on line file your lawsuits "mandatory" (no choice) April 2017 for all us fools. Your divorce and all your finances, your child custody and all your finances, banking, stocks and bonds. Your elderly care and all your parents finances and stocks and bonds and banking and property value; now goes by law 'on line' to Beast computer pin 666 NO Freedom of Expression.  Gone forever!  Your Constitution. Gone forever!  your Civil Rights. Gone forever! and you can bet your last dollar your youth is too stupid to know what they have lost...forever.  America is Gone! folks 

DOROTHY, SCARECROW and TIN MAN  LOOK AT THE MAP....PIG  map of America down-side-up. Big PIG snout Washington DC terrorists with their snouts in our tax pockets (pigs are full of parasites) Obama sent trillions of dollars to east India, Sudan and Africa, crude oil kings with more money than America will ever have because the third world has unlimited crude oil while America has limited crude oil  (USA ten times smaller land) Obama stopped  cost of  living increase to sub poverty Social Security (lone senior women  $5-to$800 month) and sent American Social Security to "mark on forehead" as well as all computer billing and "customer service" Beast 66 PIG MAP $5 see it on Twitter...help expose these murders-frauds (voting) send copies to your Congressmen

INDIANA  Map; Down-side-up.  Pig-neck;  rigid, stiff neck,  good old boys. Pig=Nazi. Swine=devil  rapeyur dog,  chain up yur wife,  have a torrid affair with a six-year-old,  no Jews allowed (and there are none)  and white sheets (they never wash) with torches lynch lone senior women at vote polls. Wizards are the grand poobah of the Kluless Klucking Klans from Gas City Marion "seat of government"  Masons vote fixing and murder witnesses to JUDGE (five minutes) "silence !or get out!"  lone mothers with cancer "children in temporary foster home" (sign here) never see children  again.  Doctors five minutes blackmail "mental no awareness" for 25c piece work factory, and factory owners in $350,000 homes. Witchcraft, devils, demons and spooks are 'police fraternal order' and Judges "silence!" 

MUNCHKINS  (missing children)  United Nations reports; "Over six-million missing children are known sold into the child sex slavery of Columbia and Brazil. South America kidnaps little girls age 6-15 and holds them captive in small rooms as child sex slavery.  Most of them are dead with their infants of AIDs before the age of 17. Brazil has been trafficking  out of mid-western states for many years. Indiana corn farms..no police patrols and no air traffic towers to monitor the planes which fly out of private airports into the wheat belt, to Texas and into Brazil"  Big$

CORN FARM (Indiana) has vast fields of corn and soy and no police patrols. No air traffic towers to monitor the transport planes full of abducted little girls flying over the corn farms, and into the mid-west wheat belt into Texas and onto Brazil and Columbia.  Hartford City Indiana is an epi center of human and child and teen trafficking (Jon Creek) Cowardly Leo law enforcement officers who refuse to write police reports for poor lone mothers in Mobile "Homes" 

DOROTHY FALLS IN PIG PEN (mobile home parks) Indiana mobile home parks in poor areas land cheap; Private Airports. Lone women at sub poverty working three jobs to survive; one job is raising children. Senior lone women lifetime work at sub-starvation $4-6 hour (keeps seniors silent) and lone mothers; blackmailed; "sign here foster care" for the rich hogs LAW puts in "registered child molesters" (actors for child pornography child sex slavery films and webs) $60 billion. Indiana  "highest human trafficking and child trafficking in 50 United States" NHTRC

DOROTHY DOES NOT BELONG IN A PIG PEN (Oh but Aunty Am!)  Dorothy (myself) has been investigating human and child trafficking in Indiana 23 years after witnessing an Indiana ex sheriff deputy; Jon Kelly Creek...recruiting homeless for a cult called Moorehouse sex cult "purple people" church of satan (snuff porn films)$

FORT WAYNE INDIANA "Highest rate human and child trafficking in 50 United States" NHTRC National Human Trafficking Research Coalition  Washington DC 2014.  Fort Wayne is a mid-size city in the middle of our nation with higher  child and teen pornography  and sex slavery films and webs than Hollywood ? Los Angeles?  New York? or New Orleans and Las Vegas ?   VICE  squads  cleaned-them-up by  cleaning up the  police sheriff  courts and judges New Orleans boy-trafficking was cut-back by floods.  Boys were sold for usage and all the pimps swam in sewage.   

CLONING (twin genes)  DNA in a test tube is inert, not alive, but reveals identity. DNA (human gene factor) in action is alive and proves actions as well as reveals identity..."Twins" (mirror)  present ..and confirms events in the past. DNA Cloning.... will someday save victims, lawyers and private detectives time, money and risk of criminals reprisals, while it proves crime and identity and also proves ancestry.  Cloning must be based on factual archives and careful research...and historians must be absolutely accurate to clone facts.   "Let them eat cake"  was  never  said 

CRIME...vote fixing in Indiana...Marion "Seat of Government" sheriff deputys count your votes with court clerks. sheriff deputies own a major funeral home...met senior lone women at the polls and turned them away.  Witness shot in the head (John Meade)  April 1, 2006  sheriff stole car  (evidence of murders 41 dead April Fools (fish) Christian. Follow their yellow trick road to police fire bombing  *Christian communities: Omaha, Mormons, Waco...and WHY

CRIME...human and child trafficking (kidnapping) mostly little girls age 6-8 held captive and sold for child pornography and child sex slavery a $60 Billion a year organized underground.  Human and child slavery is a bigger trade today than any other time in the history of mankind.  More populations of children to entice and kidnap ..and more corrupted populations to profit by and sell the oldest business there is...human slaves for labor and sex slavery National Human Trafficking Research Coalition  "Indiana has the highest human and child trafficking United States"

HOLLYWOOD has changed since Judy Garland made Wizards of Oz in 1934.  INDIANA has been groomed for politicals  by movies a long time. Cheers, (Indiana barkeeper)  American President "not that guy!  the guy from Indiana"  What Women Want (Indiana banners on walls) Hollywood brainwashes the same words over and over in movies. Indiana  banners, logos,  and reference by actors  Hollywood has long determined the political faction several years before "Voters" reach the polls  to have sheriff deputies turn senior lone women away from polls in INDIANA PIG MAP  Hollywood prime rump to brainwash for Washington DC  $5 exposes and mail copy to your Congressmen 

WIZARDS OF AWES Please Do copy this web onto your flash drives and share. Book has letters, documents, pictures of Jonbenet painted on the murals of the Denver International Airport with Masons devil god Bapomet and copies of court felony perjury (lies) and felony fraud, court summons with judge signature down-side-up 666 stamp news clippings of vote fixing, pictures,  and a copy of Frontier Internet Bill with account number 23072-666-245633-Fort Wayne Indiana headquarters.. and all legal proof of the writings within this yellow trick road. $50. Order and send copies to your state Congressmen and state Attorney Generals PO Box 8384 Fort Wayne, Indiana 46898 (Ellen)

ARE YOU A GOOD WITCH ? or A BAD WITCH ?  "I'm not a witch at all, I'm a little boy" (Caleb Baker) BOYS age 8-13 entice little girls age 6-8 into abandoned mobiles covered in Satanic symbols to "raise demons" then burn down  the ratty moldy mobiles to destroy evidence of torture killing cats  "sacrifices to Satan"  websites for prey Less  than ten minutes  to burn a mobile to the ground. No possible escape for small cats and dogs who hide in fires Edna age 92 would burn alive looking for her dear little yorkie; Sammie.  None of us would leave our little 'family'

YOUR COACH AWAITS MY DEAR...vans with cages; no possible escape park at 3-4am at Dorothy's windows. Two miles from a private airport. Azteca drive those vans and smoke their joints. Azteca knives and chains and teeth filed to points to intimidate;  go without being reported by the police for over fifteen years Mobile Park 46818=666 Sling shots have shattered 12 of  Dorothy's big sun porch windows and sling shots have torn her Lincoln to shreds Two Gun shots fired at her at 3am   when she walked outside to tape her windows shut  so her Toto won't jump out Glass shattered  into her older cats  EYES...Scooter was age 19 and she died in horrible pain of shock.  I sobbed 

I DO BELIEVE IN SPOOKS!  (Carol Hocksmuth) "raises demons" from six-year olds directly across from Dorothy.  Wicked  old witch  holds the  struggling little children on her front porch  while another  mean witch helps. I DO I DO I DO! (Beth Neece) in wading boots "Bathtub immersion exorsize demons" (also drowns small child) Carol Hocks-her-demons-smooth; "tie children to bed to get demons out of them" put out flyers from her CHURCH Beth Neece  took her big yard  shovel to Dorothy's  Lincoln Towncar...was in mint condition... now torn to shreds

TIN MAN  (Joe) maintenance man...sprayed orange spray paint down both sides to both Lincoln Towncars while he painted  the parking spaces  and tore off the mirror on Dorothy's Lincoln Towncar shorting out the windows which won't open and shut  and shorting out the sun roof.   About $5,000 in Lincoln repairs and parts. BOY  Caleb Baker stays with Joe, to get instructions every day on how to be a warlock and torture-kill cats and terrorize cat owners

CLONING.  William of Orange became King of Scotland and England.  Born on my birthday 1667 at the Hague Netherlands (Frank Billings Kellogg Geneva Conventions) William was the decendant to "mad" King Richard "the devil king"  William became King when Queen Anne died with no living children.  Kellogg Home Queen Anne architecture in Saint Paul "twin city" Minnesota.  William used shovels to dig deep trenches for his soldiers to protect them from French fire bombs  (under siege) He rode a golden horse, a gift from Cypress. My Lincoln Cypress Gold. Beth Neece takes a shovel to my cypress gold Lincoln horsepower and my devil king is French;  Anton Levey and ARSON is fire bombing mobiles to hide evidence of torture-killing cats and small animals "sacrificed to Satan"

COWARDLY LEO (Brian) ex sheriff deputy manager Mobile Home Park in Fort Wayne. 15 years child trafficking complaints and discussions from senior residence. Police refuse to write reports of little girls running after Boys who entice age 6 into mobiles to 'raise demons' while vans park at 3-4 am two miles from a private airport. Cook Road Brian  law enforce  is stealing paid rents from seniors (control witnesses) So far Brian has stolen $1500 from ME. Mobile Park "foreign investors"  with no names; not even tax office? over 10 years unknown. Zip 46818=666 (18) 

POP POP POP from a dirty little cop-weasel for two gun shots at 3am and glass shattering into my cat's EYES. Police Report Number 14F115273 Fort Wayne....on a 2x2 slip of paper the size of a sticky note "Lets do lunch at Phony's" NOT SIGNED at the scene of the crime by victim/witness (instant delete) for $60 Billion a year child porn films. No names of officers or victims/witness  and no dates...just "police fraternal order"  for egomanical swine self worship

BLUE BIRDS FLY  not in Indiana mobile home parks. Boys use sling shots to torture-kill birds. Robins, sparrows, Beautiful red cardinals  and their perky little mates,  rare Golden Finch, Hummingbirds, sling shot a sharp rock to wound the beautiful birds and then  stomp-them to death. Your boys are serial killers at age 8 and 12 . I no longer feed the lovely birds.  I've buried too many in what was meant to be a garden for the living. Indiana is all dead and death Animal abuse is savage...boys on  computer games of  power blood lust  and so much blood oozes parents are goop

COWARDLY LEO  (Officer L. Barbour)  "I don't want to hear about it!" (he will be an Indiana "Judge" someday) HE can go anywhere he wants...you don't own the property" (I'm taxed to pay for the land  and the wages of this Boar) Sneers "Why don't you move if you don't like it here?"  Why doesn't he do his job? (I'M doing his job reporting this) Bar-justice-Boar goes right to the criminals and tells them; "You can get a protective order on her" (silence witness) October 2,  Bar-Boar and October 3, next day criminal child trafficking and vandals file for protective order on D

SCARE her and CROW  police officer; I asked "What if this gets me killed?"  Two gunshots at me September. Black Crow for a wicked witch; "If the queen had balls she would be the king"  IF Mo-Ham-ID had ever had any balls he would not have sold his own mother for 25c to feed himself for generations and whine about it all this generation. Little  girls pay-off  better than your own mothers. About $60 billion a year in pay-offs to cops and wicked Queens. Queen has Brass Baals;  "Off with he head! silence!"  Judge Jennifer Degroote (5 min)  Baal ancient child sex cult 

IF THEY ONLY HAD A BRAIN  two men painting my house  nod heads in agree with black crowing officer Dorothy has no balls...if  I did,  I'd be in front of the tax office all by myself with a massive sign  "Tax for Nothing" Queens Baals  "Oink oink feed us!"  "nothing we can do oink oink pay tax and feed the pigs"  Pay taxes feed us pay taxes oink oink scree pay taxes for nothing oink oink scree oink feed us!"   Pigs.. map of America down-side-up 

QUEEN  Elizabeth Bows Lyon  walked the streets of  London during the Blitz with bombs dropping on her. "She put on her best furs and fine silk gown and walked the streets of London town"  when asked why her majesty put on her best clothing to walk through dirt and debri ?  "You would wear your best to visit me"  Queen Mum was very loved You can't even get an  Indiana "police officer"   to walk  twenty feet and look...at the door to my 'home' shot-up 

IF SHE ONLY HAD A BRAIN (Karen Richards) Fort Wayne "prosecutor"  blocked from seeing (my tax money) Blonde Nazi,  care-in Reich-hard   "You can't see prosecutor with out police reports"  police refuse to report over 15 years while they play around with "Queens Baals" for all us April Fools fish  taxed to pay these dysfunctional pigs Karen Richards  is too busy running around after 'cat ladies' to be effective for over 63 murders connect Fort Wayne Karen's buddy  detective had a rental problem with  'too many cats'  ten years ago  and she's  never done much else 

ITS ALL GREEK TO ME! (Scarecrow Oz)  Warlock in a green Mercedes comes to Dorothy's door and cackles "He is going to kidnap Dorothy and he has the blue monkey-with-it "court clerks" to help him kidnap to kill Dorothy HALE BOPP  on the personal license plates of a red car van parked near his door and Caleb Baker to shout intent. Dorothy had just written to JUDGE Frances Gull who ruled on the death of a two-year old 'raise demons" vinegar 

BLUE MONKEY WITH IT FAKE summons in mail with the judge signature-down-side-up (devil) and the stamp meter from office 666cent envelope.  Cut and paste Dorothy's name over the name of criminal (Caleb Baker) Fake complaint number. Fake names of court officials. Cut and paste  Baker's  prior out-of-state summons to Felony child trafficking summons (ten years prison) and fake summons is done by computer; so is very authentic looking  2013

GREEK TEMPLE Allen County Superior Courthouse was built in 1902. Third floor is closed and empty, unless a Felony Trial is in session about twice a year in a small city such as Fort Wayne.  No Hearing room on fake summons. Dorothy is too terrified for her cats put to death by the state of Indiana...ten years prison on Bakers felony perjury to think clearly...she rushed to the court several days before August false hearing...another Winchester Chris Teagle

DOROTHY DOES NOT BELONG IN A PIG PEN Oh but Aunty Am!  it took court clerk Michelle Dicky almost an hour to look-up the fake complaint number and fake names and contact another Judge to question what to do with a very serious charge with no records of it existing?   Michelle then  noticed the envelope; "This is not court quality paper, this is cheap Dollar Store envelope, someone is playing a joke on you"  N0 Joke, an attempt to isolate me on the empty third floor of a Greek Temple court house. And a killer dressed as a deputy escort me to my death? Greeks sacrificed lambs. My name Ellen, Lambda. Greek Caleb Baker is Rek-ba (kill lambs) Caleb is Belac, devil in Arabic. Chaldeans run child trafficking Indiana Arabs.  Ronnie Baker (witch files) and Tabitha for witch & warlock Swine (devils) trample the Greek courts in Fort Wayne Indiana...a pack of long-haired hippys with Hale Bopp on car

WICKED WITCH  (Judge) Jennifer DeGroote (5 minutes) "I didn't read it! I won't read it! silence! or contempt!     silence! or I have deputy escort you out!" (transcript)  Deputy escort me off the third floor to sacrifice a lamb ? FBI reports on  child trafficking in mobile home parks in Indiana and Fort Wayne highest child trafficking 50 states"

HALLOWEEN DAY 2014 Allen County Circuit Court. October 31+10=41 April Fool (fish) in-and-kill-witness Halloween Day 41 fake summons to Winchester Court from "Judge" Chris Teagel (Christ Eagle) Winches=gun Halloween connects to April Fool  murder of Thomas Kincade "painter of light"  Los Gatos California in 2012 Kincade shared  Bank with mother (Nancy Brown) of  David Moore dead with 41 April Fools dead in purple 

MONKEY WITH IT...tell the deputys to get behind the devils who pay off police sheriff mayors and judges. I'm in a mobile park with 15 years child trafficking complaints from seniors while deputys refuse to write reports to over $60 $60 Billion a year in child pornography films and webs pay-off  state pigs and judges while little girls die of abuse. 

