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DNA (genes) prove crime, identity, events, Ancestry

"Powers+of+the+infinite Universe" Professor+Marvel Wizard+of+OZ


MAKE MONEY, expose the Truth behind headline!!! murders   "All will be told Lies...and all will believe Lies"  Golly Toto, where did we hear that quote?  Arf-arf  it's in Revelations Dorothy. News=Crude+Oil $   Headline Murders!!! *Christmas and *April Fool...distract  entire world while world $ into One computer 

DOROTHY volunteer victims advocate for battered women. Witness to Cowardly Leo (Law+Enforcement+Officer recruiting homeless for Moorehouse, Institute of Human Sexuality, "The Purple People" Concord+California. 40 dead in *Purple Shrouds March 21, 1997.  BETTY DEAL homeless women dead with 40 dead including five homeless. RECAPS; because this exposes multiple murders...facts are *repeated several times. Mind can only absorb 10%

TWO Witness Murdered; JOHN MEADE shot in head *April Fool 2006  (CAR with DNA of Betty Deal) John Meade Towing (Gas City) Stolen Car. CAR stolen by a Funeral Home providing votes from the dead (Obama) 50% "Registered voters" 2008 Marion+Indiana could Not+Vote "Not enough voting +machines" (70 missing) MARION Chronicle Tribune.  November 6, 2008. Marion+ home of Indiana "State Representative" ERIC TURNER, and in South+Bend Indiana, 4 election officials are indicted, one prison, for forging signatures Obama/Clinton/Fox+News  

Witness Velma Jean Atkinson (dead with her son Cheyenne) Both dead *April Fool 2005.  Atkinson; given evidence Betty Deal 40 dead. DING DONG; "I have more powerful friends than Jon Creek, I'll check into him"  *Jon Creek Facebook *April Fool 2012 with a picture of a woman holding up a bloody severed clown head.  April Fool=41=5 

CLONING (twin genes DNA create twin events throughout history) Repeating clone pattern prove crime & events Dorothy is distant cousins to JUDY GARLAND (Plantegenet) French and Danish, from King+James, Queen+Mary Scotland, George+Washington, Anne Spencer+Morrow-Lindbergh, Frank+Billings+Kellogg. K E L L O Double Good twin genes to You!  DNA+which creates a living picture of events (twin)  DNA lines up to prove crime and identity. Just as +DNA leaves a living-pattern in test+tubes. DNA+ creates a living picture; weaves a living "tapestry" ..Truth. 

BRING ME THE WITCH'S BROOM (Will+Keith+Kellogg) was a broom salesman before he founded the Kellogg+Cereal+Company. OK Toto, this is getting ahead of the story, but it is proof;  "every hair is counted"

JUDY GARLAND; Dorothy is an innocent little girl who accidentally kills two witches. ELLEN "Dorothy" SIX attempts to deliberately kidnap and kill Dorothy/Ellen. CLONING comes in opposition. Begin now with Wizard and get to the Witch, Cowardly Leo, Tin man, and Scare-her-and-crow ..down their yellow trick road. Now remember everybody...Dorothy takes you down the path of witches, and spooks, and "strange and frightening things...I would never want to go back...would you Toto?" INDIANA Marion, Gas City, Hartford City, Ft Wayne

DOROTHY+FALLS+IN+THE+PIG+PEN MAP...turn the map+of+America down-side-up. Huge pig with a long snout into Washington+DC.  For the past thirty years Terrorists have infiltrated key-political positions; Terrorists using headline murders!! distract public; while every dime in America (world) is manipulated into One computer. "The Beast" Swiss Bank, controlled by Swiss+Economic+Forum (Sheryl Sandberg) *United+States+Treasury CEO

SOMEWHERE+OVER+RAINBOW (Jonbenet Ramsey) Ransom note; "We respect your business" (computers) "Not the country it serves" (America) "Victory! SBTC"  Victory!=41 April Fool (fish) French slang for Christians. SBTC is a code known to every California+ college kid since 1970's.  "Satan Better Than Christ"  SBTC=1223=8 August LEO Beast+computer, Swiss+Bank.   Headline murders! distract the world public while every dime in America/world;  manipulated into Beast+Computer+Swiss+Bank.  Owned and controlled by world crude+oil kings

WIZARD+(Anton LaVey) Somewhere+Over+Rainbow was put on Facebook *April Fool 2010, by Moorehouse Sex Cult. The Purple People, Lafayette+California. Moorehouse is connected to the San+Francisco Church+ of Satan (Anton Lavey) cop, former police+forensic *painter, founder high priest Church of Satan. FBI "Lavey made snuff porn films out of sacrifice. Billion$$ murder porn underground puts Terrorists in key political positions" FBI 2005

LEMON+DROPS (Alhianna Lemmon) Nine year old girl *Christmas murder 2011 Fort Wayne Indiana. Bash in head "Let demons out" by her babysitter (Michael Plumadore) Plum Christmas *purple pudding, adore Christ. Michael (angel of death) for a *purple cult. Fort Wayne *Mobile Home Park near Lemmon family flies big purple ribbons previous Halloween. Fort Wayne police refuse to pick-up obvious child murder evidence; take to forensic

MUNCHKINS (United+Nations reports) "Over 600 million missing+children worldwide. 27million missing+children known sold into the child prostitution+slavery of Brazil+ Columbia+Cuba+South America+Islands/Florida+ Most of these missing+children come from *Mobile Home Parks across America; "registered+child+molesters" who are moving right next door to lone mothers...deliberately kept at sub-poverty level for the past 30 years "Legal+Courts"

JUDY GARLAND had Wizard+of+OZ+film introduction; "Over 40 years this story has touched the young at heart"
DOROTHY has 40 dead in purple shrouds; headline!! fraud to public "40 suicides in obsession over Hale+ Bopp Comet" Known as +Heaven's+Gate. NO 40 murders to hide the murders of five homeless recruited for snuff porn films. Five homeless bodies in advanced decomposition *planted with Heaven's+Gate+Cult Rancho *Santa Fe Cal. Heaven's Gate members; doing the same as Dorothy (and others killed) Exposing Anton LeVey Church of Satan 

CLONING genes twin DNA (Charles+Lindbergh) "Open up the gates of Heaven" First solo flight NY+Paris 1929 DOROTHY  Open-up-the-Truth of Heaven's+Gate UFO Cult"  40 dead bodies in *Purple Shrouds. ALL 40 bodies had a five dollar bill and four quarters 5+4=9=18=3x6 (squared 666 Beast Computer Swiss Bank) Headlines!! keep public UN-aware that members of HG were exposing Anton Levey and the Church of Satan (murder porn films) SHERIFF+Deputy (former member) LIED "Plans to commit suicide"  NO, murder snuff porn films Billion$$ UG Charles+Lindbergh, two year old son Charles Junior; kidnapped+killed by accident. Dorothy Kidnap+kill deliberate

ALL+THE CROWNED+HEADS OF+EUROPE Professor+Marvel+OZ  DOROTHY (witness) was deliberately and fraudulently reported BY Sheriff and State "Judges" as a homeless women "suicide" Set up to kill-off as 41 "suicide" in connection to homeless murdered for snuff porn films as "40 suicides"  41=5

DOROTHY is in fact; the great grand-daughter of Frank+Billings+Kellogg; Ambassador to England, King+ George V, Queen+Mary+of Teck. Kellogg wrote the 'Dawes Report' Reparation money to England from Germany attacks World War One.  Dorothy is now writing ERH-HER Report; Reparation+Money paid to WOMEN by a 93% male government and 100% male "laws" feeding women to pigs who SOLD women. TIME for African kings to pay women for selling women. Time American kings paid women for buying W

Kellogg+Nobel+Peace+Prize. Kellogg+Briand+Paris+Peace+Pact, with French+Premier Aristide+Briand and President+ Woodrow+Wilson. Sixty-three nations renounced war, and contained the written plans for Russia+of Tzar+Nickolas  d 1917. Secretary+of State, United States+Senate, United States+Congressman Frank Billings + Kellogg President American+Bar+Association. Lawyer Federal+Trade Commission +Oil)

Frank+Billings Kellogg served as judge; Permanent+Court of International+Justice (world court laws) The Hague+ Netherlands 1930-35. Geneva+ Conventions World +War One; forbids Torture of prisoners and forbids the seizure of property.  Dorothy was brutally+ tortured and  ALL she owned was seized (left 53c) 

SOMEWHERE+OVER+RAINBOW (Jonbenet) Facebook Moorehouse *April Fool 2012 "No I don't smoke it ain't ladylike, but I do F--- on first date and will suck c--- for crack, and you will find me dancing Somewhere+ Over+Rainbow+" FACEBOOK "Got a reprimand from Senators" (May 2012) DOROTHY had sent web+print to Indiana Senator+(Richard Lugar) Dorothy got two fake letters from Senator+ Lugar "We don't understand what you are trying to say"  Trying ??? Multiple murder for profit and vote fixing by state of Indiana and California Sheriff's Departments not clear eh?  LOT of people are "trying" to reach these "we we we"  political pigs arrogant boys club

You will find Jonbenet dancing under a rainbow. *Painted in a coffin in the hideous wall murals Denver International Airport. Jonbenet is painted *Purple orchids at her head (Hawaii) Jonbenet was fed pineapple (Hawaii) Strangled in *Wine cellar (Purple) Jonbenet was murdered by strangulation. NO blood from a massive head wound (child was dead when hit with a police flashlight and *Mason ritual strangulation) Autopsy (*attended by police) clearly states "pectoral hemorrhage of eyelids and lungs" (means strangulation police knew) Psychopaths jeer and copy-parrot their victims. And Hawaii is the second coven of Church of Satan (Anton Levey) Hawaii is also the fake "birth certificate" of Obama...headline! travel to Hawaii, Colorado and California (JEERS ??) *Airports child trafficking. Billions $$