JUDGE Jennifer Degroote (5 minutes) "Silence or out!" Law School  Valparaiso University on Green witch Street, Valparaiso Indiana 46383=666 (18 is 3x6) Ball State University brags of wicken witch church "we teach tollerants" Degroote-De-Ego-Rot ..like all Indiana state officials  is rotting in egomania  and devil worship power lust. Big $ Taller-ants  with the carnage of insects in sacrificed lambs like Jonbenet on 15th Street Boulder University devils

HOLLYWOOD  Hot Bench "Judge" is delivered to my door on March (fish) 14, 2014  same kind of FedX was delivered to Rio DiAngelo with a tape of the 39 dead bodies at Heaven's Gate for Hale Bopp comet in March (fish) HALE BOPP  is on the personal license plate of the red car van next to Caleb Baker and a green warlock (threats) Hollywood Hot Bench  gets my "appeal"  to felony perjury and the attempt to get me alone to kidnap/ kill in court as I am writing to expose the Hollywood Church of Satan...chief  court  clerk  (Kevin Smith) felony murder collusion  

ARE YOU SAYING MY APPLES AREN'T WHAT THEY OUGHT TO BE?  yeah full of purple worms (Kevin Smith) chief court clerk Indianapolis Supreme Court of Appeals  "Can't find" for two years monkey with it. Sends my murder "legal" documents to Ronnie Baker and monkey it "Didn't have your address" (clerk felony fraud) All it takes is a suma cum laud degree from Purdue University 666 thrills to "dismiss with prejudice" (no recourse)  Kevin's little rubber ducky Judge signature stamp.  Indianpolis Supreme Court JUDGE never saw my appeals/case

I'LL SHOW YOU HOW TO GET APPLES (Kevin Smith) Judge Jennifer DeGroote and a news writer by name. Martin D'Augustino  for South Bend (law firm) vote fixing Obama and kill the witness (John Meade shot in head) Prison for Bruce Morgan, Dustin Blyth and two women on probation for forging signatures for Obama 2012. This includes the forged signature of Joe Kernon, former Indiana Governor.   FOX news writer Shawn;  South Bend  

PURPLE WORMS (Rosswurm) spitting viper of a female "Lawyer" to sneer; "Can't deliberately set-up a court date on Halloween it's random"   Random for Heaven's Gate rent date of death house. JUDGE set up Thomas Kincade Halloween=31-10-41=April Fool death of Thomas Kindcade beloved for his lighted cottage *Christian quotes. Halloween 'random' for "Lawyer/Judge" Chris Teagle to send me a fake summons to Winchester court (a gun)       INDIANA  LAW...life  and  death  decrees  in  (two-seconds)  exact  time  it  takes  to  flap  their  overused  jaws 

WAY a PI Attorney-Ye n-Rot-At  little girls  are rotting in shallow graves  as these spitting vipers  (who are also "Judges") spit out "$3000 retainers and $350 per hour" in their $10,000 a month office suites so they can eat $100 steaks and prime ribs and shyt into solid gold toilets/this pig slobber; what these rotting egomaniacal Pigs call "law"

MONKEY WITH IT...never get before a judge 63 murders; "motions, rules, petitions, defaults (return and waste time while five more little girls are shoved into caged vans at 3am) Rules, and monkey around with it two years as Constitutional "right to a quick trial"  five minutes "Silence! or get out!"  become fodder to feed pigs (court clerks) Purdue Suma Cum Greedy pigs $160,000 a year to "didn't know your address"  File under CD and "can't find" arse TEN YEARS to appeal  in carefully written three thousand pages  for a hand written  felony perjury filed in court

ONE thing Bill Clinton did for all Americans; "LAWSUITS MUST BE FILED IN SIMPLE TERMS" Indiana has twisted and warped into "rules, petitions, motions, and endless self aggrandizing gibberish..to justify their import for $10,000 a month office suites. Million dollar luxury homes, BMWs and Mercedes and endless solid gold toilets Lawyers "whispering monks"  in secret orders of  Bapomet  and  Judge is the Pope  while doctors are "priests"

WICKED WITCH   JUDGE Jennifer DeGroote (5 minutes) out loud  reads Two gun shots at Dorothy and spits;      "I didn't read it!  I won't read it!" silence or contempt!  silence or I have deputy escort you out!"  Halloween 2014     CARLA stabbed 13 times and abandoned to hemorrhage alone in her back yard. Carla was witness to little girls      age 6-8 captive in big trash barrels three miles from a private airport on Cook Road and vans with cages at 3-4am Caleb Baker (felony perjury)  "Dorothy stalking us  parked across street twice"  CARLA is across from Bakers

PAZTOR  (Amber Paztor) Pastor ordained by Universal Life Church (on line) for Church of Satan (webs for prey) Amber Paztor  strangled her two little children age 6-8 and shot a kind elder neighbor to steal his car. COURT Circuit Fort Wayne "can't find" Amber Paztors records of child abuse while judges and prosecutor await in Elkhart Indiana Maybe they sent records to Hollywood 

KISSINGER (man and woman) molest a neighbors little girl and film themselves molesting the child. Woman smirks into the camera as she performs and films her contribution to over $60 Billion a year in child pornography films/web INDIANA  "Highest rate of child molestation in 50 United States"   JUDGE  "I'M NOT going to listen to this" All transcripts, documents and pictures  are in my Book.  Wizards of Awes $50 PO Box 8384 Fort Wayne IN 46898     

HOUR GLASS (David Rittenhour) might have had only one hour to live after he told his mother he had seen something that was very dangerous to himself"  David went missing and was found dead with friends 1999=666 David  "saw police dancing naked under the full moon with Fort Wayne judges and lawyers"  Decater Indiana David's father was shot nine times in his garage. Decatur sheriff kidnapped Rhonda Patterson. Unslaved.com (trafficking) 

BUNCH OF FLOWERS  (police on pot) Kathleen Bunch must have gone for a moon light walk in Decatur. Her mobile was burned to the ground killing her two-year-old boy.  Firemen records read false "chair in front of childs door blocking door" and opposite "door childs room wide open" ??   chairs are everywhere in a small mobile trap. Kathleens 'appeal' from her lawyer reads like an invitation to lynch the witness to his naked arse under a full moon Kevin Smith  chief court clerk Supreme Court sent Bunch appeal to Dorothy as a 'sample brief'  N0 a death threat Oh wait a minute Toto, Kevin Smith had his assistant send Dorothy the Bunch death threat her name (Kathleen Flowers)  

GLO "woman's magazine" Fort Wayne...five law firms and a sheriff chief of operations (Troy) full page advertising GLO fathers day 2014  "intercourse with dogs" is a Satanic practice "no evil exists try everything"  (Satanic webs) GLO Mothers day; "mother shops sex toys with her 15 year old son" Incest is Satanic "try everything no evil exists" GLO Montessori School age 6-12 full page ad with a cartoon of a devil women advertising sex lubricants with age 6 JUDGE Jennifer Degroote  "is on the board of Montessori school" SEX a 900 foot billboard over it (Mayor owns)

NO NEWS PAPER REPORTERS ARE IN COURT ROOMS  while citizens are blackmailed, threatened with jail Judge "Silence or contempt!"  criminals are protected who run the child trafficking $60 Billion for pay offs most at risk of these egomaniac "judges" lone senior women (see too much ..retired) CANCER for a lone mother (D.Collins) JUDGE  Blackmail  "sign here, put your children in temporary foster care"   Never saw her three little girls again. ANGIE waitress $2 hour raised a mans five children. NOTHING at divorce; homeless had to move in with Gfriend

CHARLES LINDBERGH  (Stuart-Plantagenet)  flew his small airplane over a vast ocean ..one man alone flying over ammunition sites in Germany...proving a second world war.. of world domination by Germany and Japan was imminent. Lindbergh was also "fighting those devils!" Nazi re-gathering forces.  He never flew over Germany again after his baby Charles (age two) was kidnapped and dropped from nursery window killing the baby. March 1, 1932 Anne and Charles Lindbergh were called  "American royalty" in 1929.  Dorothy witness "the purple royals" Nazi!

CRIME vote fixing...by a funeral home in Marion Indiana "seat of government"  Indiana senator Richard Lugar,  State Representative Eric Turner. Politicals connected to Mike Pence  (Masons Gas City "twin city") Sheriff deputies turn lone senior women away from voting polls. Sheriff owner funeral homes (count votes) Dorothy is alone "fighting those devils!" Masons  "lights of Lucifer" evil club invades a once ethical fraternal order Witness; John Meade shot in the head April Fool 2006 and sheriff steal evidence  (car evidence 41 dead April Fools

CHARLES LINDBERGH  "Open up the gates to heaven"  1921 first solo flight from New York to Paris, would open-up the world to air travel and change travel for the rest of history. Baby Charles was kidnapped Leap Year (vote year) February 29 in 1932.   Ransom money was to be paid in a hand made ballot box (voting box) April 1, first contact 

DOROTHY  re-open Heaven's Gate Cult 41 bodies dead in purple shrouds and the rising of a new Third Reich POLAND "Fancy Bear" internet webs preparing to manipulate American voting the minute Americans (No choice) are required to vote on line (for hackers) Nazi who now run us all into bankruptsy and disgrace "No choice" Ends Freedom of expression; ends Constitution by allowing votes to be in any way near  hack and steal Beast 666pin for infiltration by a pack of devil killer cults in rat tails and purple socks as "Lawyers" and Judges  for Indiana writes it JUDGE  Jennifer Degroote (5 minutes)  "Silence or out!"  Nazi is writing the Laws for E-FILE (no choice) swine

Lindbergh proposed to Anne Morrow in Mexico, her father Dwight Morrow was Ambassador to Mexico. Dorothy's great grandfather; Frank Billings Kellogg; Ambassadors to England and *Paris Peace Pact  included David Moore; Ambassador to Spain who made his home in the Napa Wine Valley in 1932. David Moore is one of 41 dead in purple shrouds. And  bodies with ritual cuts found in Napa Wine Valley since 1966. Lindbergh  Kellogg and Moore were discussing the risk to Lindbergh to fly over German ammunition sites to see if "those devils" who bombed London in World War One were planning attacks again and if it was safe for Lindbergh  with a second world war pending?

ALICE IN WONDERLAND (Kellogg-Lewis Carroll))  ALICE (Ellen) follows a white rabbit to Indiana and falls in the rabbit hole; where everything is the opposite of what it should be (PI) and everything that should be is not...and everything that should not be...is .. this in opposition is no world of my own its Satanic takeover zip codes

ALICE falls asleep reading about William of Orange who became King of Scotland and England when Queen Anne died with no surviving children.  King William was born on my Birthday; November 4, 1667 at The Hague in the Netherlands.  Frank Billings Kellogg, Judge Permanent Court of International Justice (world court) Kellogg wrote the principals of the Geneva Conventions after World War One which  forbids  torture and seizure of property (like pets)

WHITE RABBIT (Jon Kelly Creek) a paranoid psychotic cop who was fired off the sheriff department Indiana and left his corn farm in Hartford City to open-up and manage a homeless shelter in California. Arnold Place 94520=666 Jon Creek was recruiting homeless women for his rabbit hutch in a murder cult which produces snuff porn films. Big$ He held out the carrot 'private homes' with Moorehouse Sex Cult Purple People Church of Satan (6 homeless dead)

RABBIT HOUSE (homeless shelter) Concord California. Concord "City of Diablo" (devil) Grapes, purple, passion, royals for his royal majesty Satan San Francisco Church of Satan co-members Moorehouse Sex Cult Purple People. Church of Satan founded by an ex sheriff-police forensic laboratory technician; "the black house" State Street 1966 FBI  "Anton Levey  made snuff pornography films out of human sacrifice. Over $60 Billion a year in snuff films"

BETTY DEAL and six homeless bodies in purple shrouds with 33 bodies in purple shrouds were found in house in Rancho Santa Fe  (San Diego)  California  and  two more dead at  Holiday Inn four miles away is 41=April Fools. Betty Deal was enticed with other women by Jon Creek who brought a hypnotist to their bedsides in the late night claiming to "cure drug and alcohol addictions"  N0  gain control and slip a more powerful drug for snuff porn films 

ALICE FALLS IN THE RABBIT HOLE  23 years of researching child trafficking (kidnapping) in mobile parks. FBI "Indiana mobile home parks run the highest rate of child trafficking in the 50 United States" FBI jurisdiction is kidnapping without police interference FBI is given all records to stop kidnapping of children for child pornography Indiana police refuse to write police reports and mobile home parks are run by ex sheriff deputys (Brian) 46818=666

ACE OF SPADES (police officer) Alice asked "what if this gets me killed?" two gunshots fired at her                     ACE  "IF the queen had balls she would be the king" if Ham-ID had any balls he would not have sold his own mother for 25cents  for centuries to feed himself.  Little girls are bigger pay-offs than 25c  about $60 Billion a years Baals. Baal is the ancient cult which sacrificed small children to the Gods. Indiana sacrifices small children to the devils 

TWEEDLE DE and TWEEDLE DUMB two men painting my house in agree; Alice has no balls, therefore she should pay taxes for nothing but "nothing we can do" (ten-second glance) and jump back in the expensive squad cars lone senior women pay for;  78% tax load for lone senior women (turned away from voting polls) by sheriff  hams...    If you think women are made of wax works  you should pay us for the show you know 

QUEEN Elizabeth Bows Lyons walked the streets of London during the Blitz with bombs dropping on her. "She put on her furs and best silk gown and walked the streets of London town" when asked why she dressed up to walk in burned out buildings dirt and debris, she replied; "you'd put on your best to visit me" Queen Mum was much loved You can't get an Indiana  "law officer" to walk  20 feet   and look at my shot-up door  and rear  of my "home"

WALL-RUST and THE CARPENTER  doors and back of house rusting from shot-up with Calebs sling shots  BBs and pellet guns. My name is Hutchinson. Hutch is a furniture carpenter of hard woods. English cabinet; hutch Caleb Baker and his mob from age 8 is out at 3 O'clock in the morning shooting up  homes cars and street lamps. No parents supervision or concern  for a mob of boys.  My neighbor Kenny called his work security to check on vandals 

OYSTERS  for a wall-rust "come with me my little friends and we'll begin to dine" Wall-rust shoves the little carpenter out of the way  and hits Alice over the head to get to the baby oysters first. Little girls age 6-8 enticed by Caleb Baker age 12-13 into abandoned mobiles covered in Satanic symbols. Curious little girls to "raise demons" Vans with cages, no possible escape,  park at Alice big windows 3-4 am two miles from a private airport 

ARSON burn down the ratty moldy mobiles to destroy evidence of torture killing cats and small animal "sacrifice" Less than ten minutes to burn a mobile to ground. Small cats and little dogs hide in fires and elders will not leave their only 'family'  Edna age 92  broken hip would burn alive in agony searching for her dear little yorkie; Sammy

OYSTERS WITH SALT AND VINEGAR  (Toddler age two death) "raise demons in exhorcism with oil and vinegar.  Hysterical mother (Laticia Lawson) put her hands over the baby's mouth to force the oil and vinegar down Baby reeasperated and died a very terrifying and painful death. JUDGE Frances Gull ruled on the case in 2013 and Alice (me) sent a letter to Gull exposing the raise demons of 6-8...no reply but a fake summons to sacrifice Alice. 

QUEEN OF HEARTS  "Off with her head! Silence!" JUDGE Jennifer DeGroote (five minutes) has Brass Baals  "I didn't read it!  I won't read it!  silence! or contempt!"  (Judge out loud reads two gun shots fired at Alice) Degroote   Law School Valparaiso University on Green Witch Street 46383=666. PI  DeGroote=De-ego-rot 

QUEEN of no heart plays a dangerous game of Crow-K and uses a little baby possum as her knock-around BOY (Caleb Baker) caught in my back yard skinning alive a baby possum. Blood all over Calebs hands and vomiting in a hidden corner of  my  back porch.  Baby possum quivering in shock and unendurable agony HOW LONG you egomaniacle  "judge"  spewed like  vomit up  out of the  devils  hole in pig neck rigid stupid Nazi Indiana ? (PI map)

PUFF OF RED SMOKE (Caleb Baker) "Sheeee wants to neuter our son"   Too late his son has already raped an eight year old boy (David Glick) and attempted gang rape on a ten year old girl, the pool guard caught in time. Caleb mob followed and harassed the girl all summer with filthy names "stupid Bytch and fat pig" David Glick was a young 8 and very tender. He was deeply traumatized and not the way you want your son to learn about an act of "love" 

ALICE wrote; "Animal rights groups are seeking legislation to test, isolate and neuter serial killers (at birth) ASPCA  Animal Protection Society; "long proven serial killers who torture kill women start by torture killing cats and small animals.  Unfortunately cats trust boys. Abuse of animals has become so alarming we have reports of kittens being burned alive or skinned alive" (Caleb Baker) torture-killing cats for six years police refuse to write reports

QUEEN Degroote; "Silence! I won't look at your pictures!" (one second) pictures of six cats tortured to death and dying in agony of black gangrene; shot up with BBs and green pellets. Fawn so small I could hold in one hand  in agony of razor sharp darts and crying for its mother. Thank you Walmart millions$ for child psychopaths kill lust Indiana animal abuse is savage 

QUEEN DeGroote; (5 minutes) "silence! silence! or contempt! silence or have deputy escort you out!"  TELL the deputys  to get  behind the devils who  pay-off judges, court clerks (kevin smith) police, sheriffs, and town mayors. Kellogg's have been escorted out of Indiana before. 1863 Val-pair-a-asos  troopers met the Kelloggs at the border and sneered at abolitionists and Quakers; "we don't want no niggers in Indiana"  and  "Indiana ain't got no Jews neither" 

KELLOGG'S  financed the underground railroad which ran from Kentucky to Canada. Over  2000 black slaves escaped  and  were  sheltered at the  Levi Coffin House in Fountain City Indiana; and safely guarded to Montreal. Dorothy/Ellen  that's me lads and lassies...has never seen the Levi Coffin House...too busy fighting child slavery  and just guess what Toto...I have never once had a thank you card from any ancestors to those 2000 freed slaves??! and neither has any other white women who risked being an outcast from society and  loss of  husband's and families 

TRUTH  Sojourner Truth was a slave because her two African uncles SOLD her mother...so before anymore Race LAW created slavery. Judges and Lawyers wrote the laws to enable themselves to buy their own 'wench on a block' Judges and lawyers  will fuel the fires of  'race rage'  so they will never have to pay women for use to breed slaves. TRUTH its time for Africa to pay women reparation money for selling our great-great grandmothers to slave traders

LAWYER to Sojourner Truth; 'Old women I care no more for your talk of slavery than the bite of a flea"  S. Truth answered; "maybe not...but the Lord willin'  I'll keep you scratchin'"  FIVE of her children were sold away from her and perhaps the most profound words ever spoken by a woman;  were Truth's  "Masta' Dumas  you sold my son?"

WAY a PI  full circle oppositions tell you how and why; Attorney-Ye n Rot-At...women have been rotting in slavery for generations of laws that allow corporations to pay women half...bill women in full.  95% male executives and all use 100%  male  written and interpreted laws  for women to rot in legal corruption graft and legalized kick backs... GOOD men are not lawyers...good men work three jobs to make-up for the sub-poverty pay of wives "laws" for pigs 

PAY=YAP.....yap yap yap yap yap with brainwash and propaganda...never any cold hard cash. Money=Freedom   Prop-a-gander....feed the gander  and starve out the goose  still  "barefoot and pregnant" breeds corporate slaves LIBRARY....FREE=EDUCATION=MONEY=FREEDOM   not possible to "waste a mind" only waste your own

SOMEDAY THEY WILL BUILD A MONUMENT TO ME (Tin man)  Monuments are for the kings and tin gods who sold women...no monuments to the women they sold .  No  bridge  or  statue stands for slave women such as Sojourner Truth who was "escorted out of Indiana don't want no niggers"  still don't want no Jews in this pig neck. No monuments to Harriet Beecher Stowe...none to Queen Victoria; "we shall buy no more cotton from the abomination of slavery. Turn your petticoats my ladies we will go without"  no thank you cards either...just headline attack on royals Queen Victoria  forbid  India  to burn their women alive;  Suttee.  Revolution 350,000 were hacked to pieces. Same India 'mark on forehead'  controls all internet billing.  $160 Billion a year internet theft of  American credit cards

THREE PINK O BAAL ARENAS  (Robin Devshe and Susan Speece)  Pinko Poland and Russia  Toto! and if you think red communism ended...it never will..  power and kill lust is in human  DNA (gene factor and human cells) ROBIN (unknown)  enticing homeless men for "private homes" with Moorehouse Purple People Royal Satan 1996 Five homeless men found dead with 41 bodies in purple shrouds. Robin (felony perjury) "Grief and trauma therapist for parents of missing and murdered children at Saint Lukes Hospital in San Francisco"  Investigation; Saint Lukes "No such person on our staff and no such position has ever existed. But if Robin is claiming she is a therapist for missing and murdered children she may be a psychopath who parrots her victims"  (she is) Robin lives with Jon Creek and Devshe-She Devil at 5619 Doramus Avenue in Richmond 5619=666  (beheaded body of Laci Peterson April fish Devshe  recruiting homeless men;  a six dollar per hour "doctor" (felony perjury)  ex sheriff   manage-a-twat  "law"

LOLLY POP KIDS "lawyers"  Chris Teagle (Christ Eagle) predator for Church of Satan in purple socks hippy with a website for his Law firm jeering "fucengruven" sheriff steals car (VW Jetta) evidence of 41 dead April Fools.  And Douglas Martz-Ram-Z  Ram is for Jesus leader of his flock "lawyer" Mason.  Marion Indiana "seat of government" Jerry Drook a judge... indicted and disbarred for felony forgery  D Rook is d castle for the purple royals murders 

SOUTH BEND INDIANA..Law Firm. Judge Jennifer DeGroote, Kevin Smith chief court clerk Supreme Court Inpol. Martin D'Augustino news writer Supreme Court  and Vote Fixing (forged signatures) 2012 including the forged signatures of former Indiana governor Joe Kernon (Fox News 2012)  Prison; Butch Morgan and Dustin Blythe and two women probation, forging signatures Obama with his April Fool 2013 "Easter White House"  Easter was April 7 Obama...horses assofa different color "fund raising with Sheryl Sandberg"  Swiss Economic Forum Beast computer

BANK-K-NAB  nabbing deposits in the Billions$ daily from child trafficking (kidnapping) deposits from child pornography child sex slavery; little girls as young as age 6  will be dead before age 17 in brothels in Brazil. Banks controlled by Mexico and San Juan sell their sisters on the street $50 pesos all day and MACHINES replace tellers because machines/computers cannot identify depositors of child porn sex slavery and drugs sold to ten year olds. Press 2 for Hebrew ?  NO press 2 for Mexico luxury mansions to Nazi who tossed Jews elderly into lime pits LIME burns flesh to the bone in your eyes, your wombs and fetus. Jews sobbing and vomiting and begging mercy of death

JUDGE  Clarence Thomas ruled in favor of the Hollywood Church of Satan in 1999=666 "sacrifice of animals is freedom of expression"   But E-FILE your lawsuits into the Beast 666 computer is 'mandatory' (no choice) and the total destruction of yours and mine Constitutional Rights...lost forever...your personal and $ information into 666 Hollywood Washington; Lady Gaga dines in the White House  Gaga brags "priestess Church of Satan" 2012 awards

JUDGE Clarence Thomas swore in Mike Pence Vice President of the United States from Indiana...Mason's votes. Judge Clarence Thomas  "public hairs in my teeth"  Anita Hill law student University Oklahoma 1992 "pubic hairs" Thomas  spit the hairs out of his teeth  and went on to join Donald Trump "grab pussy" on Hollywood Access TV "Judge"  Clarence Thomas was grabbing another law student (Moria Smith) Georgetown University in 2002. MS was on a Truman Scholarship...No possible hope as a lawyer in Washington..Moria was quickly shipped off to Alaska where 40 below wind chill factor will freeze your lips as you speak...Send "Judge" Thomas  Supremeass Court DC   

POLAND  grabs Dorothy for a five minute blackmail "suicide and no awareness" March 3, 2003 at 3:30=666 in Marion "Seat of Government" vote fixing with a sheriff owner Funeral Home...sheriff deputy's turned voters away from the polls 2008  Obama.   50% registered voters turned away from polls "not enough machines"  70 missing. Marion Chronicle Tribune November 8, 2008  headlines! evidence stolen (car 41 dead) John Meade shot April F

TOTO  Dorothy wrote on a legal brief stamped and filed in Allen Circuit Court;  "ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUPS seeking legislation to isolate and test serial killer DNA..and neuter serial killer dna...at Birth"  SPCA Society of Prevention to Cruelty to Animals  "It's long been proven that serial killers who torture kill victims (most women) start in youth by Torture-killing cats and small animals...mostly cats because cats are the most trusting of young boys" (filed in court)

BOY...caught in Dorothy's back yard skinning alive a baby possum..blood all over his hands and vomiting in a corner of her back porch. Baby possum quivering in shock and unendurable  agony...how long for the release of death? Caleb Baker age 12  "warlock" is part of a Satanic worshiping  child trafficking ring...Caleb entices little girls into old mobiles covered in Satanic symbols to "raise demons"  then burns down mobiles destroy evidence torture-kill cats

RED PUFF OF SMOKE  felony perjury (Caleb Baker)  blows smoke in court  "She wants to neuter our son"  2014 JUDGE (Jennifer Degroote) "You are the threat to them!"  E-FILE (no choice) Laws written by this five minute Nazi

CARLA  stabbed 13 times and abandoned to  hemorrhage in her back yard (across street from Caleb Baker) 2013 Carla was witness to little girls age 6-8 held captive in big trash barrels. Vans with cages (no possible escape) Two miles from a private airport on Cook Road in Fort Wayne. Mobile Park run by *sheriff deputy zip code 46818  Child Trafficking rings move into cheap mobiles, if caught can move out in one day. Satanics use zip codes 46818=666 2x

PAZTOR (Pastor) a woman in this Satanic cult strangled her two children and shot an elderly neighbor and stole his car...Pastor is for Church of Satan over 200 websites to entice "ordained ministers in the Universal Life Church which is a front to Church of Satan "we teach tolerance" begins Universal and can end up sacrifice of animals and children

JUDY GARLAND...twin DNA down through the generations from King James, Mary Queen of Scotland and France George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Anne and Charles Lindbergh, Frank Billings Kellogg...Oh Double DNA all the way to British actor Hugh Grant and Australian actress Toni Collette..Australia-Oz-Trail-ya to ABOUT A BOY   

CLONING (Hugh Grant) movie ABOUT A BOY...a well written script about "Will" a shallow man who does not like or want children.  Will is "shallow cool and trendy"  And pretends to have a two year old son named "Ned" Will lies to a single parents group in order to meet women.  Suzie brings in a 12 year old boy named Marcus Brewer, Marcus has a depressed mother (Toni Colette of Muriel's Wedding) who is "Miss Grainola Suicide"  while Marcus is at a picnic with Will and Suzie. Marus accidentily kills a duck by hitting it in the head with a big loaf of bread hard as a rock. Marcus refers to his mother's attempted suicide as "the dead duck day"  Will listens to women sharing about their ex husbands and thinks "men are real bass-tards after listening to these women I want to cut my own P off with a knife" Marcus is a smart and tender boy  who is kind to animals  and wants to "make his mother happy"  He sings for her. Will's brother in law is actor John Hutchison (no N)    Dorothy Ellen is Hutchinson. Mother; Muriel  (Toni Collette) 

CLONING comes in opposition PI...reverse (mirror)  events are the same in content but reverse in action.  In example SHOES...Will buys Marcus a pair of expensive Trainers so he can fit-in-with his schoolmates who call him "wiered" Will tells Marcus to "become invisible"  dress like the other boys at school. Marcus dresses like mother.. "a hippy"  Marcus is bonded to his lone mother and dresses to please her  "Daft Hippy"  says Will... and "Barking Lunatic" mom School bully's steal Marcus new trainers.  This is how Fiona learns Marcus has "been going around to Will's house after school"   Fiona confronts Will to ask why he "entertains boys in his house?"  Will tells her Marcus "unwanted"

RUE BE READ  SLIP HER A FAST ONE (Shoes) the state of Indiana would like to "become invisible" and tried to steal (shoes in a bank vault since 1996) Shoes worn by homeless Betty Deal to walk around a homeless shelter full of hippy's and managed by an ex sheriff deputy recruiting homeless for Moorehouse Sex Cult "Purple People" co-ops the Church of Satan also founded by an ex sheriff deputy (forensic laboratory)  Betty Deal and six homeless were found dead with 41 dead bodies in purple shrouds. 41=April Fool (fish) Christians. Shoes DNA from Betty Deal & shelter CAR  (evidence stolen) by sheriff deputy's and John Meade (witness) shot in the head April Fool 2006  Gas City In

Will quotes John Donn "No man is an island"  Will chooses to be isolated. Marcus comes to his door after school "unwanted"  But Will grows to respect the boy and feel genuine affection for Marcus who brings Will out of his isolation and teaches him to bond-closely with others and to love.  Movie ends with a happy Christmas

DOROTHY/Ellen...SHOES worn by a murdered homeless woman; Betty Deal  who was recruited from a shelter by Indiana sheriff deputy (Jon Creek) for Moorehouse Sex Cult "The Purple People"  co-Church of Satan San Francisco Betty Deal was found dead with 41 dead bodies in purple shrouds. 41 April Fool (fish) Christians 1996=666sheriff In Dorothy is kidnapped and nearly clubbed-to-death by sheriff-billy-clubs and *car stolen by a mob of sheriff deputy's Daft Hippy (Caleb Baker) child trafficking in a mobile park (2 gun shots at Ellen)  JUDGE DeGroote barking lunatic

BOY is used to entrap Dorothy. Age 12 Caleb Baker is unwanted and comes around every day after school to break windows and vandalize cars of lone seniors who are witness to Caleb enticing little girls age 6-8 into empty mobiles covered in symbols to "raise demons" burn down the abandoned mobiles to destroy evidence torture-kill cats. BOY BOY Caleb Baker lied to the school bus driver to let off by creek so he can sling shot ducks chicks birds and fish PUFF OF RED SMOKE  Boy is used to entice little girls and run a reign of terror to distract attention from kidnap

HALE BOPP (Betty Deal and 41 bodies)  on personal license plate man threatens Dorothy/Ellen with Caleb Baker?!  Threat "you will get a summons in mail" she did with an upside-down judge signature (devil) and  666cent  stamp  Dorothy/Ellen   had just written to Judge Frances Gull  who ruled on a two-year old boy killed by "raise demons"       NO Happy Christmas...Dorothy/Ellen is writing to expose a series of murders on Christian holidays April (fish) Fool

ABOUT A BOY Dorothy/Ellen  is not shallow cool or trendy and likes children. Writes children's poetry since 1989 Career with reconstructive surgeons as a 'camouflage artist' for burn patients with severe burn scars. Dorothy/Ellen was called-in-to cover the heartbreaking scars between the third and fifth stage grafting process "I feel human again" is what women say about the temporary makeup full coverage.  Dorothy/Ellen studies history philosophy and science Will "has no job does nothing" Dorothy/Ellen is overwhelmed with work...lawsuits to exposing felony child traffick. Dorothy writes about a boy who is so brutal he makes ones skin crawl...Marc-Us-all  Brew-stir  (Witch coven) His Father Caleb Baker Lies about his son "She wants to neuter our son"   NO.. contact the  SPCA with much exposure

COWARDLY LEO Law Enforcement Officer (Police Report) Boy "unwanted" and throwing rocks at windows"  NO Caleb Baker is torture-killing cats  and birds and small animals. Every beautiful Cardinal Hummingbird Gold Finch and sparrow is dead,  and unwanted Caleb is at my door every day with sling shot sharp rocks to torture-kill animals and shatter 12 windows and vandalize two Lincoln Towncars.  Birds  cats,  windows,  home and cars..in shreds. NOT one word in this shyster  "police report" is correct...a 2x2 piece of paper with a number. No names, no dates, no facts NOT signed by victims/witness scene of crime...and $40 Billion a year child trafficking to Fort Wayne.  F-Rot Frauds

ABOUT A BOY  (PI) opposition. Marcus is befriended by an older girl "Ellie" a punk rock teen girl who protects Marcus from school bullies. Ellie has the good sense to keep her hands off the 12 year old Marcus and when he follows  her  out  of  school and away from the bullies;  Ellie jokes "are you stalking me?"  as she hugs Marcus 

VICTORIA is a teen girl (age 22)  who follows Caleb Baker and young boys into abandoned mobiles.  Age 22 and boys are age 8-15 in a mob of bullies who are part of a child trafficking ring and molesting younger boys and girls. Victoria is contributing to the sexual bullying by teaching 12 year olds 'the art of love'  only these don't call it Love ELLEN  has Victoria pounding on her door and stalking Ellen with "F-ing" notes on her door.  Security Guards calls

PUFF OF RED SMOKE  (Caleb Baker)  felony perjury "She is stalking us, parked across street twice"  Dorothy?! Across street Carla was stabbed 13 times and abandoned to  hemorrhage after witness little girls captive in trash cans Across Street is a man who pounded on Dorothy's door with Caleb Baker and Threats;  "You get summons in mail"   Fake/forged summons cut and paste her name over his with judge signature up-side-down (devil) and 666c stamp

JUDY GARLAND (Toni Collette) Marcus mother Fiona, Will calls a "barking lunatic" is Muriel Heslop in her movie Muriel's Wedding. Toni Collette resembles young Judy Garland at age 16 Oz...in the scene close-face where  Muriel contemplates marrying an athlete (David Van'Arcle) to give him citizenship in Australia (Oz-trail-ya)  Stuart DNA from King James  to Princess Diana to Judy Garland.  Van (with cages) are kill Dorothy...witness abduct girls age 6 JUDGE Jennifer Degroote is athlete...wresting...slam her victims to floor  and  shatter  face with steel chains 

CLONING (Toni Collette) in Muriel's Wedding is from Porpoise Spit and she hates it, wants to move to Sydney. Dorothy/Ellen porpoise spit was a 1790 "Dolphin of France" porcelain figurine she loved. Cherub riding the back of a porcelain dolphin finished in 22K gold leaf. Gift to her great grandfather Frank Billings Kellogg from French Premier Aristide Briand after signing the Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact. 63 nations renounced war.  Nobel Peace Prize. Dorothy/Ellen "priceless" antique was stolen by a spitting viper in Gas City.  Lisa Schoolman  Witch of the West

CLONING  (Toni Collete) Fiona...as mother to Marcus makes the wry comment; "Bloke on Essex Road" meaning some strange psychiatrist to treat her for her depression suicide risk.  Dorothy/Ellen had a woman on S-sex (snake) road.  A spitting viper to blackmail "suicide risk"  March 3 2003 at 330 is a 666set-upto kill a witness Dorothy! to Moorehouse Sex Cult, purple people and 41 dead bodies in purple shrouds. Car stolen. John Meade shot dead 4/1

CLONING (Hugh Grant) Plantegenet to Stuart. King James to Charles Lindbergh, to Frank B Kellogg to Dorothy. Hugh Grant resembles Frank Billings Kellogg and Charles Lindbergh...very handsome and classy looking men, as was Dorothy's grandfather Albert Kellogg who looks like Frank B. Kellogg and Charles Lindbergh and Hugh Grant. Frank B Kellogg was Ambassador to King George V and Queen Mary of Teck in London. Hugh Grant in London and says he "prefers to make movies at home in London"  Grant  "adored American Pie"  Dorothy cloning American PI  

ABOUT A BOY (PI) opposition...Marcus calls a school bully "a serial killer. He's going to cut me up and hide me under the floor boards"  Caleb Baker IS a serial killer, cutting up small animals alive and hiding them under barns. Stalking neighbors barns for baby bunnies, cats possums and anything alive Caleb can torture to death (for six years) Arson...burn down the barns to hide evidence of small animals he has tortured to death...arson next to seniors mobiles Barking Lunatic  "Judge" Jennifer Degroote;  "I'm NOT going to look"   Pictures of cats dying in agony gangrene 

EQUAL  ???   IF women  must Give Birth (no choice)  males must be tested at birth (no choice) for killer DNA and for these boy-killers who entice very little girls with "raise demons"  Serial killer DNA (human gene factor) Does in fact resemble a demon with horns, snout, four claws (microscope)  DNA of killers resembles a long snouted pig w/horns MAP  turn the map of America down-side-up and look at the big pig demon with a long snout to Washington DC TRUMP  "grab pussy"  NO...neuter Donald Trump and any other rape women pig snout....at birth.  BOOK picture  

AMERICA was established as a 'penal colony' (prison) for criminals, pirates, cut-throats, highwaymen, robbers and rape or mayhem.  Criminals wrote the "Laws" of America, to favor criminals and land confiscation (95% male land) Criminals wrote the "Laws"  and sent  for 'mail order brides'  widows and orphans from England (free slave labor) JUDGEs  and lawyers  are criminals...imposing criminal laws onto women in a 5-minute  "silence! or escort out!" 