POLAND skirt and vest is painted on Jonbenet in her coffin. 500 foot murals (parents complained children upset) DOVE a sweet white dove is painted near Jonbenet (Bride Laci Peterson *beheaded Christmas. Body *April Fool) A line of sordid dead women are painted holding dead babies in their arms. Several pregnant bodies were found in the same spot as Laci Peterson; *April Fool 2003. Lafayette California. Moorehouse Sex Cult Purple People Co Satan. A huge Nazi Robot aims his Arab (Mason) sword into the anal organs of sweet little dove...Airport=Mason 5-pt.star POLAND Beheads its "enemies" and has for centuries. Threat to "Behead" Jonbenet ransom note. Laci beheaded

MASON symbols are all over the Denver International Airport. Mason five-star pentagram. "Devils Star" is in floor tiles, and every corner has monuments to the glory of Masons. A huge blue horse rears it's ugly head in the parking lot, with massive anal organs thrust into the face of every man woman and child (Blue is pornography) Rainbow is the symbol of "gay rights" with anal propaganda from blue horse to sword in the rear of a sweet little dove (Laci). Artist who created this blue horse was killed when his monster fell on him severing his leg artery (wage of sin Toto?) 

MASONS (Nights of Tempt-Lure) Internet reports dozens of young men killed by "initiation rites" (strangulation) Centuries of slaughter. Arab "God" Bapomet (movie Exorcist)  "Illumanati"  ill-Loom-a-Naughty webs for prey. Masons, George Bush and Bush Junior.  Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama 33 degrees (Oil stocks bonds) 

EMERALD CITY (Seattle) BETTY DEAL, homeless women recruited by Cowardly Leo (Jon Creek) for Moorehouse, Institute of Human Sexuality "The Purple People" Co-cult with Church of Satan San Francisco. Betty Deal was found dead with five homeless and 40 dead in purple shrouds. World news fraud "Heavens Gate Cult" NO five homeless bodies in a state of advanced decomposition *planted with 40 to hide murder snuff porn films. "A Billion dollar underground puts Terrorists into key political positions from Washington to Judges" FBI Reports 

RUE-BE-READ...SLIP-HER-a-FAST-ONE SHOES worn by BETTY DEAL to walk around the Arnold Place Homeless Shelter, Concord+California. Where she was recruited with five other homeless for Moorehouse by Cowardly Leo (Jon Creek) Betty Deal and five homeless dead with 40 dead in purple shrouds; Heavens Gate UFO. All 40 dead bodies had a five dollar bill and four quarters. 5+4=9 (3x9=18) 3x6 squared 666 Beast computer (jeer) Another dead body planted in the desert make 41=April Fool. French slang for Christians (Anton Levey-French) SHERIFF Deputy (former member) LIED "Plans to commit suicide" NO 40 murders. HG was exposing A. Levey

COWARDLY LEO (Jon Creek) Law+Enforcement+Officer. Jon Creek former Sheriff Deputy, left his corn farm Hartford City, to open and manage Arnold Place Homeless Shelter *Christmas Eve 1991. Concord+California. Creek was recruiting homeless women in the late night hours for Moorehouse+ Sex Cult Purple+People (after first bring a hypnotist to their bedsides) Betty Deal and five homeless recruited by Creek were found dead 40 in purple shrouds. Concord "City of Diablo" (Devil/Spanish) Grapes, Purple, Passion, Royals. His Royal Majesty Satan and priests. FBI reports; "Dead bodies covered in ritual cuts found around the Napa *Wine Valley under investigation 15 years"  FBI Muncie+Indiana told Dorothy and Betty Deals SHOE  "Get Out!  Weeeee don't know WHO you are!!!"  (twice) 

LIONS! and TIGERS! and BEARS! OH MY !! POLAND (Renetta Semann Cocon "Doctor") Sets up Dorothy murder as "suicide" while murder evidence CAR is stolen by a sheriff run Funeral Home fixing votes from the dead (Needham Story Wampner Gas City Indiana) TWO witness to car; murdered on *April Fool (John Meade 2006) Velma Jean Atkinson and her son *April Fool 2005 (3)  Set up by Indiana "State Representative" ERIC TURNER. POLAND headlines 1999 "Barack Obama will be next president United States" (never heard of him) 1999=666 

ARE YOU SAYING MY APPLES AREN'T WHAT THEY OUGHT TO BE? (Linda Arndt) Boulder Colorado Detective. Arndt you cute to destroy murder evidence by having the Ramsey's and their friends "search the house" (?) Arndt you doing the exact same thing "detectives" did to destroy murder evidence Marilyn Monroe? And Arndt you doing the exact same thing (stealing evidence) done to Dorothy (Steal Car) witness John Meade murdered Arndt you a liar to claim on national TV "Looked into John's eyes and counted my 18 bullets"  TO DO WHAT? shoot two sets of unarmed helpless and terrified parents?  Arndt you a liar to resign Boulder police on a 666 date? Arndt you sick in the head "Shoot myself and everyone else" ?   THIS is what "befriended Patsy Ramsey"  LIES. Linda Arndt "resigned Boulder Police Department" March 3, 1999=666. March=3 and 3=double= "Twinn Doll"

LACI PETERSON due to give Birth *Valentine's Day 2004. Dorothy set-up by Poland and Marion Sheriffs to murder as 41 "suicide" Valentine 2003 (Club-to-death failed February 8 2003 (2-8-2003=15=6 (square 666) Attempt club her to death failed (witness) *Valentine murders of Amber Dubois and Stacy O'Keefe (near the mother of Scott Peterson on death row awaiting execution) Scott did NOT murder his wife Laci and their unborn son; Conner. Laci Peterson, as many other pregnant bodies planted in the same spot *April Fool 2003 (sacrifice two) SANTA is a jeer at Christians. Rancho *Santa Fe California (Heaven's + Gate 40 dead) and near Scott Peterson's Mother (terrorize) AS DOROTHY Scott Peterson was forbidden in San Francisco "Court of Law" to show evidence of Moorehouse

JUDY GARLAND had Wizard of OZ and film introduction "Over 40 years story to touch the young at Heart" And Ray Boldger (Scarecrow) Dorothy/Ellen has 40 dead in purple shrouds to hide a witch coven snuff porn films $$ and Boulder Colorado; with Scare-her-and-Crow (Chris Teagle) "Lawyer" to blackmail perjure fix court steal evidence. Cowardly Leo (Law+Enforcement+Officer(s) Several cops and sheriff deputy's criminal collusion in multi-murders  

MUNCHKINS+over 600 million "Missing Children" worldwide and 27 million missing children in America, known sold into the child labor of China, and the child sex trafficking of Columbia, Brazil, South American. A Billion$ underground. INDIANA police refuse to take evidence to a forensic lab in Fort Wayne, and shortly arrive at witness door to "Take you to hospital decree you suicide...order of *Judge Avery...Allen County Court"  MASONS 2012 MOBILE Home Parks near *Private Airports (child trafficking) Owner ?? 10% down.. widows and orphans PAY Pirating Land...in the name of 100% male written and interpreted "Laws"  feeding widows and orphans to Pigs 

YELLOW+TRICK+ROAD (Ronnie Chasen) Hollywood PR women, shot dead near her home Beverly+Hills after returning from a Cher premier. Chasen "followed and frightened" previous *April Fool 2009. Ronnie Chasen was witness to the same thing as Dorothy. Hollywood members of Church of Satan. After Anton LaVey died, his daughter became "high priestess" recruiting members; Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Gary Garcia, Grateful Dead, Sammy Davis Junior and Frank Sinatra sang a duet with Anton Levey "Satan Rocks Baby" Billion $$ murder pornography films out of Hollywood (child stars in bed and on drugs age 13) Hollywood dines in White House

THOMAS+KINCADE "Painter of Light" Beautiful *American art, cottages, values and *Christian quotes, WAS in fact murdered *April Fool 2012, in *Los Gatos California. Los Gatos, resident (mother) murdervictim Heaven's Gate Kincade; sheriffs, police, mayors, doctors, coroners LIES. Kincade donated millions of dollars to "police foundations" He was murdered with *polonium April 1, 2012.  April Fool (fish) French slang: Christians  (Anton Lavey/French) Levey (police) Several victims have been befriended by cops...and murdered by cops  "Dorothy" is one of many

ART has great influence in the world, and Kincade did. Polonium is a toxin/poison created in government laboratory. Kincade was swindled by lies into *Bankrupt Court *Halloween 2010. Jonbenet "Grand Jury" *Halloween (31) DOROTHY was also set up by her ART miniature village cottage paintings (Wicked Witch Green with Envy/Lisa)

NOT "Alcohol and Valium" Polonium. Police LIED as they are lying all over America in a cops pig-slaughterhouse! Daily attacks from Terrorists who distorted his art (on line) Kincades art is turned into a vicious parady of robots and machine guns, bombs and fire guns, space ships (Hollywood=Japan $) Police false charges. Los Gatos, California is related to HG *murders of 40 people in *purple shrouds.  One victim; mother in Los Gatos California since 1996