INDIANA "Family Values"  Caleb Baker age 12 puts a hot pink sticky note on my car  "Coc-sucker" while I am flat on my back in considerable pain after major surgery. Hot pink is the color of women's protest Trump "grab pu$$y" JUDGE is the one with the "pu-bick" hairs in his teeth"  Anita Hill 1991. Clarence Thomas swears in Mike Pence THIS does not "vote" for women as president of the united states....now or any time in over 300 years (All male)

OVER  50 years "women in power"  nothing to show for it but thirteen dollars a month "food stamps"  (half male pay two generations women sub starvation $4-6 top pay to haul lift and load like oxen and drop dead of exhaustion long before "retirement"  paid in and never paid out to keep investment bankers from China in million$ penthouses 

\JUDGE Jennifer Degroote 'woman power' slobbering over the long haired hippy; muscled hunk Caleb Baker She should shower with him...I can smell the acid in his meat sweat five feet away...skin squirrels and possums to eat. Satanics do not have jobs  "No job do nothing power" Dorothy is a vegetarian (Marcus and "barking lunatic" mother Satanics kill for pleasure...and the horrific torture-killing of small children is "no evil exists with Satan" websites

DEAD  DUCK  DAY and TWO QUACKS for "The Donald"  Duck Tail Run Car Shows and Carnivals in Gas City Sell your kiddies ice cream out the front of their food stalls, and a video of an eight-year old boy begging for his life while slowly asphyxiated on a man's oversized member  out the back doors. Over $40 Billion a year in child pornogr Food stalls run by topless bars in  $350,000 motor homes travel  United States all year round. Whole town supports DUCK TAIL RUN  CAR SHOWS  is owned by Salters, Schoolmans, McCollums (police captain) Mayor L. Leech Gas City zip code 46933=666  sheriff deputy's steal evidence (car) and attempt to club-to-death Dorothy/Ellen 2003

VOGUE, BAZAAR, ELLE  Lady Gaga (Demon perfume) Hollywood Music Awards 2012 Lady Gaga is dressed all in white as a sacrificial lamb. Gallons of stage blood poured over her to drip into the giggling audience. Voice-over "Lets all pray to the devil"  REVLON Model Beyonce forces sacrifice victim (Taylor Swift) to bow to the devil. Taylor ain't too Swift is the cover girl model for all of AT&T telephone systems...Gee Toto whats the devils number?  Lady Gaga brags  "Priestess in Church of Satan"  and Beyonce "Fund raising with Obama 2012"  Kissing Obama.   Golly folks  Revelation is right! "in the end days the whole world will be in the hands of Satan"   Hollywood CofS

LIONS AND TIGERS AND BEAR OH MY!  Poland is 40 below with wind chill factor winters. Only rich have cars Advertisement for secretary;  "Must be young willing and big brea-ts"  Senior lone women starve and freeze and Poland still today has government 'isolated areas' full of elderly freezing starving Jews. Dorothy/Ellen wonders how many of these blackmailed illegal models with no Visas have elderly grandparents who are Jews?  MIKE PENCE INDIANA (neighbors) "we are arming ourselves for the final solution to the Jews, cause of all world problems"   FORT WAYNE  F-Rot....in Nazi "Judges" and blackmailing Doctors...spitting vipers from out of hell  Toto !

BRANDY NELSON red head 'artist' from Dallas Texas... dead with 41 dead bodies in purple shrouds....was meant to be Dorothy/Ellen (this writer)  Brandy nick name for my red hair. Make-up artist for Beauty Pageants  Dallas Texas. Atlantic City/Trump. Brandy Nelson killed by mistake was found dead with six homeless bodies and a total of 41 dead. HALE BOPP Comet Heavens Gate Cult  NOT "Suicide"  (sheriff deputy lied) HG was exposing San Francisco Church of Satan connected to Hollywood Church of Satan. 41=April Fool (fish) Christians dead 1999=666 and Marion Indiana "seat of Government" sheriff deputy's steal evidence (my car) John Meade shot in head April Fool POLAND Grab Dorothy and blackmail (5 minutes) "suicide no awareness"  March 3, 2003=666Doctor Poland 

KEVYN ACCOIN  top makeup artist in New York  "a gentle giant" everyone admired and even loved...Kevyn refused to make-up 14-16 year old girls. Chanel, Christian Dior,  Versace, Givanchy, Dolce & Gabbana, Estee Lauder, Kevyn said "I work in the most brutal business there is with the most evil people on earth"   Kevyn was dead shortly after WOMEN  lowest paid...easy targets to brainwash out of millions of dollars "fashion" money for what real purpose?

DING DONG   Avon "the product for women" reduced stocks to $4 a share (should be $168 share) Gave Avon to Mexico for pennies  "Investment Bankers"   Cancun  Billion Dollar Resorts  NOTHING to women who were paid nothing (All risk) to knock on doors in 90 degrees or 20 below. Over 150 years of American women paid O (all risk) to knock on doors in 90 degrees or 20 below...for Trumps grab Avon stocks forced down to $4 a share...Americans  lost millions....Cancun Billion $ resorts for investment bankers and models-with-cash-up-front-contracts. All paid  

PAY-YAP yap yap yap  "we do this for you!  we do that for you!"  all but pay...we we we pigs in penthouses  

JUDGE CLARENCE THOMAS SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES...ruled in favor of Hollywood Church of Satan in 1999.  "Sacrifice of animals is a Constitutional Right to Religious Freedom" for Caleb Baker age 12 "warlock" who skins alive a baby possum in long drawn-out-agonizing ritual cuts...beyond any endurance. Blood all over his hands and vomiting on a senior lone women's porch while daddy the senior warlock Lies. 1999=666 Revelation "In the end days the whole world will be in the hands of Satan"  Hollywood Church of Satan since1980  

WAY A PI (full circle oppositions will tell you the how and why) FORT WAYNE INDIANA (F-rot) rotting in government judge and court corruption  (Hollywood Judge and Halloween) Rotting in "Fort Wayne has the highest rate of human and child trafficking in Indiana"  and NHTC "Indiana highest rate child trafficking in 50 United States" Over $40 Billion a year in organized child sex slavery films and webs and  JUDGE (5 minutes) "Silence or get out!"

RICHARD WRIGHT...attorney and private detective in Fort Wayne (2 minutes) at first words "child trafficking" from Dorothy/Ellen  Reich-hard is a spitting Nazi...."I'm NOT going to listen to this!  Youuuuuu are psychotic!  Did you call the newspaper?"   I'm psycotic (one minute) but call  the  newspapers?!  WHY would a newspaper listen to a psychotic ?.  Fort-Wayne  F-rot....rotting in corruption and paid-off.. Wright-is WRONG...deadly wrong for Girls

WAY A PI (Attorney=Ye-n-Rot-At)  little girls are rotting in shallow graves. ALL victims rot in cancer/Stress. Lawyers rot in corruption greed and abject stupidity  "Not interested in your case" and "Nothing we can do" But Tax lone women by a 78% tax load to pay for the courts these Rot-Ats use to grabby their $3000 retainers. $350 hour. And $10,000 month suites in towers inspired by Trump. Lawyers $100 prime ribs to chit into solid gold Toilets "Laws" JUDGE  Frank Billings Kellogg packed his own lunch and was Nobel Peace Prize Kellogg-Briand-Paris Peace Pact

NO PLACE LIKE HOME...NO PLACE LIKE HOME....Battered and homeless women need permanent safe HOMES instead they are exploited and used by corporate pigs for advertising "Look at us buy from us! we help battered wom" How much am I bid for this battered wench on an auction block? Cry honey ! tears bring in higher bids from big pigs FRONTIER Internet 666executives pay $125 a plate to bid for the battered wenches (no homes) on YWCA auction YWCA and Frontier auction for battered women was organized by Judge Jennifer Degroote...E-FILE  "Silence!"

GEE...THIS LOOKS A LOT LIKE KANSAS....serial killer BTK  Bind Torture Kill Dennis Rader; police officer. His torture-kill was to repeatedly strangle and then release his victims for the added torture of hope and beg for her life. Serial-killer Ted Bundy was executed for torture-killing multiple women. Bundy "volunteered in crisis centers for W" Jon Creek, sheriff deputy recruiting homeless for Moorehouse Sex Cult (snuff porn films) for Church of Satan and BOY=267  Bind Torture Kill (cats and small animals) Beast (liar)  7 spells Pyg-Gyp....brains undeveloped til age 25 Boys are nobody's precious little darlings...and until the testosterone breeding frenzy slows down voracious killers EQUAL ??  if women must give birth (no choice) Males must be tested at birth (no choice) serial killer dna neutered 

RUE BE READ...SLIP-HERS...A FAST ONE (Shoes) "Made in Brazil"  little girls age 6-13 kidnapped and held captive in tiny rooms as child sex slaves until they drop with their infants of Aids by age 17. Sodomy is rabid in South America and mothers drag sons to little girls for "cures"  still sacrifice the daughters to  Saw-Dumb & Go-more-eh? RAINBOWS are for little girls  "the larger captives because they can breed more sex slaves"  United Nations 2015 

FOLLOW THEIR YELLOW TRICK ROAD....scroll down this page to read over 56 murders of Christians by Hollywood Church of Satan from Ronnie Chasen; (newswoman) shot dead near her Beverly Hills after returning from a Cher premier. Chasen witness same as Dorothy; snuff pornography films. Billion$ underground Chasen was "followed and frightened" April Fool (fish) 2009.  Thomas Kincade "Painter of Light" village cottage and Christian quotes. Kincade dead April Fool (fish) Christian 2012. Shared Bank w/ mother of David Moore/41

TRAVIS ALEXANDER, brutally stabbed to death Mesa Arizona June 6 2012=666  2x3=6 Satanic boogie math Police lied June 7 and planted evidence to frame Jodi Ann Arias who said' "Two intruders with knives stabbed Travis and told her to stay silent or they would kill her little sister"  No one puts a camera with pictures of them killing someone in a washing machine for police to find ?!  Jodi, like all the rest was blackmailed by police/prosecutor.  Headline murders!! are being used to distract from....well follow their yellow trick road to Jonbenet Ramsey

DOROTHY BASH IN HEAD...Miss Gulch was no dream! Duck Tail Run and two QUACKS (Lisa Schoolman, Kirk McCollum, Mayor) Duck Tail Run Car Shows and carnivals. Sell your kiddies ice cream out the front of their food stalls and a video of an eight-year-old-boy begging for his life while aspxyiated on a man's oversized member out their back doors. Food stalls run by topless bars in $350,000 motor homes to travel 49 states.  Child pornography and child murder pornography is $35 Billion year TWO STATE QUACKS blackmail Dorothy "Suicide Risk"   March 3, 2003 at 3:30 is 666 "Doctor" Cornerstone and Velma Atkinson; dead with son Cheyenne

WITCHES BROOM UNITED STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL (Loretta Lynch) was the prosecutor for police sex crimes in New York. Police used a broken broom handle to rape/sodomize a helpless unarmed man (Abner Louima) Cuba-Haiti trafficking. Human and Child Trafficking ($35 Billion a year) Can only exist by the pay-offs to police, judges, clerks, mayors. Golly Toto...when sheriff deputy's are recruiting homeless for the Purple Church of Satan (?) Ms. Lynch an attractive black women...just the gal to go after Gas City Klueless Klucking Klan..murder $


HOMES miniature homes are hand-painted by Dorothy to raise funds for battered women to get private Homes for themselves and their children in privacy peace and safety. Dorothy's two-inch miniature homes, are water color and acrylics with intricate miniature detail such as bird houses and mail boxes so tiny painted with a needle as a palate knife and a 000 sable brush.  Dorothy Homes; Chicago Art Awards.  $75 to PO BOX 8384 Fort Wayne In 46898

AWAY ABOVE THE CHIMNEY TOPS...that's where your find Cowardly Leo spray painting a black cross on the top of his barn on a remote corn farm in Hartford City Indiana. Unknown to Dorothy she arrived in Indiana on a long awaited Witch coven date. Halloween "Eve" 1993.  Blackford County has several kidnappings for trafficking including the story of Rhonda Patterson on Unslaved...Looks like Blackford...lives up to it's name in Indiana Toto!

WICKED WITCH (Judge) Jennifer DeGroote "I didn't read it! I won't read it! Silence or contempt! Silence or I have deputy escort you out!" (Transcripts)  25 page FBI report on child trafficking Mobile Home Parks    Tell the Deputy(s) to get behind the devils who pay-off police/sheriffs judges, lawyers, court clerks, town mayors, politicals Jennifer DeGroote is a graduate of Valparaiso University. 656 South Green Witch Street ("every hair is counted")

HOUSE FALLS ON WITCH (State House) Judicial Complaints Commission Indianapolis  "Judge" DeGroote Court Date Halloween "Eve" 2014 October 31=41 April Fool (fish) Dorothy is the set up fish witness to 41 dead in purple shrouds in 1996. Six homeless bodies, with homeless Betty Deal, recruited for snuff pornography films. 41 April Fool (fish) Christians. Nation wide killings of Christians on holidays; Christmas, Valentine, Easter, April F

BLUE BIRDS FLY (Twitter) Tweet-Tweet-Tweet on Twitter ! let millions of lawyers and detectives know about Wizards of Awes...since 1992 Dorothy has been trying to get this into a Court !!  "Lawyers "Not interested" and "No lawyer will take a case involving Masons, if not part of their club...get nowhere"   Follow their yellow trick road!

ALL THE CROWNED HEADS OF EUROPE Professor Marvel OZ Dorothy is the great grand-daughter Frank Billings Kellogg. Ambassador to England, served King George V and Queen Mary of Teck. Kellogg wrote the 'Dawes Report' reparation money to England from Germany attacks world war one. Wikipedia has partial info.

Frank Billings Kellogg was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 'Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact, with French premier Aristide Briand and President Woodrow Wilson. 63 nations renounced war, and contained the written plans for Russia, of d. Tzar Nicolas, executed with his family in 1917.  Kellogg-Wilson also 'Tacna Arica Dispute in Peru Kellogg Secretary of State, United States Congressman, United States Senator, President American Bar Assoc

QUEEN Mary of Scotland and France was beheaded February 8, 1587. Queen was framed for the murder of her husband Lord Darnley and fake-forged evidence was presented in a *casket. She miscarried "Twins" to Darnley Queen Mary was framed and evidence planted by her guards...just like Dorothy! and Golly Toto...just like Bruno Richard Hauptmann  *Valentine February 13, 1934 condemned to execute; by him framed and planted 'evidence'

DOROTHY (Ellen Hutchinson) was *beheaded February 8, 2003. Kidnapped to club to death, by a mob of frenzied sheriff deputy's with clubs in hands. Her 73 year old neighbor (May Moore) screamed at Main Street traffic "Look what they are doing to her!"  or Dorothy be clubbed to death.  February 8 2003=2823=15=6 (square666) in code. Dorothy caught the town mayor embezzling (burgle-the-city) and framed Dorothy.  German mayor framed BRH

CHARLES LINDBERGH "Open up the gates of heaven" first solo flight from New York to *Paris. Dorothy open-up Heaven's Gate Cult. 40 dead in purple shrouds, with six homeless recruited for a purple sex cult by sheriff deputy. All 40 bodies had a 666 jeer in hidden code and a 41 body found in desert in purple makes 41=April Fool. Dorothy Great Grandfather; Frank Billings Kellogg created the Kellogg-Briand *Paris Peace Pact  (Woodrow Wilson) 

Bruno Richard Hauptmann BRH was a carpenter. Dorothy (Ellen) Hutchinson "the work o a carpenters son" English. ERH was also framed (perjury) forged documents (police) evidence stolen Car (car blanket) used by a homeless woman (Betty Deal) at a homeless shelter. Car stolen, by a sheriff run funeral home. Vote-fixing from the dead. Witness (John Meade) shot in the head *April Fool 2006. Bruno Richard Huptmann executed by police April 3

Richard Hauptmann lived on *Needham Street in the Bronx "Cemetery John"  CAR in the *Garage he built for his landlady.  CORN Bank caught one of the ransom gold backed bills and thought it was counterfeit. Gas Station attendant wrote Hauptmann's lisense number on the bill. Ransom money was paid in a *ballot box (voting box)  SEE-my-tare-he John (John Storey) Needham Storey Funeral Homes give me the Bronx cheer; "If youuuu haven't gotten "that car" to a forensic laboratory by now! YOU are the one in trouble!"  Car locked in landlords garage. MY CAR not "that car" (thieves and psychopaths erase identity) was locked in landlords garage. Evidence Vote-Fix aka Ballot Box. CORN farmer Jon Creek (sheriff deputy) recruiting homeless pornography for political campaigns   

NANCY GRACE SHOW 2005 "Dead bodies with ritual cuts found around Napa Wine Valley California. FBI investigates 15 years"   Golly Toto...FBI in Muncie Indiana told Dorothy (and her shoe) to "Get Out!" 23 years

FBI "Anton Levey made snuff porn films out of human sacrifice. Billion$ underground snuff porn finances Terrorists into Washington, Judges, police and sheriff departments" (counts votes) and golly Toto ! One Million $ campaign donations would Not buy ten billboards in one small town. America has millions small towns. It would take Billion$ for any political candidate to reach all of America and travel 50 states in luxury hotels and busses !? Washington 93% male govern-men  "pet rocks"  bury a women up to neck and stone heads IS snuff pornography

April Fool murder of Thomas Kincade "Painter of Light" beloved for his lighted village cottages; Christian quotes. Halloween* Los Gatos California court set-him-up (Blackmail Bankrupted) Murdered April Fool 2012 and just like Jonbenet police/sheriff Lied autopsy report "Drugs and liquor" probably plutonium, government deadly poison. Los Gatos is the home of mother to one victim dead in "purple shrouds" with 41 dead April Fools (six homeless)

Halloween Eve 2014 Dorothy is blackmailed in a "court of Law" while the method to shoot-her-in-head was given to a child trafficking ring (again evidence stolen by way of police and judge) Dorothy (Ellen Hutchinson) is the sole witness to the truth behind 41 April Fools dead in purple shrouds with Betty Deal and six homeless (snuff film$)

April Fool 2014, the murder of actor Robbin Williams (Mork and Mindy) "suicide by hanging" No, murder by a faction destroying every key person of influence. Williams best friend Matt Damon, movie Mr Ripley 666Boat. The murder of Izzy Rizzo Chicago writer exposing police corruption "suicide hung himself"  Flung out the window the same way as several prostitutes witness to police pornography in Chicago "Door locked from inside" police pass key

Whitney Houston "suicide in her bathtub/drowned" No murder. Whitney started as a Christian gospel singer 80's Chicago, black women, gospel singers and ministers are being shot in the street with babies in their arms. Muslims "reclaiming our own for Allah"  Not one world in the "News"  and "All will be told lies all believe Lies" Revelation

Ronnie Chasen, Hollywood Public Relations *April Fool 2009 "followed and frightened" shot dead near her home in Beverly Hills, after returning from a Cher premier. Cameras on her house show black Muslims with high power rifle Cher bragged "priestess Church of Satan" Lady Gaga, Gary Garcia Grateful Dead Band, Justin Beiber "warlock"

FOLLOW THEIR YELLOW TRICK ROAD (Jodi Ann Arias) IF IF IF Travis Victor Alexander was murdered June 6, 2008 He was murdered by two members of the Church of Satan Not Jodi Arias who LEFT A CAMERA with her murder in the washing machine for police and investigators to find...and charge her with murdering Travis (?!) June 6, 2008 is 666 in code 2x8=16 add 2=18=9=6 in opposition (Satan) Jodi said "two intruders shot and stabbed Travis" Christan killings; shot in Temple Mormon are sealed in temples. Stab in back several times (hypocrits) ALL Mormon males entice women with the promise of "marriage and children" (stab in belly) Use women "Booty Calls" Jodi had a bad habit of "agree" to be Travis Booty Calls....Jodi was blackmailed and corced into "agree" to murder  In every Christian murder...police/sheriff forensic laboratory forged evidence from Thomas Kincade to Jonbenet

WICKED WITCH (Lisa Schoolman) "Give me those shoes! Oh that's right! Dorothy must be dead to get those shoes! and her little CAR too!"  Miss Gulch, what a witch! hit Toto in the back with a rake and LIE "Toto bit her" use sheriff (Lisa's  own brother-in-law) to kidnap and destroy Dorothy!  (steal car and two witness dead *April F)

CARNIVAL BAAL-LOONS FBI "Anton LeVey sold his snuff porn films at nation wide carnivals" (Gas City) DUCK TAIL RUN CAR SHOWS and carnivals. Sell your kiddies ice-cream out the front of their food stalls, and a video of an eight-year-old boy begging for his life in an FBI "Deep Throat" out their back doors. Food stalls owned by topless bars who travel the nation in $350,000 motor homes.  Duck Tail  (Schoolman McCollum sheriff money)

COWARDLY LEOS (Ron Mowrey) Marion Mayor, former sheriff  "voted" Out for corruption and graft, has his cop-pals 'appoint' him Grant County Coroner (Marion Indiana) stupid body mix-up after bus crash Taylor Universit. Looks like Kevin was really a sick-kill-and-sell

HAUNTED FOREST ENTER AT OWN RISK ! (Rod Knapp) Gas City "Town Diplomat" and owner George's Flowers Gas City. Christmas "Eve" 2002 up-side-down-cross in shop window; handmade "Church" Rod Knapp made, and a ritually cut cat Dorothy's found and took to Vet (vet bills) Dorothy's kept and name Keeper

DO NOT ENTER !! GO BACK ! (Wedonna Ballard) Manager George's Flowers. Dorothy (seven years) "Favorite Customer!" (hug hug) until Dorothy in a state of shock and trusting Wedonna; expressed her sorrow over the cut cat and surprise at up-side-down cross "a mistake!?"  Then We-Done-a-Baal-Lard of fat headed Wickins K-Napp and set up Dorothy to club to death of blackmail "suicide" by way of Indiana State "Doctors"

APRIL FOOL 2005 Garfield, world famous fat-cat..*purple cartoon and a *pagan calendar (Jim Davis Muncie) Garfield; "Revenge of the Dufus Snatchers" (41 dead in purple shrouds is funny?) "Tragic Love" Larry Charvoz and Jon Creek arrange a purple hit on "Brandy" dead with 40 dead in purple. (Dorothy) "I'd rather watch wrestling" Muncie con artist (Jim Fargo) set up a wrestling scam and left town with all the "charity for leukemia" money GARFIELD cartoonist Jim Davis, is cousins to Gas City Librarian (Jan) pals with Rod Knapp and Wedonna 

APRIL FOOL 2003 a young woman's body covered in ritual cuts at the Gas City Marion Airport. A young librarian (Mellissa) bragging of her coven to a co-worker quit the same day; "I have to get out of town fast! I'm in with those who are too powerful"  Co-worker/witness was fired shortly after, and six years Library NOT one dime in her FUI

LIZ CLAIBORNE top fashion designer bragged on national television "she donated millions to her coven" on Phil Donahue Show. And her coven is in Hawaii...as in Jonbenet fed pineapple before her Christmas "Eve" killing

CLARENCE THOMAS United States Supreme Court Judge, decreed "sacrifice of animals is freedom of religious expression"  Agonizing ritual torture cuts on helpless animals is "freedom of religion" But NOT God in the courts, schools, federal buildings, and currency YOU PAID FOR.  This Can-a-Bulls victim was A-Knee-ta-Hell 1992 and another law student Maria Smith; Truman Scholarship Georgetown University  JUDGE was lusting-after with insults. No possible hope of a LAW career; Maria was quickly shipped off to Alaska where the wind chill factor is 40 below Freeze your lips as you speak; send Clarence Thomas "Judge" freeze his flapping lips shut. Rule for Satan 1999=666

WIZARD (Anton Levey) was a dynamic actor with a keen understanding of human nature. Tenured 'cop' who could motivate others. No Hitler! his devotees adored him. Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Junior sang duets with Levey "the devil rocks"  Lady Gaga, Gwen Stafani, Justin Bieber, Gary Garcia Grateful Dead Band (All teen idols) When Levey died his daughter (Andrea or Antonia) took over Hollywood and women's magazine editors New Yrk

LEVEY "I will rule the world with Satan by 2010" Lady Gaga "Priestess Church of Satan" was presented to Queen Elizabeth 2014. Queen Elizabeth is 'head of the Church of England' and Anton Levey tried to buy the movie rights to Excorist in 1964 with Charles Manson. Roman Pelanski refused and his wife; Sharon Tate brutally stabbed to death

HORSE'S ASSOFA DIFFERENT COLOR (Obama) MARCH 31, 2013 was not "Easter"  Easter is always first Sunday in April. Year 2013 was April 7 Easter Sunday.  April Fool  Obama "Easter White House" Obama in purple shirt.  Anton Levey "I will rule the world with Satan and have a black Pope in the White House by the year 2010"  pictures and news clippings  in Book Wizards of Awes...You won't ever see another one like him !

FOLLOW THEIR YELLOW TRICK ROAD (Ronnie Chasen) Hollywood PR woman shot dead; her home in Beverly Hills, after returning from a Cher Premier. Chasen reported "Followed and frightened" Previous April Fool Ronnie Chasen was witness to Hollywood Church of Satan (Andrea Levey) daughter of Anton recruiting celebrity. After Anton Levey died; his daughter recruited celebrities and magazine editors. Models with devil signs hands

FOLLOW THEIR YELLOW TRICK ROAD (Laci Peterson) Kidnapped Christmas "Eve" 2002. "Beheaded" and her pregnant body planted *April Fool 2003. Same spot as several other pregnant bodies were planted. Two sacrificed to his Royal Majesty Satan, at once. Richmond=Concord "City of Devil" Grapes Purple Passion Royals. Laci was due to give birth *Valentine 2003 (Saint-Christians)  Scott Peterson did NOT kill his wife and unborn.

JUDGE told Scott Peterson "Silence or contempt!"  JUDGE told Dorothy "Silence or Contempt!" (paid off) TWO JUDGE did Not allow Scott Peterson to show evidence...DOROTHY was told "silence and refuse to look"  Judge

FOLLOW THEIR YELLOW TRICK ROAD (John F Kennedy Junior) shot in head "plane crash" NO a hidden assassin with a parachute over Martha's Vineyard (Ted Kennedy murder pregnant mistress Mary Jo Kopecne) 1968 John Kennedy Junior was murdered with his pretty young wife; July 16, 1999=666.  7+7=14=5=41 April Fool

FOLLOW THEIR YELLOW TRICK ROAD (John F Kennedy) Dallas Texas; shot in head by Russian assas. November 22=1122=6 (square 666) John Kennedy plotted to assassinate Castro and blame Russia "Bay of Pigs" Russia "We will bury you from within. we will turn one against the other and destroy United States" (they have) Russia was ripe with rage, and Anton Levey was right there; "I will rule the world with Satan by year 2010"

FOLLOW THEIR YELLOW TRICK ROAD (Princess Diana) Headline!!! murders distract the world, while every dime in America and world is manipulated into one computer "Beast" Swiss Bank (world money theft soon) Princess Diana was exposing land mines in crude oil fields that blow off the feet and legs of children trying to gather food. Motorcycle was seen and reported to pull in front of her speeding Mercedes; shoot front tires. August=LEO

FOLLOW THEIR YELLOW TRICK ROAD (Loretta Fuddy) Killed in a "plane crash" Hawaii. Fuddy testified Obama Hawaii Birth Certificate is Forged"  Fuddy only passenger killed (polonium) Obama was born in Kenya Africa. African Birth Certificate signed by British Registrar "Sir" Edward Lavender (Purple!?) LEO August 64 

FOLLOW THEIR YELLOW TRICK ROAD (South Bend Indiana) Four Obama election official indicted and Forging signatures for Obama. 2012 Butch Morgan (prison) Dustin Blyth and two women on probation. Forging signatures.     Including the signature of Joe Kernon, former Indiana Governor FOX News Eric Shawn 2012

FOLLOW THEIR YELLOW TRICK ROAD (Kelly Thomas) retarded youth beaten by sheriff deputy's so savagely; his head and face were crushed flat and his eyes were pushed through his shattered skull (billy clubs) Sheriff Thomas refused to vote-fix Obama. Sheriff Departments count the voting ballots with "court clerks" Both Deputy's with this kind of psychopathic kill lust... were defended by Obama in headlines!!!

FOLLOW THEIR YELLOW TRICK ROAD FIVE sheriff deputy's arrived to club Dorothy to bloody pulp. Valentine February 8, 2003 (2823=15=6 square666) CAR stolen by sheriff run Funeral Home (Needham Storey) Two witness murdered; John Meade shot in head April Fool 2006. Velma Atkinson and son; April Fool 2005 

FOLLOW THEIR YELLOW TRICK ROAD POLAND headlines 1999 "Barack Obama will be the next President of United States"  in 1999  very few Americans ever heard of the Chicago Senator Obama who left elderly black women to starve to death ($2 hour maids dead of malnutrition by age 59) "Lawyer"  Obama froze the bank accounts of two lone widows to pay his own legal fees.  1999=666 for the "Black Pope in White House by 2010" 

HORSE'S ASSOFA DIFFERENT COLOR (Obama) 50% "registered voters" could not vote, Marion Ind, 2008 turned away by sheriff department "not enough vote machines" (70 missing) Marion Chronicle Tribune Nov 6 08. Headlines with pictures of court clerks counting votes in Marion...court fixing and paid off judges  (Masons Boys) Obama is a 33 degree Mason 

OBAMA-O-Baaaa-Ma-Humbug; brags "I'm like John Kennedy"  John F Kennedy grandpappy "Honey" Fitzgerald got 35% of his 'votes' from the dead.  Funeral Homes during mobster prohibition in the 1920's. JFK got his 'votes' when big daddy Joe paid Chicago mobster (Sam Giarcana) to pay off union leaders "vote Kennedy or fired off jobs" Joe Kennedy owned the Chicago Merchandise Mart.  "Ambassador" Joe was kicked out of England by King...for conspiring with Hitler's aides and bootlegging British gin....as "Ambassador to the United States" 

NO PLACE LIKE HOME (Needham Storey Funeral Homes) with a "Honey" of a DEAL and RAMSEY as "joke" names on grave stone illustrated advertising Marion Chronicle Tribune "Purple Candle Awesome" website and Surrender Dorothy! as Halloween advertising.  Sheriff Funeral Home steal evidence (car) two witness murdered

ARE YOU SAYING MY APPLES AREN'T WHAT OUGHT TO BE? (Indianapolis) Attorney General "Grant County has always been the most corrupt county in Indiana"  Marion home of Indiana State Representative Eric Turner and his brother Kyle Turner (crude oil stocks and bonds)  Yeah, full of little purple worms. Both the Heaven's Gate "purple cyinyde collective suicides" (fraud) and Jimmy Jones "collective suicides purple Koolaid" were Indiana and California connections. Richmond California (Purple Moorehouse sex cult and cop Jon Creek)

TWO HORES'S ASSOFA SAME COLOR Tom Koby rat tail hippy and Chris Teagle  purple socks and rat tail hippy; Blackmail (steal evidence)  CAR (Car blanket used by Betty Deal dead with 41 April Fools) John Meade shot in head April Fool 2006 (letters about car) HALLOWEEN fake summons to Winchester Court  (Winchester is a Gun) Blackmail, felony perjury, felony forgery Chris Teagle (Christ Eagle) purple rattail hippy predator for Church of Satan

TIN MAN who does have a heart (Larry Charvoz) Rome-Meow (Tomcat/football) Sets-up Juliet; for a purple hit with Jon Creek (Cop) BRANDY dead in purple shroud with 40 dead in purple. Brandy red-head artist from Dallas was meant to be "Dorothy" Last Charvoz (REVLON) knew Brandy (nick name red hair) Dorothy was a top make-up artist with MAX FACTOR in Dallas.  Skilled artist; stage, television, models, and Beauty Pageants

Valentine 8, 2003 kidnap and attempt club Dorothy dead Gas City Indiana (vote fixing and steal evidence/car) 2823=15=6 (square 666 police code) Two witness murdered. John Meade shot in head *April Fool 2006. CAR Velma Jean Atkinson and her son Cheyenne; dead *April Fool 2005  (Letters, car and Betty Deal news clips)

TIN MAN (Cloning) Jonbenet Ramsey.  Dorothy met Tinman (Larry Charvoz) in Santa Fe New Mexico. An avid skier in Denver Colorado. Larry Charvoz was also an avid skirt-chaser who lied about being married and destroyed the careers of several women to hide his pig-porking from his wife. Larry Charvoz; Concord California (Purple) Santa Fe  New Mexico was where Boulder Colorado District Attorney Alex Hunter was skiing when JonBenet was murdered by *Concord Purple Satanist (Tom Koby) cop..just as purple Cop Jon Creek set-up-Dorothy to kill-off  with 40 dead in purple shrouds Rancho *Santa Fe California

CLONING Jonbenet; mother Patsy Ramsey was Miss Michigan. Dorothy sister-in-law (Carolee) was Miss South Dakota. Dorothy is a highly skilled professional makeup *artist for Beauty Pageants (Jonbenet was beauty pageants) Dakota Apartments in Manhattan New York; for the movie "Rosemary's Baby" (Mia Farrow) Husband sells his wife to a devil worship coven to breed the devil's baby. Manhattan is the drink Dorothy shared with Tin Man Santa Fe.(Larry  Charvoz) Tin Man sold Dorothy to a devil worship coven (Jon Creek Concord) and Gas City V-Day666

LOLLY POP KIDS (three lawyers) Robert O Beymer; "That cop! perjured in this court!" (Hartford City 1995) "Tee hee! happens all the time! ha ha!"  O-what-a-Beyming-idiot Rob-her of justice (just-us Boys) Masons Klan Attorney=Ye-n-Rot-At...rotting in corruption....emotionally about age six huh Toto ?

BAAL STATE U Carnival Baal-Loons Robert Beymer Law;  Ball State University Muncie Indiana; brags "Wickin church...we teach tolerance here?"  Taller-runts as in superior pigs to Satanics who brag of sacrifice? FIVE youth have been "shot dead at Ball State by inexperienced rookie cops"  Mighty good shooting for pack of rook-eh? castles to the purple royals. His royal majesty Satan. Boulder University was a long time devil worship "education"

BING CROSBY was no tender crooner folks! "Private Detective" Raging with the spittle flying; "Youuuuu are psychotic! You GET OUT right now!!!  I happen to be personal friends with the prosecutor!" (Pro-see-cute-her) with a six dollar per hour "doctor of  sigh-call-a-gee"   Gee wizzz...what a pack of bing-bought-a-bing cop thrills 

DOUGLAS MARTZ perfect "Lawyer" to blackmail Dorothy "suicide and crazy lady"  (all criminals have crazy lady) Martz set-up-Dorothy Valentine 666 and Easter and Mothers Day...all Christian holidays in a fixed court. Dorothy so far in shock, she failed to recognize Douglas Martz. He arrived April Fool 1992 to Arnold Place Homeless Shelter with a group in purple clothing, purple cars, purple vans and a chauffeured limousine (?)