JOHN+F KENNEDY shot in head 11-22-63=15=6 (666 squared) 11-22-1963=8=August Leo (Beast computer) "Bay of Pigs" Russia rage "We will bury you, we will destroy America, we will turn your own against you" with Poland. Almost 30 years American University have brainwashed hate America propaganda "We will turn you against selves" 

JOHN+F+KENNEDY+JUNIOR, murdered July 16, 1999 (7-7-1999=42=6) 666 squared. Airplane crash 1999=666 John+Kennedy+Junior was shot in the head by a hidden+assassin while piloting+his plane (parachute out of plane) Beast computer Swiss+Bank.  POLAND announced 1999 "Barack Obama next president of United States"  Nine years before 2008.  Beast+Computer+Swiss+Bank  (Iluminati) Eeee-loom-a-Naughty...websites for prey (Masons)

PRINCESS+DIANA, death in car crash August 31, 1997 August=8 (Leo) 31=4 (April) 1997=26=8=August LEO  A motorcycle was seen and reported to "pull in front of Diana's speeding car and shoot driver in head" (witness dead)Beast Computer Swiss+Bank (Sheryl Sandberg)  Headlines!!! distract the public (in agony) while every dime in America and world is manipulated into One computer Beast...one key wipe out world money  (Sandberg+Obama)

LORETTA+FUDDY (Hawaii) was ready to testify Obama "Forged Hawaii Birth Certificate"  Loretta Fuddy was killed in an airplane crash; only fatality out of nine survivors who crashed a private plane (premeditated murder) Birth Certificate of OBAMA *included in Book Wizards of Awes. Obama was born Kenya Africa August 6, 1967. LEO

TWO more murdered; Doctor and his wife in Marion+Indiana  (Heart Surgeon Marion Hospital) DOROTHY told this doctor and his wife about the attempt of Marion to kill her (Knife into esophagus; doctor quits practice SUDAN Heart surgeon and his wife were another plane crash...Dorothy is set up as "insane deadbeat"  Judge Jerry Drook. Judge D-Rook, is D castle to D purple royals. Drook was indicted for forgery on another case. (Steal evidence/car)

MARILYN MONROE, murdered August 5, 1962 a code from Russia With Love. 8+5=13 Government Seal. And 1962=18=9 (Theory of Nines) All equals SELF. No matter what you put with nine it equals self. 13+9=13=4 FOR America; "We will bury you, we will never fire a shot, we will bury you from within" Bay of Pigs Russian Revenge MM held down given a chloral hydrate and nembutal enema. Bob Kennedy & Peter Lawford AT her House 4am Housekeeper "washing sheets" when police arrived...to destroy all evidence. Same Jonbenet and Dorothy=CAR. M

Marilyn Monroe had threatened to "Hold a press conference" expose what Kennedy's told her (Cuba) IN BED. Both John F Kennedy "President" and Robert Kennedy "Attorney General" used enemas in bed as sex-u-ill toys  PORN Marilyn Monroe was drugged and raped two weeks before her murder at Cal Neva Lodge, Lake Tahoe Nev (Joe Kennedy owned) MM was drugged and raped by mobster hitman (Sam Giarcana) and old blue eyes Frank Sinatra LIES ( television "Unsolved Mysteries")  MM stomach is created in a glass beaker with a fast-spinning machine to FRAUD  "Capsules melt so she did take pills and there is no trace of capsules" ...STOMACHS DO NOT "SPIN"

FULLERTON California retarded youth (Kelly Thomas) clubbed-to-death by Cops. His father was the Sheriff (Vote Ballots are controlled by SHERIFF Departments) Retarded Youth was clubbed to a bloody pulp. His face smashed beyond recognition by a COP slapping-his-billy-club-at-his-side-and-itching-to-kill.  OBAMA "defended" cops slaughter. FATHER had refused to vote-fix for Obama.  Father-Sheriff.  Sheriff Funeral Home steals evidence CAR Sets up Dorothy as a club-to-death. FIVE carloads frenzied cops clubs in hand. Gas City *Valentine (date/666) 2003

LIONS ! and TIGERS ! and BEARS ! OH MY! OBAMA just sent several-hundred Billion Dollars to Russia. Russia (Bear) Owns major interest in Crude+Oil.  From Alaska Pipeline (Slander Sara Palin who knew the Truth and Keep her out of Washington) Gee Toto...Slander and Lynch Sara Palin from a world of "Christian Fools" PUT IN Hilary Clinton (Crude+Oil Stocks/Bonds) "President" United States. Vote-fixing forgery embezzle perjury murders NO FOOD American seniors and disabled (half-male-pay two generations of American women) at sub starve SS 

AUGUST 2013 another attempt to kidnap and kill "Dorothy"  Forged fake "Hearing at Allen County Court"  Judge signature stamp up-side-down (devil) Dates in codes add to August 666 and April Fool. Fake number (not exist) Allen County+Courthouse Fort+Wayne Indiana, near empty third floor with doors closed (unless a felony trial in session) Judge Avery* sends sheriff deputy to Dorothy's door (witness) "Take you to hospital and decree you suicide" (murder)  The man who arrived at door with a notice of this happening; was small and dark (Russian??) SAME cops who refused to take obvious child murder evidence to a forensic laboratory; arrive at door "suicide" (murder Doro)

HORSES ASSOFA DIFERENT COLOR  OBAMA, "Fund raising with Sheryl+Sandberg and Lady+ Gaga" (News syndicate Fort +Wayne Journal 2013 ) Sheryl Sandberg; former Chairwoman United+States+Treasury Dept Now chairwoman Swiss+ Economic Forum (Beast Computer) One computer holds every dime in America/world. Lady Gaga?? bragged Hollywood Music Awards "Priestess Church of Satan"  (Anton Lavey police sheriff depts.) Lady Gaga dressed as a sacrificial lamb, while gallons of stage blood is poured over her to drip into giggling crowd. Voice-over "Lets all pray to the devil"  Beyonce (Revlon model) forces sacrifice bow to her. MASON stage setting

OFF+TO EXPLORE NEW+FRONTIERS EH? Professor+Marvel+OZ  FRONTIER Internet 666 terrorizing in Account Number and over-billing fraud. Fake "late fees" manipulate a final total of payments to the sum 666 Account Number 13-23072-666-2456-33-04....terrorize witness (Dorothy) off  internet and Wizards of Awes. $69.99=666 MASONS in Fort Wayne Indiana. Frontier CEO David Benowitz and District Attorney David Capp. 

ARE+YOU+HINTING+MY+APPLES+AREN'T+WHAT OUGHT TO BE? yeah, full of purple worms. The Complaint against Frontier to Indianapolis Federal Communications Commission "AMERICA no longer has control over internet billing"  LAW passed in 2006. PL-27-2006...ALL billing in now controlled Sudan (letter copy in book) Gee Toto...doesn't the Bible warn "Get OUT of this my children" (?)  If not; one key wipe-out  America ...soon. Indianapolis...Indian-apple-assis....government seat for Marion vote-fixing via State "Representative" Eric Turner 

APRIL FOOL 2012.  COMCAST is false billing a false charge for "Non pay since April"  NO...shut off in January HALF side "credit reports" render Americans with NO credit TEN YEARS slander-for-profit  (No jobs or homes) MOST half-side credit-slander-for-profit is not American, and is keeping America "Made in China" slavery. WHILE Americans credit is destroyed (cannot buy a home) Every ten minutes planes from Sudan..land to-buy-up-land USA Gee Toto..you could rape a six year old; jail is "ten days"  Patriarchal=Pay-tree-are-kill. Pay male=lame or DIE

JULY 2014...pending...END of CASH...American currency is about to be made into so much Confederate fodder MUST use your computer for all money transactions...while Pop-Up Advertising STRESS will kill you off soon. POPUP+FRENZY (Distraction+Redirects) which bounce-you-off "Your Own" (paid for) websites or research. To END+Pop+up+Frenzy+put+plus+between+words+so+outside+advertising+cannot+use+your+website+and+TIME

Computer (Come-pew-Tare) pew-up-in-stress wanting to throw this DYSFUNCTIONAL TIME THIEF at the walls NO CHOICE your "personal financial information" be fed to ONE Computer in foreign Swiss Bank; "The Beast"

HOUSE+FALLS+ON DOROTHY arrived in the state of INDIANA when her 12th House fell on her. 12th House (hidden enemies) LIBRA rules "Laws" (100% male written and interpreted "Law")  Scales of Just-Us-Boys....which is why Lady Just-Us-Boys...is a blindfolded women (time to take the blindfold off and SEE the plunder of women) 

LIBRA; full line up on Halloween 1993. Sun, Moon, Mars (12 House) grave danger from underground. 30 years terrorists have infiltrated police and sheriff departments and judges; until those who serve "law" are biggest criminals. Indiana police, sheriff, and politicals are so corrupt they crawl with maggots; Masons and Klueless Klucking Klan

MEET THE YOUNG LADY WHO FELL FROM A STAR: DOROTHY arrived in the state of Indiana *Halloween month October 1993, to see Cowardly Leo (Jon Creek) spray paint a black cross on the roof of his barn STAR-RATS (mirrors) tell on you; "On earth (Genes DNA) "as in Heaven's" CLONE an echo, perfect bio-feedback

AWAY ABOVE THE CHIMNEY TOPS...that's where you'll find.. Jon Creek, former *sheriff deputy had Dorothy kidnapped and tortured. INDIANA Meth labs and child traffic need remote corn farms, private airports. Funeral Homes million dollar formaldehyde, Need Big Ham Storey's in Gas City, along with "votes" from dead. And Mobile Home Parks all over Indiana  with "registered child molesters" move next door to lone mothers KEPT starve

HORSES ASSOFA DIFFERENT COLOR OBAMA Marion 2008  50% "registered voters"  could not vote; "Not enough voting+machines" (70 missing vote+machines) Marion Chronicle Tribune, November 6, 2008 (copy in book; Wizards of Awes) Marion is the home town of Indiana "State Representative" Eric Turner.....and his brother Kyle Turner (Oil stocks) Cincinnati+Ohio, Busloads of "voters" Same Purple "Vote" different ballots all over Ohio

OBAMA-O-Baaaa-Ma-Humbug SOUTH+BEND Indiana Obama election officials indicted vote fixing, forged signatures (two men, two women) Butch Morgan, Dustin Blythe & two women; felony perjury/forged signatures for Obama and Clinton. (Oil money) Including forged signature of a former Indiana Governor (Joe Kernan) South Bend Tribune/Fox news Eric Shawn.... Obama; Follow ! Follow! Follow! Follow! Follow their  Yellow Trick Road !