JULIE MARTZ, raging at Dorothy with her spittle flying; "I will NOT let you near my husband! I will NOT let you talk to my husband!!"  Golly Toto...too bad Dorothy doesn't rape two year olds, These two "legal" demons in heat would have taken her out to lunch!  Dorothy was too far in shock to recognize Martz April 1992 Moorehouse

FOLLOW THEIR YELLOW TRICK ROAD (yellow outside lights made the purple look brown) PAM YABARA, one of the homeless women jumped into a van...but was back the next day outraged and incredulous "Those were the purple people!? everyone knows you don't go off with them!" Pam described purple houses and purple buildings behind barbed wire fencing; wrap around security with residents required to take turns as armed guards Moorehouse Cult in Lafayette California (Concord) real estate worth millions per acre

THREE PINK OH! BAAL ARENAS  (DJ) unknown last name "Doctor" for state Indiana six dollar per hour homeless shelter hippy (forged court papers Dorothy "crazy lady") DJ recruiting homeless for Moorehouse Sex Cult Satan with Cowardly Leo Jon Creek 1992. Betty Deal and six of Creek/DJ recruited homeless dead with 40 dead in purple shrouds with 666 and April Fool   DJ comes from Sudan; bury women's heads and stone (snuff p)

ROBIN (unknown) making purple offers to homeless men dead in purple with Betty Deal and 40 dead purple. Robin claimed to be a "grief and trauma therapist for parents of murdered children at Saint Lukes Hospital San Francisco" Saint Lukes (Christian eh?) "No such position exists, and no such person ever on staff"  POMMC Parents of Missing Murdered Children; "psychopaths parrot their victims and seek out positions of authority in crisis center lone prey"

SUSAN SPEECE Advocate of lone women as victims...handing the "judge" hidden notes from DJ and Charvoz. All three women were in a state of fornication with Jon Creek....cop manage-a-twat...Indiana  good old boys "laws" COURT  Devshe (She-Devil) "Doctor" ($6 hour) recruiting homeless men for Moorehouse Purple (5 dead men)

RUE BE READ SLIP HER A FAST ONE SHOE worn by murdered Betty Deal. Outline in purple ink and all news clippings sent to Kyle Turner (stocks and bonds) Brother to Indiana State "Representative" Eric Turner...has Dorothy kidnapped, brutally tortured (in witch tower) and set up to club-to-death Valentine 2-8-2003=15=6 square

BLUE MONKEY WITH IT (Blue/pornography) Sheriff Deputy MARK HERRING (red-set-up-fish) Slam Dorothy to floor and LIE "Stop Kicking!!" into his lapel microphone. Five carloads of frenzied deputy's clubs in hands.  Dorothy's spine was wrenched and her front teeth cracked, also shattering her back root canals (destroy jaw) Her 73 year old neighbor (May Moore) screamed to oncoming traffic. May (very healthy) shortly dead "natural"

DRAG-GOONS (Kirk McCullum) put handcuffs on Dorothy, clicking them tighter and tighter to pinch and turning her wrists black and blue and bloody. LIED into his car microphone "section 8" (padded cell "suicide") makes Dorothy the number 41 April Fool "suicide" for cop run carnival shows. Duck Tail Run; McCollum/School

WITCH TOWER Dorothy was tossed in an ice cold filthy cell. Nothing under paper thin pajamas. Nothing on bare feet, no mat and no blanket. Propped herself up against the ice cold filthy walls, three days until collapsed. Nearly died of staph-bacteria lung impacted bronchitis, a type of pneumonia that returns for rest of lifetime

COURT, a huge man's jacket on her small size 8 petite frame. Huge men's size 13 shoes on her small feet to slip and slide blinded on ice...behind FIVE felony convicted; rape, armed robbery and arson. Shackled and chained behind those who would rape and rob Dorothy and burn her house down with her still in it. Behind those criminals who SOLD my race (French and Danish Jews) SOLD my gender (all women of all race) and call ME "Mother Phuck"
Jail guard was Lisa Schoolman's tenant "tee hee" 

DOROTHY BASHED IN HEAD...AND WAS NO DREAM !  CORNER & STONE Behave-or-U-ill Blackmail five minutes for nine pages behavior traits of a serial killer and "suicide" risk" for K E L L O cereal killer cops "Doctor" Renetta Semann Cocon; "temporary hire" from Poland. Lions! Tigers! and BEAR  (stolen car) from sheriff deputys to bash her to pulp and two witness murdered. March 3, 2003 at 3:30 pm is 666doctor Poland

WAY a PI full circle oppositions tell you the how and why Doctor=Rotcod...rotting in corruption, rotting in greed, rotting in ego-mania, rotting in butchery and blackmail  "Sue we quit!"   Bait Big fish tale money Toto ! Omnipotent "priests" in the state court churchs  "A bad man goes right on being bad"  Revelation (same DNA)

IF I WERE KING OF THE FOR-ARREST (Mayor Larry Leech) Gas City Duck Tail Run carnivals. Off to see the wizards in Brazil...little teen girls are kidnapped and held captive in small rooms as slave child sex. Most are dead with their infants before age 17. Centuries of child slavery. Brazil and Columbia Vans at Dorothy's door 3am

IF WE ONLY HAD A BRAIN...67% percent more women are court-ordered "psychotic" than males...court ordered subjugation of women. Keep  women at sub-poverty and experiment on them.  Doctor-Rotcod...rotting in corruption. Big fish tail money in kickbacks to blackmail women "mental and no awareness" and use them in factory production at 25 cent piece work. Keeps factory owners in million dollar luxury homes and cars. Mr and Mrs. Pig run slavery COURTS....keep women subjugated and controlled "crazy"  (and pay women Half male pay...so 95% male own land

MEET THE YOUNG LADY WHO FELL FROM A STAR Hale+Bopp+Comet Heavens+GateUFO+Cult  DOROTHY is speaking at Toast Masters and parents or church groups about the lies told by the news media. Revelation; "All will be told lies, and all will believe lies"   News media is jet set money (thrills) oil money 911 Revelation; "In the end days the whole world will be in the hands of Satan" Hollywood is destroying youth in total

LINDBERGH KIDNAPPING  cloning twin genes proof Bruno Hauptmann was indeed the kidnap/killer of baby Charles.  Hauptmann lived on *Needham Street in the Bronx New York.  His CAR license number and a gold backed ransom $10 bill, was caught by CORN Bank 1934. Hauptmann built a *garage for his landlord; and used a *flower shop as a meeting place. Money BALLOT Box. Hauptmann used the Code name "Cemetery John"   *RED Johnson and Betty Gow...WERE the "inside job"

SEE-my-Tare-He-John (John Storey) *Needham Storey Funeral Homes give ME the Bronx cheer; "If youuuuu haven't gotten that car to a forensic laboratory by now...YOU are the one in trouble! not us!!"  NOT "That car" MY CAR (Thieves and psychopaths erase identity) Landlords garage padlocked MY CAR and stole it (evidence kidnap and kill Betty Deal dead with 40 dead (DNA trunk) CORN farmer (Jon Creek/cop) recruiting homeless snuff films.

BALLOT Box, 50% "voters" Marion Indiana could not vote Obama 2008  Sheriff "Not enough voting machines" 70 missing "Vote machines" and a sheriff-run Funeral Home steal car evidence. Collusion *Flower Shop (Rod Knapp) RED POTTER *innocent blamed attempt to kill me. Reds daughter Joyce Hawkins  (*false charge "counterfeit")

ALL THE CROWNED HEADS OF EUROPE (Professor Marvel OZ) DOROTHY is the great granddaughter; Frank+Billings+Kellogg. Ambassador+ to England, King+George V + Queen+Mary of+Teck. Kellogg wrote the Dawes Report, reparation money to England from Germany attacks World War One.  Nobel Peace Prize Judge, Permanent Court of International Justice (world court) The Hague+Netherlands World War 1 Kellogg wrote the principals of Geneva Conventions, which forbids Torture of prisoners, forbids seizure property

KELLOGG BRIAND Paris Peace Pact, with President Woodrow Wilson and French Premier Aristide Briand. 63 nations renounced war, and contained the written plans for Russia of Tzar Nicholas (murdered with family 1917) United States Senator, United States Congressmen, Secretary of State, President American Bar, Federal Lawyer 

DOROTHY (Ellen) is writing ERH-HER REPORT, reparation money for women  "War on Women" United Nation February 15, 2011  "Rape women permissible as Muslim Faith"  (Boys Clubs will be lined up around the blocks) Mo-HAM-ID and white male pigs...still sell and buy 13 year old girls on streets Chicago, New York and Hollyw TIME African kings paid for selling women (black field hands, white housemaids) American kings pay for Buy  

TIN MAN CLONING;  Jonbenet Ramsey; mother Patsy Miss Michigan.  Dorothy sister-in-law (Carolee) Miss South Dakota. Dakota Apartments; Manhattan, movie "Rosemary's Baby"  Husband sells wife to devil coven to breed devil's baby to advance his acting career. Dorothy by Tinman...favorite drink Manhattan.

WOLF is the name of warlock a few miles from Jonbenet. WOLF Michael Collins (warlock) and Tabatha Warick (witch) shot and burn the body of a mother of three (coven execution) DAVID PEARSON (Landlord) push a heating oil tank under my bedroom Christmas 2003 (kill witness/me) Blame innocent man RED POTTER (lines Red Johnson Lindbergh 1932) Red Johnson was a Norwegian sailor (deported)  MY husband a Norwegian sailor. USS Sanctuary;  Metal of Valor  

I'LL LIGHT A FIRE UNDER YOU! (Witch to Scarecrow on Yellow Brick Road) (tin man) David Pierson; was the Handyman to push a heating oil tank under Dorothy's bedroom 3am *Christmas Eve 2003 Blame an innocent man (Red Potter) David Pierson; is landlord to Wolf Michael Collins (warlock) and Tabitha (witch) Wolf shot a mother of three and burned her body (coven execution) CLONING Lindbergh Kidnapping 1932. Proof criminal collusion to kill Dorothy, by witch (Lisa Schoolman) Jon Creek (Hartford City) and David Pierson

Red Johnson Norwegian sailor, accused of "inside job" with nanny Betty Gow. Red Johnson was questioned in *Hartford Connecticut; released, later deported.  Dorothy husband Norwegian sailor; SS Sanctuary (metal of Valor) Inside job is Lisa Schoolman (wicked green witch Miss Gulch) *Hartford City (Jon Creek) David Pierson July 2003 Betty Gow was nanny to baby Charles Lindbergh (hand him out window) Betty Deal inside job nanny-goat=devil. Dorothy at Jon Creeks *window begging for her own documents (written proof Creek recruiting homeless porn $) 

VIOLET was the Morrow's maid 1932. She committed suicide (cyanide/silver) After police questioning. Violet had an "understanding" with Butler (Septimus Banks) A mean drunk who would have fired Violet for being out on a double-date with another man (Depression; no reference and slander was slow death anyway) Millions Died. FBI Profiler John Douglas writes; "Violet committing suicide puzzles police"  92% world homeless are women/history

LEO-nerd is now Cowardly Leo (Jon Creek) recruiting homeless people for Purple cyanide Kool-Aid. 40 dead in purple shrouds. NOT "suicides" murders for snuff porn films; Billion$ underground and Cereal-kill Dorothy. ME Jimmy Jones purple cyanide "collective suicides" were also murder porn films. Richmond California/Indiana. Jon Creek (picture internet high school reunion) Smirking next to Judy Marshall dressed in Violet (elder women color)  

NOTE eighty-seven-percent of crime is committed by males. Add war atrocity; church burning billions of Jews and witches and their cats; 290,000 women "Burned Brides" for land/oil. Women stoned, burned, flogged, mutilated. Add 95% male corporate CEO who pay; bleach tested in a rabbits EYES blind in agony...NO crime Women exits. NO Wonder John Douglas; and the whole cop crew obsess over "Violet had savings"  KEEP women NO$/silent

WOLF is the name of a warlock a few miles from Jonbenet. RB (Ray Bolger Scarecrow OZ) CLONING (genes) OZ was reported to have a "suicide" of a Munchkin during filming and seen in the movie at this same witch-burn scene. NOT true the swing from tree is large exotic bird for the exotic set, an emu. "Suicide" was the attempt kill Dorothy twice.  Munchkin, false report of a bird, as "suicide over unrequited love"  Purple Jeer at Dorothy over TIN MAN

HORSES ASSOFA DIFFERENT COLOR (Barack Obama) 50% "registered voters" Marion Indiana 2008 Could Not Vote. Turned away from voting polls (sheriff deputy's) "Not enough voting machines" (70 missing) Marion Chronicle Tribune November 6, 2008.  Cincinnati Ohio, busloads of "voters" went to polls all over city South Bend Indiana; four Obama election officials indicted; one prison (Butch Morgan) forging signatures 2012 Including the forged signature of Joe Kernon, former Governor Indiana. FOX News; Eric Shawn reporter

MARCH 31, 2013 is Not Easter Sunday. Traditional Christian Easter is always First Sunday in April (near 7th) *April Fool 2013 OBAMA in purple shirt "Easter Egg Hunt Whitehouse" for black pope Church of Satan (FBI) April Fool was the takeover date of Palestine 1887 (crude oil slaughter of helpless unarmed Jews) LAND Fraud

ARE YOU HINTING MY APPLES AREN'T WHAT OUGHT TO BE?  Indianapolis Attorney General "Grant County has always been the most corrupt county in Indiana" Yeah...full of little purple worms. MARION home of Indiana State Representative; Eric Turner and his brother Kyle Turner (crude oil stocks and bonds) Both Heaven's Gate "Purple Suicides" and Jimmy Jones "Purple Koolaid suicides" Were Indiana California connections Richmond California, home of Jon Creek and body of Laci Peterson.   Indiana Senator murdered Jamestown 

NO PLACE LIKE HOME (Needham Storey Funeral Homes)  OBAMA "I'm like John Kennedy" the grand-pappy to JFK was "Honey" Fitzgerald Kennedy. 35% votes from the dead. Funeral Homes run by mobsters 1920's Prohibition. Joe Kennedy a bootlegger.  John F Kennedy got his "votes" when Big Daddy JOE paid Chicago mob   hit man (Sam Giarcana) to pay union bosses; Chicago Merchandise Mart; blackmail employees "Kennedy or Fire" Sam Giarcana and Frank Sinatra drugged and raped Marilyn Monroe Kal Neva Lodge Lake Tahoe (Joe owned)

OBAMA has a "Honey" of a Deal with Needham Storey (Sweet-sir Indiana) DEAL and RAMSEY are "joke" names on grave stone illustrated advertising (copies in book)  "Surrender Dorothy" and "Purple Candle Awesome" web in co-operation web with San Francisco "Doctors" many doctors are members Moorehouse "surrogate sex instruction" JOHN MEADE murder, shot in head *April Fool 2006 (letters about car) Velma Atkinson and son *April Fool 05

DING DONG (Velma Jean Atkinson) "I have friends in more powerful places than Jon Creek, I'm very nibby, I'll look into him" (absolutely really dead) with her son Cheyenne "car accident" NOT...Beth Ramsey dead Chicago with her boyfriend was NO "car accident" either. Nor was Loretta Fuddy "plane accident" and surgeon with wife. Jon Creek *April Fool 2012 on Facebook, picture of woman holding up severed bloody clown head... for fools 

ABSOLUTELY REALLY DEAD OZ coroner with witch death certificate. (Kevin) Grant County coroner was absolutely really dead "sickle cell" (child's disease?) after he told Dorothy; "Dead bodies do not have "horrific smell in only three days"  Planted bodies DO...when they've been dead two weeks for pornography films Heaven Gate. Ron Mowrey, former mayor and former cop, "voted" OUT for graft and corruption; had his cop pals "appoint" him Grant County coroner. Stupid body-mix-up after bus crash Taylor University (Marion Chronicle Tribune) *Mason

CARNIVAL BAAL-LOONS Anton Levey, sold his snuff porn films at state wide carnivals festivals car shows. DUCK TAIL RUN, sell your kiddies ice cream out the front of their food stalls, and a video of an 8 year old boy begging for his life while asphyxiated on a man's swollen member out the back. Food stalls run by topless bars in $350,000 motor homes which travel across United States (pig map) Salter, Schoolman McCollum $ (sheriff/police

WICKED WITCH GREEN WITH ENVY (Lisa Schoolman) "Give me those shoes! Oh that's right..Dorothy must be dead to get those shoes! and her little CAR too!" Miss Gultch, what a witch! Hit Toto with a rake and LIE Toto bit her. Use Sheriff (brother-in-law McCollum) to kidnap and destroy Dorothy...steal car (evidence Betty Deal)

SIX times Lisa Schoolman accosted Dorothy; "Help you sell your art" then dump with a sneer "not worth my time" Not worth all over town; isolated their set up target, and goad a confrontation to kidnap and kill as 41 "suicide" Did not work so Lisa set up; "Bring me samples of your miniature painting to "test on E-Bay" (and return) But STEAL. 

LIE "Dorothy at her door! Terrified!! I told her she could get off my property NOW!"   NO...slip one painting out the side of her plate glass door and SNEER; "Youuuu can get OFF my Prop-her-T....NOWWWW"  Terrorize Target. DNA (genes) fall not far from tree. Lisa's oldest girl bullied and humiliated a boy at school. Parents took him out and put him in summer camp to regain his confidence.  DNA "Bad man goes right on being bad"  (memory genes DNA)

NO PLACE LIKE HOME, miniature paintings; Martha's Village cottages. One and two inch, paintings in frames. Painted with a 000 sable brush and one of Toto's whiskers generously dropped on floor. 22k gold (jewelers gold) doorknobs and door-bells painted with the point of a pin, and tiny birds, cats, birdhouses and flowers. $75 each. or prints as blank friendship cards-to-keep-and-never delete! $15 for three full color prints, and this includes shipping Funds go to help expose Wizards (Like all Truth...only a handful know) PO Box 8384 Fort Wayne Indiana 46898

OBAMA-O-BAAAAA-MA-HUMBUG left elderly black women to starve ALL years he was Chicago Lawyer and Senator.  Two generations elderly women; Maids and waitress $2-4 hour. Drop in exhaustion $400-$529 retire Social Security (Lawyers mooching Trillions$ from So-shall-secure-it-He) Women malnutrition and death age 60. OBAMA froze the bank accounts of two widows to pay himself as a "Lawyer"  It took a PIZZA HUT Restaurant to get fans for the elderly who drop of heat prostration every summer in Chicago. Doctor's with 22k gold-plated Golf clubs in resorts owned by Chicago Insurance mobsters. Doctor=Rotcod bait big fish tales$ women rot malnutrition

FIRST thing Obama did as President-shill;  STOP cost of living increase to Social Security "No increase in cost of living 2008"  Social Security has NEVER MET the Cost of Living.  "Lawyers" Trillions mooched elderly disabled. OBAMA stops cost of living  income to elders; "no cost of living increases"  (one bunch of celery is $4 in Indiana) Over 5000 cats and dogs put to death every month INDIANA alone; Senior lone women sobbing in the lobby of "Animal "Care" and Control"  Can't afford to feed myself, so I can't afford feed cats/dogs" NEEDLES into the hearts of our trusting little friends and "family" members. Death by starvation of senior lone women turned away from polls

LOLLY POP KIDS (Robert O Beymer, Lawyer, Bing Crosby detective, and Douglas Martz Lawyer) DOROTHY "that cop perjured in this court!"  Beymer; "Tee hee! happens all the time ha ha!" O what a Beyming idiot, Rob-her of JUSTICE (Just us boys 100% male written and interpreted laws feeding women to pigs) BING CROSBY "Youuuu get out of my office right now! YOU are psychotic! the prosecutor happens to be a personal friend of mine!" Bing bought a bing in cop thrills. MARTZ perfect "Lawyer" to blackmail Dorothy; Martz had already blackmailed the state of Indiana to pay his malpractice or quit"  Martz set up Dorothy *Valentine, *Easter and Mothers Day kills.  FIVE mob Dorothy in Marion Indiana CONN Court (to keep her mouth shut) Judge Conn