GOLLY TOTO THIS SURE ISN'T KANSAS OBAMA was born in Kenya Africa. His mother was seen by many going into labor with Obama while swimming. SIR Edward Lavender* signed his birth certificate at Coast Hospital, Kenya Africa August 4, 1967 (LEO as Beast) For the man who names a nation health plan after himself. The women who exposed his forged birth certificate Hawaii, was murdered; another plane goes down and Loretta Fuddy (witness/testified) only passenger fatality. KANSAS (Obama's mother lied) Birth Certificate copy in book.

COWARDLY LEO Law+ Enforcement+Officer (Jon Creek) left his corn farm in Hartford City Indiana, to open Arnold Place Homeless Shelter. Concord, California *Christmas Eve 1991 Concord "City of Diablo" (devil/Spanish) Calif. Concord, grapes, purple, passion, royals, Moorehouse aka Church of Satan (Anton LaVey) San+ Francisco California. Creek was recruiting homeless for Moorehouse Sex Cult. Five homeless dead with 40 dead *purple

TIN MAN...who does have a Heart (Larry Charvoz)  Rome-meow sets up Juliet for a *Purple hit. BRANDY redhead *artist with glasses from Dallas Texas, found dead with 40 dead in purple shrouds, was meant to be Dorothy.  Last Charvoz REVLON Harem Master knew "Brandy" (nick name red hair and a race horse) Dorothy was *artist trainer MAX FACTOR Dallas Texas. Makeup artist stage television models and *Beauty Pageants. Rome-meow (tomcat-football)  Dorothy; set-up; kidnap and kill *Valentine Feb 8 2003=2823=15=6 (666 square)

SCARE-her-and-CROW (Chris Teagle) "Lawyer" for Jon Creek. Purple socks and rat-tail hippy (like Koby) Perjury, forgery, court fixing, blackmail "Drop your lawsuit against Creek or "we" have you decreed "insane" Stolen Murder Evidence CAR belonged to Dorothy DNA of murdered Betty Deal. Stolen by sheriff run Funeral Home. As of today 2014 Chris Teagle is a Muncie Indiana JUDGE with "f-n-gruven" on his web (Dorothystolen car VWJetta) "We we we"  WHO is "we"  ?  We we we... little piggys get roast beef...tax payers get none (excluded and lied to)

CLONING; Tin Man Larry Charvoz, changed family name Charlevoux (French) met Dorothy Santa Fe New Mex. Larry Charvoz, is a sexual-addictive womanizer, Concord Calif.  Moorehouse Sex Institute film/sells sexual orgies. Encouraged, glorified and participated-in by "Doctors of Psychology" 30 yrs college brainwashing porn (Distract U)

CLONING twin DNA (Jonbenet Ramsey also Plantegenete) French and Danish; King James, Kelloggs, Dorothy ! Jonbenet was on her way to *Charlevoux Michigan, family vacation home *Ski resort when murdered *Christmas. Larry Charvoz, criminal collusion with COP (Jon Creek) to murder Dorothy *Valentine (court) Kidnap Feb8 2003 Dorothy met Larry Charvoz *Santa Fe New Mexico. Charvoz avid ski-bum. Alex Hunter Boulder District Attorney was in Santa Fe New Mexico ski-bum, while COP (Tom Koby-Kobalsky) hippy/Satanist murdered Jonbenet 1999. Alex Hunter Boulder District Attorney snorting platters of Cocain with Tom Koby and POLAND computer pirates

LIONS ! and TIGERS ! and BEARS ! OH MY !! POLAND, women at divorce are kicked-out into the streets penniless NO "legal" rights; her own children. America put END to these pig-slop "laws" abuse women 80 years ago Poland and Russia JOB "must be young and have great legs"  Starvation=madam schools teach "pleasing men" (or starve to death)  American "Laws" 100% male written and interpreted "laws" feeding American women to pigs

JONBENET "Twinn Doll" for Christmas; her mother Patsy recoiled; "Looks like a real child in a coffin"  JEER mother with her own little girl in a coffin in painted murals DIA.  ONLY the Boulder police knew about Twinn Doll. Steve Thomas; Boulder detective Twinn Book...an opposite story in every paragraph for "Christian fools" (lynch P) Quote COP Steve Thomas; "We planned to *Plant Evidence and then run down the street...if caught LIE"  Book BLIND a world of "Christian Fools" Lynch and crucify John and Patsy Ramsey...while cops bragging LIE to you

REVLON Dolly, for Larry Charvoz to jeer at "Dorothy" at the Cinderella City Mall Colorado 1976 (Harem master) 96% male six-figure salary cosmetics... with head wives to flog the backs of two penny concubines. Sin-der-Ellen. MALES in multi-million dollar apartments in Manhattan. WOMEN $6 per hour to haul lift load cosmetics like Oxen. Male One World Order.  100% male written and interpreted "Laws"  feeding women to American 96% male PIGS 

REVLON Model (Beyonce) Hollywood Music Awards with Lady Gaga "Fund raising with Obama" (Fox News) Beyonce forces a sacrifice victim to bow to her, while Lady Gaga is dressed in white as a sacrificial lamb; gallons of stage blood poured over her to drip into giggling audience. Voiceover "Lets all pray to the devil" Mason stage setting Lady Gaga brags "Priestess in the Church of Satan" stands with devil sign both hands in front of NYBoutique666. New York "Women's Magazine" (China gold yen owns) Bondage, whips and chains, mutilations (model in a pile of sharp scissors open to cut her nipples) anal sex (prostrate cancer-agonizing animal vivisections (mutilation cats dogs) ALL promoting Obama, Hilary Clinton, Sheryl Sandberg. Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Marie Claire, Vogue, Bazaar

COSMETICS (Cause-met-icks) 96% male money dominates cosmetics. Male makeup artists; six figures$ world travel, full page magazine advertising. 96% male designer cosmetic lines, and million dollar magazines ads (porn) Women (89% retail clerks) $6 hour, to haul lift and load like oxen. Bent spines, torn pelvis, tilted uterus, torn esophagus (acid reflux=cancer) Broken bodies; have his babies, fight his wars, and feed him too !..a common BIRD is a better mate than the average human male. Male Birds feed mates & offspring. Humans; child bear feeds HIM!

WASH IT UP and BRUSH it UNDER CARPET COSMETICS (96% male money dominates) write-up and document (cheat out of raises) Pay customers to participate in abuse "rewards for turn in clerks"  PIG-Nazi..and CHINA (Beijing) determines today; if an American retail clerk can "qualify" job, Macy's Nordstoms, Saks 5 Ave 89% cosmetic slaves are women at $6 per hour to haul lift and load cosmetics like oxen to feed male million$ Pigs

CLONING; Patsy Ramsey was "Miss Atlanta" (and Michigan)  DOROTHY sister-in-law (Carolee) was first runner up to Miss America (Anita Briant)  Dorothy makeup *artist Miss America and Universe at Atlantic City (Trump). Manhattan studio.  Manhattan Dakota Apartments was the scene of "Rosemary's Baby" husband sells to Devil. Carolee  "Miss South Dakota" Wolf (warlock) near Ramseys. Wolf Michael Collins (warlock) Dorothy (atmp kill)

MAKE A BEEHIVE OUT OF YOU...Mary Kay Cosmetics. Mary Kay Ash, founded her company on the BEE. Bees are females. Work from birth until drop dead of exhaustion. DRONES are males. Do no work. Breed only. Steal bees honey. Cosmetics is a 96% male dominated industry. Males get six-figure $ "Guaranteed" salaries. Women get a "chance" to have an income. Mary Kay; women PAY an executive in China (96% male) cash-up-front for HIS "guaranteed" salary. Males company cars are a permanent part of executive perks.  Women "qualify" cars or lose

Daryl Overcash president Mary Kay; "I skim the negatives"  (So did "lawyers" with 40 dead and evidence stolen/car. NO BALANCE life is both positive and negative (male=lame) Crippled-up in Fantasyland. Weak will not faceTruth Overcash---yes..fork-Over-cash to males six figure "guaranteed"  ...Women get "chance" (all risk) for income on O

Mary Kay Incorporated (now run by males) is advertising in women's magazines; Marie Claire "favorite teen model" Gwen Stafani stands in front of NYBoutique666 with a devil sign both hands. Model in a pile of scissors; doped-up and a sharp pair of scissors aimed at her nipples; mutilation, bondage, whips & chains, anal sex (prostrate cancer) CHINA (gold yen) owns New York "Women's Magazines" Brainwashing American girls as "Gieshas"  (sex slaves) 96% male money publishing with a hand full of six-figure female executives/NINETY % women at sub-starve $6   

MARY KAY Cosmetics abuse and exploitation of women is further exposed TIN CANS end of Wizards.  CHINA male executives "Guaranteed" six figure salary (and company cars) American woman STILL get "Chance" on O CHINA elderly women go blind sewing; 50c until they drop dead of exhaustion. 150,000 women "suicide" year

SCARE her and CROW (Chris Teagle) Purple-socks and rat-tail hippy "Lawyer" for Jon Creek, Muncie In. Court-fixing, perjury, forgery, blackmail; "Drop your lawsuit on Jon, or "we" get a protective order on you and force your case dismissed by having you decreed insane"  F-ngruven on Teagle website; jeer-steal evidence CAR; was Dorothy's VW Jetta with a car blanket...DNA of murdered Betty Deal and dirt fibers from Creek's "shelter" CAR was stolen by a sheriff-faction Funeral Home; Needham Storey (votes/dead) Chris Teagle Muncie Indiana JUDGE 

IF ONLY HAD A BRAIN 45 minutes;  to beg and "charm" Muncie Cops, for a copy of Dorothy's stalking complaint on Jon Creek. LIE "Can't find, doesn't exist"  (Cop=kunts-ta-Bull) and 40 dead "suicides" cop murders. Creek shadowed Dorothy for two months, trying to entice her into Moorehouse. Stalking Complaint 95-30808 filed July 25, 1995 JUDGE Teagle forge PO September 11, 1995.....a real 9-11 emerge-n-SEE what is male=lame "Law"

LOLLY POP KIDS three little boys who never grew up ("Lawyer" Robert O Beymer) "That Cop perjured in this court!" (Dorothy)  "Tee hee! happens all the time ha! ha!"  O-what-a-Beyming idiot...Rob-hurt of Just-Us-Boys. BALL STATE University in Muncie Indiana is a long known coven school "Wicken" church Satanic worship FIVE youth have been shot-dead instantly by "inexperienced rookie cops" BAAL State U.  Gee Toto, mighty good shooting for a pack of Rook eh? castles to the purple royals (Moorehouse Purple People) Boulder University coven school 15th Street as Ramseys. BALL State University is near FBI or Police Department. FBI refuse to look at SHOE ?!

THREE PINK-O Baal-Arenas...and the judge was not on his Toes (Robin DJ and Susan Speece) ROBIN (last name unknown) making purple offers to homeless men in a "shelter"  Five dead in purple shrouds and DJ (last name unknown) purple offers to homeless men; now dead with 40 dead and Betty Deal purple shrouds. DJ was hired by Jon Creek and in bed with Creek and Robin...Cop Manage-a-Twat for INDIANA "laws" (rape women) Susan Speece; advocate of lone women as victims...to forge Indiana "legal records" to cover cop murder porn $

WICKED WITCH GREEN WITH ENVY (Lisa Schoolman, cop-sis) "Give me those shoes! oh that's right, Dorothy must be dead to get those shoes! and her little CAR too!!"  Miss Gulch, what a  witch, hit Toto with a rake LIE Toto bit her!?  Use Sheriff Department (Lisa brother-in-law Kirk McCollum police captain) to kidnap and destroy Dorothy, and Sheriff's STEAL evidence  CAR with a car-blanket worn by murdered Betty Deal.. DNA

CARNIVAL BAAL-LOONS Anton LeVey sold his snuff porn films at statewide carnivals Billion$ underground DUCK TAIL RUN CAR SHOWS and CARNIVALS. Sell your kiddies ice cream out the front of their food stalls, and a video of an eight-year old boy begging for his life in an FBI "Deep Throat" out-the-back. Food stalls run by topless bars in $350,000 motor homes. Duck Tail Run $$ founded by Salter family. Schoolman, McCollum $$$ 

ART will influence. Lisa Schoolman "shadowed" Dorothy all over Gas City to isolate her target  "Her Art Not worth anything"  (miniature paintings)  SIX times Lisa accosted Dorothy with offers "help you sell your art" then dump with a sneer "Not worth my time"  LIE her victim was "harassing Lisa to partner with her"  HELP...is to tell others "Go see Ellen...she is a great artist! she can custom-make what you like!"  And HELL-purrrr "I tried to help her" 

LISA SCHOOLMAN (Sister-in-Law to Police Captain) was born Neptune in Sagittarius. Neptune rules crime, theft, perjury, court-fixing, criminal collusion, sordid conduct, sado-mass, mental illness all forms of pornography and crime Neptune rules "Laws"  Male One World Order written and interpreted "Laws" feeding American women to PIGS. DOROTHY (2nd House-Money) in Sagittarius....would have to BE "insane" to partner with Lisa Schoolman !?  

I'LL SHOW YOU HOW TO GET APPLES (the fruit falls not far from the tree. Same DNA)  LISA Schoolman's oldest daughter tortured and humiliated one little boy so brutally, his parents had to take him out of school, and put him into summer camp "to regain his confidence"  Every child molester was a child molesting kids SAME DNA (Human Gene Factor)  "A bad man goes right on being bad" Revelations..Memory Genes/CLONE MISS GULCH...what a witch!  does indeed "Own the whole county" (Aunti Em) Duck Tail Run Car Shows

NO PLACE LIKE a sheriff-owned Funeral Home, to steal cop-murder-evidence CAR belonged to Dorothy. NEEDHAM STOREY Funeral Homes, Gas City Indiana.  Duck Tail Run Car Show town "economy" *Masons Needham Storey (Mark and John) have Dorothy kidnapped and set up to club-to-death.  STEAL ALL she had

John Meade murdered, shot-in-head  *April Fool 2006 (letters about Car) Doctor Velma Jean Atkinson (written evidence, pictures from Dorothy) Atkinson dead with her son Cheyenne *April Fool 2005, was NEVER any "automobile accident"  and neither was BETH Ramsey an "automobile accident" in Chicago; dates adds 666

DING DONG (Velma Jean Atkinson) "I have friends in more powerful places than Jon Creek, I'll look into him" FACEBOOK Jon Creek *April Fool 2012.  Picture, holding up a bloody severed "clown" head  (Poland beheads)

ABSOLUTELY REALLY DEAD (Munchkin Coroner OZ) Ron Mowrey, former cop, former Mayor. "Voted" Out for graft and corruption, has his cop-pals 'appoint' him Grant County Coroner. Stupid body-mix-up, after a Bus crash at Taylor University. KEVIN former Grant County Coroner is "Dead of sickle cell anemia" After Dorothy and Kevin discussed 40 dead bodies. Keven "dead bodies do not have a smell in three days" Sick-kill-sell....child's disease

TORNADO (Scott Harass) WE CARE offspring. While a tornado warning blasts, Scott stands at the top of steep basement steps watching a senior woman haul gallons of water, food, blankets and supplies for his wife kid dogs. America is now "Equal" to Russia... 85 year old women haul lift and load;  for 26 year old pigs; Weak Hares

HORSES ASSOFA DIFFERENT COLOR (Barack Obama) 50% "Registered Voters" Marion Indiana 2008 Could not Vote; "Not enough voting machines" (70 missing) Marion Chronicle Tribune; November 6, 2008. In South Bend Indiana; four election officials  have been indicted (prison) forgery and vote fixing Obama and Clinton

OBAMA-O-Baaaaaa-Ma-Humbug; Obama brags he is "like John F Kennedy" The grand-pappy to JFK was "Honey" Fitzgerald Kennedy. Honey got 35% of his votes-from-the-dead. Funeral Homes run by prohibition 1920 mobsters (Joe Kennedy was a bootlegger)  John Kennedy got his votes when Big daddy Joe paid Chicago mobster/hitman (Sam Giarcana) to pay union boss's to blackmail workers "Vote John Kennedy or Fired" Chicago Merchandise Mart (Joe Kennedy owned) 69% JFK Votes from Chicago. Like Obama, USA never heard of JFK

OBAMA has a honey-of-a-deal with Needham Storey Funerals (steal murder evidence of Betty Deal Heaven Gate) DEAL and RAMSEY are 'joke' names on gravestone advertising illustrations; Marion Chronicle Tribune *2006 "Surrender Dorothy" (http://wizardsofawes.com) "purple candles awesome" co-op web site with San Francisco.. Booklet; O-Baaa-Ma-Humbug. Send $20 money order; Ellen Hutchinson PO Box 8384 Fort Wayne In 46898

POLAND headlines 1999 "Obama next President of United States" (picture) "Czar" in the White House, CZAR is Russian (absolute monarch) Despotic ruler to VETO everything in Congress (chaos) 1999=666. Same year Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Judge decreed "animal sacrifice religious freedom"  NOT God in the courts YOU paid for

FIVE years of terrorizing American seniors "cut Social Security, cut food stamps"  (Thanksgiving, Christmas 2013) Go from sub-starvation to homeless. Elderly black women in Chicago (maids $2-4 hour ) $529 Social Security (malnutrition/death) Obama froze the bank accounts of two lone widows to pay himself "legal fees" (confiscated out of the widows mite)  Washington pigs "Vote" self six figure lifetime incomes out of lone women sub starvation