THREE PINK-O BAAL ARENAS (Pink Poland and Russia) DJ last name unknown? six dollar per hour homeless shelter hippy who cannot speak English (Sudan) Creek hired DJ and was fornicating her with Robin? and Susan Speece. Cop Manage-a-Twat... "Law" .. DJ "Doctor" to decree witness to their murder cult "mentally ill"

SUDAN where DJ somebody? comes from; United Nations reports; "Over 290,000 women are "Burned Brides" every year (centuries) Blackmail fire torture agony and scars for "dowry money" Land with crude oil rights. 95% male owns world land. Sudan still today buries women up to neck and stones head to explodes (snuff porn "laws") WAR on WOMEN decreed in Washington;  "Rape women permissible Muslim faith" Feb 15, 2011. Happy Valentines Day America. Christians cannot quote their own 'faith' in any court anywhere in United States 

I'M NOT A WITCH AT ALL ! I'M A LITTLE GIRL ! (Jonbenet Ramsey)  was feminine. All Girl. She loved satin ballet slippers and sassy tutus, and lipstick and makeup and "wanted to be like mommy" (lynch mom)  Patsy Ramsey was crucified; "Let her little girl prance around moving her shoulders!!!!"  Gay pride HUMP dance six year olds in every stage across the USA and every Hollywood pig-porking movie (Rainbow is symbol of gay) Beauty Pageants teach little girls to be GIRLS. Manners, poise, self-confidence, public speaking for future careers 

CAREERS is the key word. Jonbenet was feminine she loved lipstick and pretty dresses. This world programs women for War. Lipstick on the bayonets girls are brainwashed to shove into another fellows belly isn't getting war girls "here is your pink gun and your pastel combat boots and now get out there and kill kill kill!  (Kill is B-ill) B=2 Kills/sick

JUDGE Jennifer Degroote (wrestles) shes a real man! slam victims to floor gouge eyes IF IF IF Jonbenet had been in sports; baseball or soccer instead of Beauty Pageants. Her Mother Would NOT have been attacked and lynched by millions of know-it-alls who know nothing and never investigate the news media  "All will be told lies, all believe" 96% male news and publishing=Narcosis; in love with himself and in love with his own mirror image (other males) 

GIRLS today, brainwashed; instantly available brainwashed to "please males" including gangrene for Tattoos. GIRLS cannot write a thank you card or even bother with the words thank you "I deserve"  totally worst of males. Cannot wash a dish or bathe a baby, care for animals, or anybody else. When pigs decree you 'equal' to pigs. ALL are pigs.  BEAUTY PAGEANTS teach little girls, grace and self confidence, good manners and even public speaking for careers.John Ramsey (in shock) said; "I am sorry I let Jonbenet in Beauty Pageants"  Both his wives; feminine beauty 

CLONING Patsy Ramsey was Miss Michigan. Dorothy sister-in-law was Miss South Dakota (Carolee) First-runner up to Anita Briant. Dakota Apartments in Manhattan, Hollywood movie Rosemary's Baby (Mia Farrow) Husband sells her body to a devil coven and devil's baby to advance his career. Dorothy devil coven to advance themselves. Jonbenet had a "Wolf" devil worship nearby. Dorothy "Wolf" Michael Collins (Warlock)and Tabitha (witch) coven Wolf; shoot a mother of three and burn her body (coven sacrifice) David Pierson; D'Handyman to push a heating oil tank under witness bedroom at 3am *Christmas Eve 2003 and blame an innocent man, set-up daughter blame for...

JAMES M LUTTRELL Marion Prosecutor (Pro-see-cute-her)  Cops aim a high powered scope rifle into the head of an eight-year-old boy to force "Confession" from mother (Joyce Hawkins) TERROR shoved out of bed/sleep 4am. Joyce Hawkins is nearly illiterate; cannot write nor spell. LIES from cops "counterfeit operation"  NO BODY and NO WEAPON Joyce is charged "shoot husband burn body" (Lawyer refuse speak to Joyce until convicted) Her father (Red Potter)  accused *pushing a heating oil tank under bedroom.  Done BY DAVID PIERSON (coven)  

RUE BE READ SLIP-HER-a-FAST ONE SHOE.  Dorothy sent shoe outline in purple, details and pictures murdered homeless Betty Deal to KYLE TURNER. Brother of Eric Turner, Indiana State Representative. SHOE Betty wore to walk around Arnold Place Homeless Shelter  where she was recruited by Jon Creek/sheriff for Moorehouse Purple Sex Cult. DNA from the sweat of her feet and floor dirt particles from Arnold Place 1991  

TURNERS on Hawskview Road in Marion Indiana. Predatory hawks flew in to Turn-her-Over to JOE CERTAIN "Elder Care" Lawyer, Kily Harker and Certain. KYLE-LIE Hark-her All-too-Certain...Joe Certain criminal fraud and collusion with his own client; CORNER & STONE Behave-or-you-ill  Blackmail Wabash-witness-head

JOE CERTAIN (Social Security) Trillions $$ mooched out Social Security for elderly and disabled wait THREE YEARS  (many homeless) "Automatic Deny" Ambulance chase down lawyers these days and deliver to parasites. Attorney=Ye-n'Rot-At...seniors and disabled rot in stress=cancer. Lawyer rot D'Greed   (So-shall Secure-it-he)

EMBEZZLE the tax money paid by Americans for their elder years and disability . Same way Washington is Embezzling American tax money to send Billions to crude oil nations which have more money than America will ever have. Third world land mass means unlimited crude oil money. America (ten times smaller) very limited crude oil. Sultons daughters open Boutiques in Washington for political wives $5000 Chanel shoes. Louis Vuitton bags and tote Vuitton jewelry tote $9000 inserts $800 each (wives will need five)  LV Trunks $24,000 and diamonds (our tax pays)

LIONS! and TIGERS! and BEAR! OH MY !! POLAND "Temporary Hire" (Renetta Semann Concon) Doc from Budapest; was out to Pole and land their set-up fish to murder as "suicide" then hop on a plane back to Boo-d-pest. Never to be seen or heard from again. FIVE minutes blackmail for nine pages of psychobabble gibberish, to set up Dorothy as a cop murder for all the traits of a serial killer?!! K E L L O Double-up and cereal kill Dorothy!

SHOCK made Dorothy gasp; "Are YOU with Moorehouse?!" Cocon picked up her papers in a rage and goose-stepped out of the room. Spitting viper out of Hell!  CAR stolen (cop murder evidence) and three people murder. John Meade shot in head *April Fool 2006. Velma Jean Atkinson dead  with her son Cheyenne (evidence 41 dead April F)  

POLAND was the murder snuff pornography of five million Jews, Dutch and Danish in the 1940's. "Doctor" Mengala planted seeds and bulbs into the stomachs of Jewish children in concentration camps to "See" if plants would grown in human tissue.  DOROTHY was in the middle of writing to Rabbi Eckstein in Chicago about Walnut Creek Manor, home for elderly, when kidnapped and set up to club to death (steal car) Rabbi Eckstein is trying to raise funds for elderly fragile Jews in POLAND today still left to freeze and starve to death. Centuries snuff porn.

ENTER AT OWN RISK! (Rod Knapp) Gas City "Town Diplomat"  owns Georges Flowers. December 2002 up-side-down cross in his *Christmas window (miniature church Knapp made himself) A torture cut cat behind his building, Dorothy rescued and named Keeper (vet bills) Keeper was murdered by a meth mob (formaldehyde) Rod Knapp made shows! of walking right up into Dorothy's face and then walk-around her without speaking?!

HAUNTED FOREST GO BACK! (Wedonna Ballard) Manager George Flowers. Dorothy  was "Favorite Customer hug hug!" for seven years until she expressed her outrage to Wedonna of torture cut cat, and up-side-down-cross (thought it was mistake) Then it was K'napp Dorothy and throw her in an ice cold witch dungeon

Wedonna claimed her Birthday was July 4 (all covens claim holidays for themselves) Dorothy took chocolate covered cookies to George's for Wedonna's birthday and told her day off. She then took the chocolate cookies to Wedonna's house and backed away from the dark sordid looking cottage in the woods; without knocking (shock). Seven years Dorothy left pretty-hand-painted notes about purchase and delivery of antique furniture (kidnap/steal Voice Disabled; acid reflux disease; LIE "harass phone calls" We-done-a-Baal-Lard fat-headed Wikins coven

WIKIN Catalog in PO Box (Mason Post Master) Pictures of ritual cut knives so horrific, make skin crawl. Beverly Meade, widow of murdered John Meade "mail interfered with"  Dorothy also (check stolen-returns (billed for) Jon Creek made a show! of the same kind of ritual  cut knives in his shelter, Slowly piling one on top of the other

OVER RAINBOW young woman's body covered in ritual cuts; private Airport Gas City Marion. Near another Mobile Home Park full of sub-starvation lone mothers with "Registered child molesters" move in next door. MELLSSA had been bragging to her co-worker of her coven and showing pictures on internet (2000 webs) She quit same day; "I have to get out of town fast! I'm in with those too powerful" Co-worker (Library) Fired same week. NOTHING paid to co-worker's  Unemployment Insurance in SIX years (Rod Knapp) Lied to IRS about rents too. EMBEZZLE his news reports for Internal Revenue $600 month rents; "average around $400" (embezzle you/me)

GARFIELD famous cartoon cat. Jim Davis Muncie Indiana (Ball State) *April Fool purple pagan calendar 2006 "The flowers that betrayed me" (Georges Flowers and Jim Davis cousins with Librarian (Jan) Gas City Library) "I'd rather watch wrestling" (Jim Fargo Wrestling Con Muncie 1994) Turn him into police who accuse Dorothy accomplice) LIE detector test; OFF ask questions can only honestly answer "No" ON ask can only honestly answer "Yes" So disgusted ripped the wires off and walked out (young victims advocate shocked witless) cop named King. "Tragic Love" Larry Charvoz and Jon Creek set Dorothy up for a purple porn kill (Brandy dead with 40 purple)

CLONING John and Patsy Ramsey repeatedly requested Lie Detector Tests (Polygraph) Only as honest as Cops LIES and set-ups to entrap their own arrogant "opinions"  The well educated opinions of psychopathic killer cops

SOMEDAY THEY WILL BUILD A STATUE TO ME IN THIS TOWN (Tin Man OZ)GARFIELD (Marion Indiana) statues stand on the street corners "No funds for schools, fireman, streets" Over $10,000 each for this plastic crude oil bloated headed fat cat "Made in China"  Millions Americans jobless. Over 72,000 empty homes in a 60 mile radius of Marion alone. CHINA girls 6-17 are sold on streets $50 yen all day. Boys cadamites $75 yen  

CLONING Charles Lindbergh (age two) Kidnap and kill 1932.  Charles was killed by accident. Hauptmann put Charles in a burlap bag, and dropped him from the top of his home-made ladder, to bash his small skull on the *Cornerstone of the Lindbergh house in Hopewell New Jersey.  Chief of Police said; "Its an inside job, servants"

CHIEF of Police;  Col. Norman Schwarzkopf, was an impeccable man with a spotless uniform. A man of the highest integrity. His son, is the decorated hero of Desert Storm.  Schwartzkopf, of long experience knew the kidnapped baby was an inside job. But heradmired Charles Lindbergh, and let him control too much; It ruined NS career

MY Swore-war-Nazi-coffin (Kirk McCollum) Police Captain Gas City, deliberate kidnap/kill Dorothy; with total contempt;  is a slob with HAM-Burg-her grease down the front of his uniform. COFFIN Jonbenet Ramsey; painted in murals at Denver International Airport, in a Poland skirt and vest. Hit hard enough to kill a 300 pound man with a police flashlight. Kirk McCollum is a 300 pound police flashing-lights as "section 8" to murder D as 41 "suicide" 

K'NAPP DOROTHY !! (Kidnap to kill) MARK (His Red) HERRING arrived to "arrest" Dorothy. No Warrant. No named charges (?) No named accuser (?) factual method used by Inquisition (Masons Knights of Templar/Jews) Dorothy insisted on identification and a "warrant signed by a judge"  Herring slammed Dorothy to floor and LIED "Stop kicking!!!" into his lapel microphone. Cracking her front teeth and shatter back root canals (sag face bones)

BLUE MONKEY with-it Cops fly in (Blue slang for pornography) FIVE car loads of frenzied cops clubs in hands; IF a 73 year old neighbor (May Moore) had not stood on the Main Street screaming at traffic; "Look what they are doing to her!" Dorothy be beaten and smashed to a pulp, beyond recognition like Kelly Thomas. Sheriff Thomas refused vote-fix Obama. 2012 Obama defended butcher cops. And May Moore was shortly dead "natural causes" same way elderly woman witness for Scott Peterson "natural dead" She had seen Laci with a purple van

Police Captain Kirk McCollum, put handcuffs on Dorothy so tight; her wrists turned black and bloody. LIED into his car microphone "Section 8 coming in" set up to murder as the 41 "suicide" and steal evidence. CAR Betty Deal. CLONING Jonbenet was bashed in the head with a police flashlight hard enough to kill a 300 pound man. Doro was bashed in the head by a 300 pound policeman. Kirk McCollum and Schoolman's  Duck Tail Run Car Shows porn

WITCH'S TOWER (Marion jail) shoved into an ice cold filthy pit, reeking of urine vomit and mold. Nothing on under paper thin pajamas, nothing on bare feet. Propped-up against the ice cold filthy walls until collapsed. Nearly died from staph-bacteria bronchitis. Lungs impacted with mucus so heavy no possible breathe (no medication)

DRAG GOONS peep hole aimed at the women's toilet Marion jail. Males open cage to giggle with the cops. Orange jumpsuit peeled down from breasts toass. U-Nigh-TIT-States of A-mare-a-caca. Where does this boys club go to school? Purdue for purring-pussy-full-of-due-due? IU horny devil pitchfork in red read? We-slay-n U ?

CONN court, massive man's jacket on a size 8 petite frame. Huge men's size 13 shoes on small feet. Blind; to whiplash slipping and sliding on ice. Terror!  (broken hip age 53 can kill) Shackled and chained behind FIVE felony convicted rape, armed robbery and arson. Behind criminals who would rape and rob me and burn my house down with me still in it. Behind those who SOLD my race (Danish Jews) SOLD my gender (All women All race) and call me "Mother Phuck" THIRTY YEARS...Marion Jail Guard was Lisa Schoolman's tenant (set up to kill in jail) 

ANTI EM I'm FRIGHTENED ! DOROTHY paced in Terror! for her cats. Knowing she was a witness to cop porn killings; feared be "lost" in jail forever or sent off to some remote prison on more false charges and her dear little Toto (cats) Put to death. LINDA BRENKLE (Brainkill) ASKED to take care of cats; "Mark Storey will take care of your cats" Mark Storey LIED to put Dorothy in that pit!  DOOR left wide open cats crushed Main Street. Linda Brain-kill; Jump up and shout you down in court..."she has mental problems"  THIS advocates for women

MARION Jail 2006, a retarded youth was clubbed to death. THREE days kept isolated in a padded cell. Begging for a toilet. Finally threw his dung at the jeering Goading cops; who clubbed him dead for it. Six-million $ settlement His shocked mother. DOROTHY is No retarded youth $6-hundred million settlement. NEVER DO IT AGAIN

THAT'S YOU ALL OVER THE PLACE! (Douglas Martz) Perfect Lawyer to blackmail Dorothy. Martz had already blackmailed the state of Indiana to "Pay his malpractice or Quit"  Marion Chronicle Tribune 2004. Martz set-up Dorothy Valentine February 8 2003=15=6 (square 666) April/Easter. Mothers Day (Holiday kill cult. USA hol.)

JULIE MARTZ: spittle flying; "I will NOT let you near my husband !! I will NOT you speak to my husband!" Gee Toto, too bad Dorothy doesn't rape and murder six year old boys, these two demons in heat would have taken her out to lunch...and then DEFENDED well enough to get "registered" and move in a mobile park next to lone mothers.

SHOCK, so far in shock, did not recognize Martz. Who arrived 1992 to the Arnold Place Homeless Shelter, with a group of purple people so cold, they made skin crawl. Purple cars, purple vans, and a chauffeured limousine (?) The Yellow outside lights made the purple look brown. One of the homeless women (Pam Yabara) jumped into one of the vans. She was back the next day outraged and incredulous; "Those were the purple people! everybody knows you don't go off with them!!"  PAM described purple houses and building, barbed wire fence, wrap-around security and residence required to take turns as armed guards. Lafayette California, real estate worth millions. Creek kicked the too vocal  Pam out next day. Pam begged and pleaded "No place to go"   Creek so sick he enjoyed her begging    

SEX is the 900 foot billboard with a graphic illustration right above Montesori School (age 6-12) Poplar Street school bus route. Mount-a-sewer School is owned by Marion Mayor (Wayne Sebold) Hollywood Ice Skating Champion.  "River Church" purple shirt and chains on "pastor"  Hollywood TV Wayne Seybold is skating with a teen girl. One full hour of repeated camera crotch shots into the very young teen girl.   Hollywood (Anton Levey) RUMP on the Pig Map...Hollywood prime pig rump to feed Washington pigs...*Distract you with porn and sports

IF I WERE KING OF THE FOR-ARREST (Larry Leach) Mayor of Gas City Indiana. Twin City Marion DOROTHY caught Larry Leach red-handed trying to diddle the girls in the public utility office. Get it up for Miss Piggy by making a toilet show out of his own daughters "bad gambling habits"  Dorothy after 20 years volunteer for battered women has had enough of pigs fornicating in woman toilet shows; bleated "Keep in the family for Gawds sake!"  Leech shadowed Dorothy for seven years , and set up the Fire of two of her friends; Lorili Accord, a very gracious and professional women who more than earned promotion at STAR BANK and Kathy Knight. MASON 

LEACH stands in a Lady Liberty neck tie; "Gas City has excellent sewer lines" It sure does; your own daughters. Fitting sister is soeur in French, pronounced sewer. So E you are sewer too in the Gas City public U-tell-itty's.