ARE YOU HINTING MY APPLES AREN'T WHAT OUGHT TO BE? (full of little purple worms) Marion Indiana is home of Indiana State Representative Eric Turner. The staff at the Indianapolis Attorney Generals Office "Grant County has always been the most corrupt county in Indiana." Small taste of Washington, blackmail murder. Both the Heaven's Gate UFO "purple shrouds collective suicides" and the Jimmy Jones "purple Koolaid collective suicides"  were/are fronts to snuff pornography films billion$ underground. Both Richmond California and Indiana

BETTY DEAL was never any member of Heaven's Gate. HG members were very regimented and serene, like monks. Betty Deal was a raging psychotic, who pushed and shoved and swore. Betty Deal was murdered as a snuff porn film and she would have played a dominate roll to perfection; then drugged up and murdered as sacrifice (?) Betty Deal would not have followed the campy goofy looking Apple-White...Hollywood and Indian-apple-ass AG

DOROTHY FALLS IN THE PIG PEN ...MAP...Since Gas City likes their *cross-up-side-down (Knapp) turn the map of America, down-side-up and see the massive PIG.  Washington pigs "vote" selves six-figure incomes, for life (with lifetime perks and benefits) out of lone women's sub-starvation. Senior women $4-6 hour (sub starve)

HAUNTED FOREST !! GO BACK !! (Rod Knapp) Gas City "Town Diplomat" Owner George's Flowers. Up-side-down cross in his *Christmas window 2002. Handmade church Rod Knapp made up-side-down-cross door. And a ritually-cut cat (?) Dorothy found behind Rod Knapp's, Dorothy took to vet (vet bills) and kept cat; "Keeper" 

ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK! (Wedonna Ballard) Rod Knapp's store manager. Dorothy, seven years, was "favorite customer hug-hug" until she (trusted) Wedonna with shock "up-side down cross ? and cut cat?" Dorothy took a Birthday Gift to Wedonna and was told it was Wedonna's day off"  July 4 would melt chocolate, so Dorothy took her gift to Wedonna's house; but backed away in horror without knocking, when she saw Wedonna's dark, sordid cottage in the woods. Dorothy was without voice (acid reflux disease destroyed vocal cords) left Wedonna hand-painted note cards requesting purchase or delivery.  After up-side-down cross Wedonna and Rod Knapp LIED "Harassing phone calls" (no phone or voice)  We-Done-a-Baal-Lard...fat-headed Wickins... K-Napp Dorothy.  

APRIL FOOL 2007; Garfield, famous cartoon cat created by Jim Davis (Muncie) *Purple jeer and a *Pagan calendar Jeers Dorothy "The flowers that betrayed me" (Georges Flowers and Jan, cousins Jim Davis Gas City Library) "Tragic Love"  (Larry Charvoz and Jon Creek set up Dorothy a *purple hit...Brandy dead with 40 dead purple) "I'd rather watch wrestling" (Jim Fargo Wrestling Con in Muncie.) Fargo stole a car and Dorothy warned car dealer) The Muncie Cop named King; set-up-Dorothy to blame for Fargo's Con...demanded "Lie detector test"  OFF asked questions to which could only honestly answer Yes. Turn machine ON and ask questions to which can only honestly answer No. Dorothy was so outraged she ripped the wires off and walked  (Victims Advocate was shocked witless)

CLONING in opposition; John and Patsy Ramsey repeatedly requested "Lie Detector Tests"  Most people have no idea that the test is only as honest as the cops who runs it..  Indiana Cops are running murder pornography and child trafficking with "registered child molesters" moving next to lone mothers...deliberately kept in poverty (centuries). ALL over America innocent victims are set up to blame for cop murders  (Ramseys, Scott Peterson, Dorothy and in Gas City;  (Red Potter) Set up to blame attempt burn Dorothy (David Pierson) Landlord to Wolf Michael Collins

Christmas 2002 (K-napp Dorothy to club-to-death "in the name of "Law" Valentine February 2003=15=666 square Young woman's body, covered in ritual cuts was found at the Gas City-Marion Airport. Another young woman (Melissa) who had been bragging to a co-worker of her coven; Quit her job at the Gas City Library and told witness "I have to get out of town fast, I'm in with those who are far too powerful"  Witness (lone senior women) Fired, and after six-years at library...Not one dime was ever paid to her "Unemployment Insurance" (Rod Knapp-political pig)

TAX FRAUD from Rod Knapp Gas City "Town Diplomat" runs from never pay Unemployment Insurance to senior lone women (six years employment at a tax-funded federal library) to false reports of rent. Over $600 report $400. DOROTHY writing to expose the entire town of Gas City political faction; tax fraud, embezzle, is K'NAPP to kill Keeper, her rescued cat is murdered (poisoned) Keeper was found with ritual torture cuts at Rod Knapp store. 

LIZ CLAIBORNE top fashion designer bragged she puts "millions dollars into my coven" (Phil Donahue Show) 1999 Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas decreed "animal sacrifice is freedom of religious expression" 1999=666 Animal sacrifice is long drawn-out agonizing torture cuts of 'designs and symbols' with horrific curved knife blades. But Not God in YOUR courts, schools, flags, and currency YOU paid for ???  Now you know why this Can-a-Bulls victim was A-Knee-ta'Hell....bow down and worship Washington....who PUTS sexual molest in courts as "Judges"

GARFIELD cartoon cat. Billions $$$ tax money; with a *purple jeer directly at Dorothy (witness) two murdered witnesses (John Meade and Velma Atkinson and her son (3) Garfield *Pagan Calendar Purple *April Fool 2007... Barack Obama has an April Fool 2013 "Easter Egg Hunt"  with *Pagan Calendar in a purple shirt, White House 

SOMEDAY THEY WILL BUILD A STATUE TO ME IN THIS TOWN (Tin Gods) GARFIELD statues sit on every street corner in Marion. Garfield a big plastic (crude oil) bloated-head-fat-cat "made in China" CHINA elderly women (go blind) 50c hour sewing million $ gowns, for million dollar dinners White House. Garfield monuments cost tax-payers $10,000 each. Washington "No Funds" for Schools or FOOD seniors/disabled in USA

LIONS! and TIGERS ! and BEARS! OH MY ! INDIANA  "State Representative" ERIC TURNER brings POLAND to set up Dorothy a "Suicide Risk"  DOROTHY  sent a SHOE outline in purple ink, with all details, news clips pictures to the wife of (Kyle Turner/brother) Shoe worn by Betty Deal, murdered with 40 murdered in purple shrouds. KYLE TURNER was on the phone with some "darling" not his wife; when Dorothy walked in-on-him looking for an *America art show guide...Turners "Invest in China"  and crude oil  (abuse women) Nothing USA

KYLE TURNER is on Hawksview Drive, Marion. Predatory-hawks-flew-in JOE CERTAIN "Lawyer"  Legal Firm Kyle-Lie, Hark-her, All-too-Certain;  another all too pregnant merry JOE, Co-Con-peck-and-knee to drown...These Chaps-Never-Quit-their-icks. U-Nigh-TED States....Kings in England marry mistress. American kings drown them

CORNER & STONE Behave-or-U-ill blackmail 505 Wabash-witness-in-the-head (with police flash lights) FIVE minutes blackmail for nine pages behavior traits of a serial killer?!! K E L L O Cereal-kill Dorothy by cereal-killer cops  (Renetta Semann Cocon) Doctor from Poland, blackmails "Dorothy" decree self suicide or jail" Car is stolen (evidence Betty Deal and Heaven's Gate) Two witness murders John Meade and Velma Atkinson April Fool 2006

Renetta Seman Cocon, was from Budapest Poland, out to pole-and-land, their set-up-fish and hop on a plane back to Boo'd'pest (carnage of insects) never to be seen or heard from again. "Doctor" was a spitting viper out of hell. Dorothy shocked by her blackmail and coercion asked; "Are you with Moorehouse?!"  Co-CON grabbed her papers in a rage and goose-stepped out of the room....in retrospect this viper would use ritual knives to vivisect a sacrifice. Doctor-Rotcod=animals rotting in gangren vivisection agony to keep these medical pigs in Mercedes Benz

LIONS ! and TIGERS ! and BEARS ! OH MY! DOROTHY was in the middle of writing to expose Walnut Creek Manor to (Rabbi Eckstien in Chicago) Eckstein has been struggling to raise funds for elderly fragile Jews in Poland still left to freeze and starve to death.  Over five million Jews were the snuff-pornography of Poland 1940's WALNUT CREEK MANOR elderly with no family put out; nursing home their collective Social Security PAID 4

POLAND "Doctor" Mengala, planted seeds and bulbs into the stomachs of Jewish children to 'see' if plants would grow in human tissue in Nazi Concentration Camps. Russia for centuries, threw elderly in pits to watch them starve while town population...stood above the pit eating in front of starving. Russia skinned their victims alive and tossed their remains to the dogs. Russia; divorce means women put out penniless, no legal claims to own child (male Laws) SCHOOL to "learn how to please men" suck on ice cream cones for homework...or starve to death.  JOB "must have big bust and good legs"  Elderly women starve to death...SAME DNA clones over centuries "reborn"  "A Bad man goes right on being bad" Revelations...same genes DNA go down through centuries (slightly filtered) clone reborn 

RUSSIA (Bear also) Catherine "The Great" ordered the flogging-to-death of over 350,000 serfs for daring to report the feudal lords beat them.  By Gawd...these political pigs will show ewe! what a beating IS!  Lords and Serfs STILL today "Landlords" with  "10% Down tee hee" widows and orphans (serfs)  PAY IT ALL...for Big Shot Feudal Pigs 

JOE CERTAIN "Elder Law" Social Security (So-shall-secure-it-He) Lawyers 89% male mooching Trillions out of programs for elderly and disabled who wait three years "Not Qualify"  Homeless-malnutrition and death. To keep legal pigs in Mercedes Benz.  Ambulance chase down "lawyers" and deliver So-shall-secure-it-he..to their doors.. No Pro-Bone eh? work for this pack of dogs (Dogs-pirates)  Terrorists took over American University's 30 years ago. JOE CERTAIN "Elder Law" exposed for his male=lame mooching, has Dorothy kidnap/club dead or kill "suicide

THATS YOU ALL OVER THE PLACE (Tin Man OZ) Douglas Martz, perfect "Lawyer" to blackmail Dorothy. Martz had already blackmailed the state of Indiana to "pay his malpractice insurance or quit"  Gee Toto, that's like medical butchers blackmailing pregnant mothers.. "not to sue "us" or quit"  Good Riddance to Blackmailing PIGS

DOUGLAS MARTZ "Lawyer" Marion Indiana. Set-up Dorothy; kidnap-to-kill *Valentine February 8-2003=15=6 Valentine is a traditional Christian Holiday (Saint Valentine) 6=squared=666 Beast Computer Swiss Bank) JEER Martz Fraud "Continued" *April Fool 2003, Easter, Mother's Day. FIVE mob Dorothy in lobby of CONN court. YOUR "Courts of Laws" Taken over by POLAND invaded University's to brainwash "Hate America" 30 years

MARTZ wife Julie, raging with the spittle flying; "I will NOT let you speak to my husband!! I will NOT let you near my husband!!!!"  Golly Toto, too bad I don't kidnap and rape six year old boys, these two demons in heat would have taken me out to lunch.  CRIMINALS walk the streets. Girls are in Jails (easy prey and paid-by-head jail graft) VICTIMS are penalized...criminals are rewarded. 100% male written/interpreted  "Laws" feeding victims to pigs

KNOCK THE STUFFING OUT OF...DOROTHY was so far in shock, she did not recognize Martz...but he seemed familiar (?) Douglas Martz, arrived *April Fool 1992 to the Arnold Place Homeless Shelter, Concord, with a group of people, so cold they made skin-crawl. Purple clothing, purple cars, purple vans and a chauffeured Limo ? The*yellow outside lights made the purple look brown. Martz and Jon Creek offering homeless  "Real Homes at Moorehouse" One of the homeless woman (Pam Yabara) packed her bags and jumped in a van. Pam was back the next day, outraged and incredulous; "Those were the Purple People! everybody knows you don't go with them!" Pam described purple houses and buildings, residents required to take turns as armed guards and barb wire fences. Total wrap-around security (never get out) Several acres California land worth millions.  Creek kicked vocal Pam out

BLUE MONKEY-with-it Cops fly-in; Kidnap Dorothy and set-her-up-to-club-to-death *Valentine 2-8-2003. Sheriff MARK (his red) HERRING arrived to "arrest" Dorothy ??  NO Warrant (signed by a judge) ?? NO named charge? NO named accusers??  Hidden charge and accuse with NO warrant IS kidnapping and methods of *Inquisitions

MARK HERRING slammed Dorothy to the floor cracking her two front teeth and LIED "Stop kicking!!" into his label microphone. FIVE carloads of frenzied cops with-clubs-in-hands. If a 73 year old neighbor (May Moore) had not stood on the front lawn screaming at Main Street traffic "Look what they are doing to her!!!" Dorothy dead of COP "Blunt force trauma"  May Moore was soon dead "natural causes"   just like Scott Peterson's witness. And just like Scott Peterson. Dorothy was told to keep her mouth shut in a "court of law" and mobbed to keep her quiet. Blue=pornography. SHERIFF Deputy (former member) LIED "Suicide was Heavens Gate"  LIE me "Suicide risk" 

CLONING (Twin DNA clone twin events) Jonbenet Ramsey was bashed in the head hard enough to kill a three hundred pound man...with a police flashlight. Dorothy was bashed-in-the-head by a 300 pound policeman (Kirk McCollum police captain Gas City Indiana) McCollum LIED "Section 8 coming in"  Murder Dorothy as "suicide risk"  McCollum; Department of Defense (invented computers) Tom Koby also police captain murdered Jonbenet

AUNTIE EM I'M FRIGHTENED ! DOROTHY was slammed into an ice cold filthy pit, reeking of urine vomit and mold. Nothing on under paper thin pajamas, nothing on bare feet. Three days, propped-up against ice cold filthy walls until collapsed.  Nearly died of lung-impacted staph bacteria bronchitis  (Jail guard Lisa Schoolman's tenant) TERROR  (unknown charges and accusers) Lost in a jail forever and beloved Toto put to death  (her cats all alone)

DOROTHY, for a court was handed a massive man's jacket for her size 8-petite frame, and size 13 men's shoes. Shackled and chained to whip-lash (blinded) slipping and sliding on ice; last lone woman behind FIVE Felony convicted armed robbery, rape and arson. TERROR! Broken hip means death for an age 53. Broken ankles "Law" Shackled and chained behind those who would rape and rob me, and burn my house down with me still in it. As if centuries of shackled and chained to those who SOLD my gender (women) SOLD my race (French/Danish Jews) I am now shackled and chained behind those who call ME "Mother Phuck"  (Sold their own mothers for 25c) STILL 

DRAG-GOONS (peep-hole aimed directly at the women's Toilet Marion Jail) Gee Toto; FIVE views of women sitting on toilets from 96% male money Hollywood too...glorify Cops Hollywood?!) Dorothy watched an armed-to-the-hilt Cop, shove a 19 year old girl into a cell so hard, it's a miracle it didn't break her spine. Angel Columbus age 19 was begging to call her mother.  Women begging for showers and toilets. One retarded youth was clubbed-to-death begging for a toilet (three days) threw his dung at the jeering goading cops...who clubbed the retarded boy to death for it.  Mother got six million for cop slaughters.  Cops ? where does this boys club go to school? PURDUE? Purrr-Doo-Doo-ewe...for purring pussy on the throne ?  Miss-is-See-Pee?  She-caw-Go! ALL His Ill-n-noise!?

IF I WERE KING OF THE FOR-ARREST (Larry Leach, Mayor Gas City Indiana) Dorothy caught Leach red-handed trying to diddle the girls in the public utility office, by making a public display  out of his own daughters "Bad gambling habits"  DOROTHY after twenty years as a volunteer victims advocate for battered women, has had enough of these political pigs getting it on with miss piggy, by making a pig trough out of another women...even their own daughters. Dorothy bleated "Keep it in the family for Gawds sake"  Leach shadowed Dorothy for seven years

LARRY LEACH stands on a podium in a *Lady Liberty Tie bragging "Gas City has excellent sewer lines" Sure Does;Your Daughters, fitting sister is souer in French (pronounced sewer) So-E-You-are-sewer too in the GAS CITY public U-tell-itty office. Mayor Leach destroyed the careers of two of Dorothy's female friends. Lorili Accord, was prevented from promotions by STAR BANK. Promotion the gracious and dedicated Lorili more than earned. Leach arranged to fire another woman friendly to Dorothy (Masons)...ah, shucks folks, he's never speechless 

YELLOW TRICK ROAD (John F Kennedy) SHERIFF brings two high paid call girls to "presidents" hotel rooms. Sheriff-pimp blackmails the girls "tell anyone about this, and I will have you locked-up-for-life in the Seattle Silicom Mental Institution"  Silly-Come...for Mayor Larry Leach and a pack of sheriff pimps with "lawyer"-pimps

WALNUT CREEK MANOR (Mayor Larry Leach) Leeching funds PAID by the collective Social Security of elderly (no family left/all alone) Kicked-out of Walnut Creek Manor by this pack of political pigs "No funds"  PAID in full by Social Security (So-shall-secure-it-he) 93% male government leeching, mooching pigs. PAID in full elderly with no family....are somewhere ? Not one tax-payer protesting by the thousands knows where?  Elderly were well known to be Happy and well cared for at Walnut Creek. LEECH "No funds" HAS $350,000 Grant HIS OWN "senior homes" Larry Leach and his wife ran up to Walnut Creek Manor every month to pretend. (U Lick your own blood off pigs)

OFF TO SEE THE WIZARDS (Larry Leach Mayor) Leach is off to Brazil "No funds for Schools" HAS School funds to pay for his church "Girls basketball team" to travel to Brazil with school team money. Graft-clear-as-glass with Cunning HAM Glass Company...who put up a jeering 500 foot billboard at the entry to Dorothy's "home"

MUNCHKINS (BRAZIL) Little teen girls; age 12-16, are kidnapped and sold to brothels. Used as child sex-slaves until they drop with their infants of Aids. (87% Aids victims are mothers with small children to orphan) Homosexuals are rabid in South America. Mothers drag their diseased sons to little girl sex slaves for "cures"...still sacrifice daughters to Saw-Dumb, and Go-more-eh? Saw-Dumb-me...NO SHOES are "Made in America"  ALL made in Brazil ($350-$5000 "Designer" Shoes) New York Designers 96% male money. New York is the nose-ring in PIG