AUCTIONS Dorothy taking bidding  a pure silk necktie designed by Gary Garcia, Grateful Dead band for America's youth Garcia bragged "Priest Church of Satan" San Francisco Hotel has a suite to "honor Gary Garcia" Satanic symbols all over the walls. Rubber Ducky for guests baths (a little too close to Duck Tail Run carnivals child porn) Gwen Stafani  "favorite teen model" stands in front of NYBoutique666 with a devil sign in hands (Marie Claire)

WALNUT CREEK MANOR was a home for elderly (with no family) One of the homes which really did take kind and good care of elderly. Leech "No funds"  FUNDS fully paid by their $350,000 a year collective Social Security. Every week Larry Leach and his wife Elizabeth visited "No funds" to make the elderly and staff lick their own blood off his hands. Leech HAD several thousand in his pockets for his own "retirement project"  PAY HIM.  No-one in Grant County knows where the elderly (with no family) were carted off to...but elderly pornography Big Bucks $$

EMBEZZLE Tax Pays, generations of Americans paid for these elderly to have kind care (they paid for $350,000 every year out of collective Social Security) WIVES belong in prison with political pigs (jewelry, travel, designers

OFF TO SEE THE WIZARDS ! LEECH is off to Brazil ! "No funds for schools"  Has Schools pay for his Church Girls Basketball Team trip to Brazil. Graft clear as glass with Cunning-HAM Glass Company; puts up a 6 foot billboard next to her driveway (psychopaths and Thieves jeer victims)  BRAZIL  little 13 year old girls are kidnapped and sold to brothels. (Munchkins) Held captive in 6x6 rooms, until they drop dead with their infants of AIDS. Homosexual males are rabid in South America. Mothers take their sons to little girl sex slaves for "Cures"  Still sacrifice daughters to Saw-Dumb and Go-more-eh? saw-dumb-me (colon cancer) agonizing animal tests

WIZARD (Merlin Wheedpole) Swishing-magic-Tare-rod, recruiting homeless teens for a sex cult. Forge Dorothy "No Awareness"?  Most women not aware..teen boys after your eight year olds every day. Teens entice small boys into crime until adults are so disgusted refuse to care (isolate set-up-prey) Adam Walsh (Adam; age 8)  Kidnapped and beheaded by a filthy rusted machete; Ho!mo-sex-U-ill  (sex obsessions and two hour jokes on one object at one party) Caleb Baker age 12 molested David Glick age 8, and David was a tender little boy who was deeply traumatized. The POLICE "Nothing we can do"  (but tax us fools to feed pigs) and advise  child molesters "go get a protective order"

 DO LOOK BEHIND the CUR-TON (Cur=Dog) Ton=Breeding in French PEROXIDE; women today should gargle half-peroxide, half-purified water for a full three minutes after... By-sex-U-ill ecoli is very serious and can contaminate pregnant wombs and fetus and cause miscarriages. Ecoli is fungus (mold) prolonged damages organs and any type of fungus requires medications which destroy the liver.  Doctor too intimidated by "gay rights!" to warn W 

JOHN KENNEDY had the Sheriff bring him two high paid call girls to his hotel suite in Seattle Washington. Sheriff-pimp blackmailed the Girls: "tell anyone about this, and I will have you locked-up-for-life in Seattle Silicom Mental Institution"  Silly-Come for politicals with cops who push prostitutes out windows. Report "suicides" (Izzy Rizzo)

MARION Indiana September 24, 2005 Channel 13 "Testify against me and they will pick-up your pieces in a body bag" Marion cop to a prostitute witness.  Another cop kidnapped a mother to hold captive in Redkey Indiana-porn Prostitute from a mobile home park watching boys entice little girls into ratty mobiles "registered child molesters" LAW puts into mobile parks full of sub poverty lone mothers working three jobs to survive. One job is raise child JUDGE and court "registered child molesters" (actors for child pornography films and webs)  $60 Billion a year 

CLONING (John Kellogg) Doctor John Kellogg a respected nutritionist who developed high bulk cereals to keep the digestive tract and colon flushed and clean as early as 1889,  shocked the world by advocating "colon cleansing" getting fecal bacteria out of the colon by high colonic enemas. Became the perfect murder weapon by August 1963

MARILYN MONROE was drugged and raped two weeks prior to her death by mobster Sam Giarcana (blackmail) at Cal Neva Lodge in Lake Taho and owned by Joseph Kennedy at the time of her rape Frank Sinatra was entertainment Sam Giarcana was a Chicago mobster hit man:  Blackmail  "Vote Kennedy or Fired"  Chicago Merchandise Mart and mobsters know how to make an 'emotional hit' on the vulnerable.  Kennedy's were too close to mobsters for too long Pictures of Marilyn's home at her death shows a deeply depressed women, easy to drive her over the edge with rape Questions of  "what secret of Kennedy's did she know to tell?"  Nothing a dozen other woman didn't know and tell! But Marilyn Monroe a lifetime sex symbol may have been harassing in a desperate attempt to be a respected mistress

Marilyn Monroe was probably accidental death; arrogant doctor who kept her doped up on sleeping pills and then switched her to  Nembutal  barbituates  and ordered  her  housekeeper  to  give  her a chloral hydrate enema. Her housekeeper was "washing sheets when the police arrived" and news said  "odd thing to do"  Not if an enema used MM was a progressive-thinking  Gemini who used internal cleansings in 1963 long before  popular in Hollywood. MM's lower colon was "distended and purple" from poisoning by a mixture of Nembutal and chloral hydrate enema. Her stomach had no traces of sleeping pills. But stomach acid would dissolve 25 pills before she could "forget she had already taken pills" and anyone would be asleep long before they could "forget and take more pills"  However its easy to drive a depressed  lonely women  to suicide by  humiliation of  ugly rape ...a mobster "treatment" from Kennedy

POLAND doctor (Renetta Semann Kocon) Dorothy March (fish) 2003 at 3:30 pm is 666 Doctor and politicals Marion Marion "seat of Government"  Senator Richard Lugar (Lugar is a Nazi gun) State Representative Eric Turner Masons "lights of Lucifer"  and their  devil god is Bapomet seen as the Arab God in the movie Excorcist (A Levey) CofSatan Re net eh?  See man Co-CON  is a Conn court zip code 46933=666  Marion "Seat of Government"  Vote-fixing You

DOROTHY left with 53c and walking in 98 degrees July 4, 2003, escapes to the most dangerous "home" Marion Covens attack on traditional American days. ALL she owned seized; from mothers antiques to car. State and Church Sheriff Funeral Home Needham Storey with Chapel.  THIS women are TAXED in..for political PIGS prime ribs. 

AWESOME HIGH DEERWOOD MOBILE HOME PARK Marion Indiana. METH labs Need-HAM Storey for million dollar formaldehyde.  Sheriff Deputy's (4) "Nothing we can do"  (but pay the taxes for pigs to feed on you) Needham Storey Funeral Homes, employee (Richard Kenedy) arrived every first-of-the-month with a huge cement coffin box on the back of Needham's flat bed truck. Mobile park reeked of formaldehyde for three days gagging on it sheriff deputy owns and criminal collusions.  And kidnap 73 year old grandmothers "Buying too much cough syrup"  TERROR at three am to shock her into silence. N0 possible defense to an elderly in shock. Lawyers "can't help you"

AGAINST THE LAW..."To sell commercial residential property with METH labs"  (Half million $ sale pending) BRANDY BRIGHT Realty, Marion, ain't too bright to collude meth mob in "court"  meth mob to "Testify" for a JUDGE Warren Haas  "Agree to (forgery) or deputy escort you out"  Nazi  writing E-FILE laws  (agree or out!)

POPPIES ! SLEEP DOROTHY SLEEP! METH Mob attempts to burn Dorothy alive. BarBQ grill shoved up against the side of her "home" while two meth goons squirt chemicals into the fire until six feet of roaring flames lick the side of her Home. Ten minutes to burn a mobile to ground. NO possible way to get out your little family (Cats hide in fires) TERROR !!!  Marion and Gas City Cop cunts-ta-Bull "Nothing we can do"  Marion Fireman "Tee hee fire go up their own arms"  Drag-goons.  Pigs lick the dung out of other pigs ah while they eat lambs 

WIZARD (Robert Hendricks Deacon Weslyn Church) FIRE TRAPS full of black mold for pregnant mothers and small children. Charge too much for a run down fire trap. Lone women replace refrigerators, stoves, washer, dryer, replace floors, replace toilets, pay all the repairs and pay pigs. TERROR drive lone women out.  Resell old mobile dozen times.  Indian; give squaw tent to repair=kick out. Rob-her and Hen-peck-Tricks, D-CON of We-slay-n U

MUNCHKINS Little girls 6-15 years old running in and out of those ratty mobiles for molesters. Still play with Barbie Dolls and totally addicted to sex by age eight. One 13 year old so conditioned she runs her hands over men. "Sheeee wanted it!!!"  So do six month infants who are starving in India masterbated to keep them silent/centuries What infants do as a natural response to discovery-of Self...is "registered child molesters" in Mobile Park Indiana 

COWARDLY LEO "why do you send me over there to that corner..to those people?" WHY don't you send him to the out-of-business-donut shop for a cup of coffee...and a couple of pretend donuts for pretend to be "Law" ?) THIS is why three women are murdered in six months; N0 cop ever knocks for a door to open and ask questions of potential witnesses because no cop "nothing we can do" (but tax women to feed himself) can ever face women "cold case files" 

TIN MAN never will have a heart (Larry Dale) Barb-BQ grill shoved under Dorothy's window every day. Two summers TERROR! I run to a neighbor sobbing; my 'family' my cats have hidden No time to find them before "Home" burn to the ground. Larry Dale two boys Toss their own cat "Tiger" out the door and across the yard to slam the side of my "Home"  Tiger sat all day in his mistress parking space. Carrie "They wouldn't do that" (Care eh?) works in a "Nursing Home"  Indiana elderly women beaten to death and doped up in a wheel chair to die (Gretchen) 

IF THEY ONLY HAD A BRAIN (Larry and Shawn Dale)  toss my little cat "Wheatie" to pit bulls to be torn apart in terror and agony and tossed his mangled little body in the trash with a neighbors cat; Izzy.  INDIANA should be boarded up  and a sign put up as a leper colony; "Abandon all hope all ye who enter here"  Kids=Diks blood wallowing little prix so full of frenzied testosterone the blood drips out of their computer games to oooze and puddle the streets. Hollywood  Church of Satan with hundreds of webs (for prey) to turn boys into serial killer s by age 12

HAPPY LITTLE BLUEBIRDS FLY KEEP mothers at sub-starvation (isolated slandered "welfare"set-up prey) HALF male pay and full male bills. Half male pay and full males rents (95% male own world land-women paid) Half male pay-full male utilities (95% male corporate pigs squealing "welfare leech!!" LEECH women's labor). Women $6 hour to haul lift and load like oxen. Bent spines, torn pelvis, tilted uterus, torn esophagus (acid/cancer Broken bodies, have his babies, fight his wars, and feed him too! a mere BIRD is a better mate than common male 

ALL HAIL TO DOROTHY !!! (hail dents) MOBS of teen boys thrust their football into her Lincoln Towncar. Standing directly in front of the car and repeatedly thrust ball full force into her carefully preserved aging car (loyal car) FOOTBALL DRAKE RAPES from Notre Dame gang rape a retarded girl; to  TIN MAN and Larry Leech pig porking women behind their wives.  Drake Rape the witness with a town mob..set-up-club-to death (yet one more)  Cop cunts-ta-Bull  "those are hail dents"  he is a 50 feet away....paid-off-pig...overpaid in brainwash;  hate women  

AUCTION Lincoln Towncar; perfect round hole drilled into oil pan to disable NO transportation "Three day emergency eviction"  Force to abandon evidence. Judge D-ROOK is D castle to D purple Royals. LINCOLN is the evidence behind the murders of Jonbenet Ramsey, Laci Peterson,  and an innocent Scott into death row (cop lies) BID for your showroom; have it painted Wizard of OZ movie pictures and a yellow trick road "See our Dealer!" 

WICKED WITCH (Carol Maynerd) Care-ill Does Nerd; in pay-offs from a meth mob and attempts kill ME. Carol also nerds to have her entire family cart off truck loads of metal parts out of deliberately neglected mobiles...for salvage yards, 8c per pound. Never clean or repair; let them rot in black mold (cancer) for Doctor=Rotcod $$$

SCARE HER and CROW (Herbert Spitzer) Attorney  Spit-Sir spits; "You signed a contract" HALF side (male side)  with 100% male written and interpreted "Laws" (plunder women) HALF-male-pay and full male bills (two generations $4 to $6 hour) PRE WRITTEN (No "Negotiation")  KEEP women poverty.. paying males at full millionaire "costs" (same price to all)  and STEAL.  Attorney=Ye n Rot-At...victim rots stress/cancer (echo pig)

NOTHING is what I have charged women as a volunteer victims advocate, to "write letters" pleading JUSTICE. Nothing is what I charged; help pay rent, food, utilities (like most women advocates) Male PIGS $350 ONE note 

Marion Attorney Clone/echo; SPIT-SIR, PURSE-SING-HER, and HOWELL like dogs with picked over bones

HASS-ASSOFA DIFFERENT COLOR (Purple Royal) On-her-a-Bull Judge (Warran Haas) BLACKMAIL "agree (to forgery) or have deputy escort you out" Tell the deputy to get behind the devils where he belongs. 

own demons has drowned thousands of children over centuries. Copy demon literature in Book Wizards Awes

VANS arrive late at night (cages from which no possible escape) park at Dorothy's windows 3-4am. Drivers  refuse to speak English. Two miles from a private airport, and chilling loud sound of a large transport plane arriving once mo. FBI "Mobile Home Parks are perfect locations for child trafficking. Lone mothers work and seniors"  THIS is exactly why women get half  male pay (and full male bills) KEEP women at sub-poverty and sell children for sex

WICKED WITCH Green with envy (Beth Neece) Jealous over attention to her daughter.  Beth locked her daughter age four, and brother six, in the basement to "raise demons" out of them. Children had no water, bath or toilet, and nothing to eat. All powerful omnipotent pigs mental experiments (sigh-call-a-gee) guessing (No Math) S-so-Tare-ick; if you can't control reality "control" the unseen...so powerful !! even the devil is controlled by you! Child abuse; brainwash child "demons in you" (evil child) Never responsible for self.Daughter now "demons"hers 

LIONS ! and TIGERS ! and BEAR ! OH MY! OBAMA just sent several-hundred Billion Dollars to Russia. Russia (Bear) Owns major interest in Crude+Oil.  From Alaska Pipeline (Slander Sara Palin who knew the Truth and Keep her out of Washington) Gee Toto...Slander and Lynch Sara Palin from a world of "Christian Fools" PUT IN Hilary Clinton (Crude+Oil Stocks/Bonds) "President" United States. Vote-fixing forgery embezzle perjury murders NO FOOD American seniors and disabled (half-male-pay two generations of American women) at sub starve SS 

GOLLY TOTO THIS SURE ISN'T KANSAS OBAMA was born in Kenya Africa. His mother was seen by many going into labor with Obama while swimming. SIR Edward Lavender* signed his birth certificate at Coast Hospital, Kenya Africa August 4, 1967 (LEO as Beast) For the man who names a nation health plan after himself. The women who exposed his forged birth certificate Hawaii, was murdered; another plane goes down and Loretta Fuddy (witness/testified) only passenger fatality. KANSAS (Obama's mother lied) Birth Certificate copy in book.

TERROR "Cut Social Security" (malnutrition and death) HALF male pay for two generations American women. Half male pay, and full male bills. Half male pay and full male rents. Half male pay, full male food NONE. Two generations women $4-6 hour to haul lift and load like oxen. Bent spines, torn pelvis, torn esophagus=cancer. Drop in exhaustion $529-$850 month (malnutrition-diabetes-cancer-heart) Maids waitress $2-$4 hour dead before 62

MILLIONS of animals put to death "Can't afford to feed myself, so I can't afford to feed my cats" (or dogs) Lone WOMEN sobbing in the lobby of Fort Wayne Animal "Care" and Control. A blackmailing slaughterhouse of 5000 cats and dogs put to death every week in Indiana alone. Blackmailing Butchers  "PAY or jail! "pay or kill dog!"
NOT Told "Be here to pay to neuter your dog or murder your dog" CON "be here to pay" and Thrill-kill SNU

AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO! TOO STUPID and too lazy to breed to BRUSH cats and dogs for fiber to spin and weave for clothing; these butchering "Animal Care" put millions of animals to suffocation agony in crude oil for polyester clothing. Millions of seagulls, sand pipers, ducks, otters, seals, whales, every species of fish suffocate in crude oil so toxic volunteers skin splits and bleeds. Lazy pigs behind computers looking for prey to feed themselves WHY DO YOU THINK...cats love to be brushed ?? Because they were designed by nature to LIVE as fur fiber 

ANGEL a gentle long hair cat has saved his mistress LIFE FOUR TIMES...CATS can smell the drop in blood sugar Angel has smelled the blood sugar drop on his mistress breathe (cats were designed to sleep with us and WARN) us. Angel gets on her chest and kneads and cries loudly to rouse her out of diabetic dropsy before coma and death. DNA of cats who save lives TESTED for life saving ability is for Human Beings. PIGS (lazy pigs) IN-discrimate neuter

WASH IT UP and BRUSH UNDER CARPETING COMPANY New York "Women's Magazine" OBAMA and Hilary Clinton promotions. (China gold yen owns) Bondage, whips and chains, mutilations (model in a pile of sharp scissors open to cut her nipples) anal sex (prostrate cancer-agonizing animal vivisections (mutilation cats dogs) ALL promoting Obama, Hilary Clinton, Sheryl Sandberg. Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Marie Claire, Vogue, Bazaar

COSMETICS (Cause-met-icks) 96% male money dominates cosmetics. Male makeup artists; six figures$ world travel, full page magazine advertising. 96% male designer cosmetic lines, and million dollar magazines ads (porn) Women (89% retail clerks) $6 hour, to haul lift and load like oxen. Bent spines, torn pelvis, tilted uterus, torn esophagus (acid reflux=cancer) Broken bodies; have his babies, fight his wars, and feed him too !..a common BIRD is a better mate than the average human male. Male Birds feed mates & offspring. Humans; child bear feeds HIM!






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