SEX is the 900 foot billboard with a couple in obvious flagrant pig-porking...right above Montessori School (age 6-12 and right on school bus route Poplar Street)  Mount-a-sewer.. School is owned by Marion Mayor Wayne Seybold. Hollywood Ice Skate Champion Mayor Wayne Seybold Television Special; one full hour of crotch-shots teen girl. SEE-Bolt-off-to-Japan...to beg for ten minutes "Fair Trade with America"  JAPAN dropped bombs on us FIRST. 1999 the grandson of the Emperor of Japan bragged "Proud of Pearl Harbor"  PROUD of attacking helpless sleeping men and women trapped in an enclosed harbor (to burn alive in agony) Japan joined Hitler to torture-kill by abuse and starvation (agonizing pain) over five million Jews. BILLIONS $$$ sent to Japan for Jap towers of glory buildings and "High tech" factories  AMERICA the most antiquated rusted factories in the world and millions jobless. FIVE of my family/friends burned alive Pearl (tugboats) Washington casting America to pigs...after Pearls. 1999=666 JEER

MARION Mayor (Wayne Seybold) SEE-Bolt-off to China, where elderly women go blind 50c hour, sewing sequins on million $ Hollywood gowns for million$ dinners White House. SEE Bolt-off-to-China; slave and child labor run by Billionaire Dragon Ladies; who sell cadamites $50 (slave boys) 6-15 years old. 12-17 hour labor days. 50c hour. Until they drop dead sewing in old age. United Nations reports; "Over 150 000 women "suicide" hopeless every year But if it runs a slaughterhouse the average male=lame will BE IN BED with it. Male=Lame (crippled in Fantasyland)


DOROTHY Nothing left, lands in a Mobile Home Park, running child trafficking. Billion $ underground, also put Terrorists in Washington, in courts and police departments. Police collude kidnap and kill (witness) Dorothy !!

MUNCHKINS Over 600 million "missing children" world and 27 million missing children are known sold into the child sex slavery of Brazil, Columbia, and South America. Or child labor China, Southeast Asia

DOROTHY FALLS IN THE PIG PEN MAP turn the map of America down-side-up. Texas horn (saddle riding the back of a pig) Texas child traffic to Columbia and Bolivia. Florida horn; child traffic South America and Cuba. Hollywood; prime rump for Washington. Hollywood brainwashing America in the glory of pig-slop. WOMEN sitting on Toilets (five toilet views in one "Mother and Daughter" movie)  Keep your mind in the Toilet... if you are a PIG Personified; Ridgebrook Village Mobile Home Park Fort Wayne.  Ridge-back pigs...most vicious pigs (eats infants)

SPOOKS  (Carol Hocksmuth and Beth Neece) two vile old women take small children, age six into their stuffy old mobile to "Raise demons and show you Jesus" Small children struggle to get away (in front of witness front view) Beth wears wading boots to thighs  (bathtub immersion to drown demons, and many children over centuries) BIG Brother raging in the streets at the two women (two witness) and small boys sobbing, run past neighbors nearby 

SPOOKS FLY IN and Fly Out Trucks and vans arrive late at night full of those who refuse to speak English. Mobile Home Parks near *private airports across America. Ridgebrook Village Mobile Park Fort Wayne Indiana is three miles from a private airport....while cops refuse to pick up and take obvious evidence to a forensic laboratory  

COWARDLY LEO (Brian) former police officer and the manager at Ridgebrook Village Mobile Park. Refuses to credit paid rents (witness/senior lone woman) Refuses to look at bank statements and cancelled checks. LIE and false bill and fraud "late fees" to drive witness out (with destroyed reputation) 'credit score' 95% male "owns" (steals) world property by the defrauding of senior lone women (half pay-full rents)  

HALF male pay for two generations American women (Full male rents) HALF-male pay=full male bills. Half male pay=full male utilities (95% male corporate pigs feeding themselves.. off HALF pay women) SMALL  "Small" claims courts for the single LARGEST legal act there is...put senior women OUT of the "Homes"  SHE PAID FOR...95% male "owns" land with a pigs "ten percent down" WIDOWS  PAY ALL. Male One World Order. 100% male written and interpreted "Laws" feeding widows and orphans to PIGS

NO HOME SWEET HOME for "Dorothy" cars and dwelling...Six-thousand dollars Vandalizing for any witness to child trafficking, run by a police and sheriff faction and it is.  Orange spray paint destroys her Lincoln Towncar (JOE the Ridgebrook maintenance man...left his calling card as he twisted the car mirror to break electrics) DAILY sharp rocks thrust into car by kids (every inch of car destroyed) SIX broken windows .and her cat poisoned...it turned out to be a neighbor's cat "Princess" and her owner sobbed in agony over her little friend

APRIL FOOL 2010 "Animal Care and Control" at Dorothy's door with the false charge "Abandoned cats"  As If Dorothy would abandon her darling Toto!  MASONS in the form of Fort Wayne District Attorney David Capp..in criminal collusion to terrorize Dorothy "in the name of the "Law" District Attorney Alex Hunter terrorize Ramseys Again December 6, 2013 animal care and control is terrorizing Dorothy false charges 12=3x6 for a slaughterhouse. 5000 cats/dogs put to death every week. Too stupid to raise-brush coats and make clothing. (crude oil clothes/kill)

FORGERY arrives from Brian in the form of a forged "Felony Hearing" at Allen County Court 666 date and April Fool dates coded in August dates (August 8 Leo) Judge signature stamp is *up-side down (devil) NO court room? Fake complaint number "Doesn't exist" says Allen County Court clerks and "These names of officers do not exist" Copy in Book Wizards of Awes.

AUGUST 2013 a small dark man in a Green Mercedes Benz (Russian?) arrived at Dorothy's door (from Brian)      "an officer of the court" (his name did not exist) "You will get a felony hearing in the mail" (envelope Dollar store)   Complaint number does not exist and the fake dates are coded as August Leo Beast April Fool 41-fish) and 666

DOROTHY alone, confused on a near empty third floor of Allen County Court (closed doors no felony trials) easy prey for 41 suicide swine trample the pearls of Greek architecture in Allen County Courthouse Fort Wayne Indiana. SHERIFF Departments control American "Voting"  from locations to ballot box-counting (votes from the dead) 

Cops at Dorothy's door coerce "Judge Avery says take you to hospital decree you suicide risk"  (murder ) same cops who refused to look obvious child murder evidence and take it to a forensic lab in Fort Wayne (Copies in Book) As two vile old women "raising demons" out of six year olds...where trucks and vans arrive late at night *near airport

CARLA stabbed 13 times by her live in Sy. Sy and Joe the maintenance man dealing dope with lot 87 and their kids Boys age 8-12 destroy the witness home and cars, with sharp rocks at every inch of a Lincoln and house windows. JOE left the day Carla was stabbed...after four years of bulldozing tonnage of snow into witness cars (all seniors) Boys age 8-12 while maintenance crew and office manager (Brian/cop) cheer them on. Cop-use kids rid witness

TONNAGE of snow and ice is bulldozed into the backs of Dorothy's cars (four hours to hand shovel out) Both her near neighbors are friendly and are being given the "Cop Treatment" TONNAGE of snow bulldozed into the backs and fronts of their cars (can't get out=fire hazards) Ten minutes to burn a mobile to ground and trapped in tons snow) Date December 15, 2013=12-6-6....3x6....again from Brian...a former State of Indiana Police Officer  (four winters)

KENNY age 77 with his leg broken in three places; has tonnage of snow bulldozed (By Brian) into his parking. Kenny cannot get to his oxygen or his medication and calls the police.  Cop (Kunts-ta-Bull) Bulls seniors with; you need to make them aware" (As Brian sits in bulldozer end of street watching the cop-show!) Cops molest seniors too

COP (Kunts-ta-Bull) "It's not deliberate" (we have just told him IS) As Brian deliberately bulldozes tonnage into five seniors  (witness to child trafficking) from age 60 to age 77.  IS deliberate as Brian makes a show of clearing every speck from the far end of street for 45 minutes.  IS just as deliberate as this jeering cops refusal to take action

Cop Bull; "They need to put it somewhere"   How about into FIVE empty lots right next to Kenny ?? Instead of into the parking space of a 77 year old man with his leg broken in three places...and needing heart meds and oxygen????

IF HE ONLY HAD A BRAIN OR...how about into the big flapping mouths and empty rattling brain cavities of Indiana "Law Enforcement"?    Same law enforcement "accidentaly" let the head of a drug cartel out of prison. That Drug Cartel leader came to Ridgebrook to check out his deals...with management (Indiana police and "law" faction

TAX Department wants "Mobile Landlords to collect copies of titles to mobile homes"  BRIAN a former cop (stealing titles from seniors)  Any slaughterhouse pig can decree himself "officer of the courts" and does (lawsuit pends) THIS is how mobile homes are stolen...terrorize seniors out (Steal=no title) and government hands thieves Title. NONE of the residence of Ridgebrook Village Mobile...Park knows who the owner is...two years...silence

BRIAN "Must have copy of title this is not optional title or $25 fines" INDIANA Landlords are also "Judges" with a second grade education...and rich pigs don't pay taxes...they use tax departments to blackmail money for themselves. Must Have...Not Optional...Refused Return to Sender....Cops too arrogant to be rational. NO connection to Truth. LIE "didn't get title" (return to sender) and terrorize his "Twenty-five dollar fees" landlords complete and total pigs. Male One World Order. 100% male written and interpreted "Laws" feeding widows and orphans to PIGS

COWARDLY LEO Law Enforcement Officer; Dorothy asked; "What is this gets me killed?"  COP "If the Queen had balls she would be the King" (Two witness painting house)  If this cop had any Baals he would not be such a Queen riding around with young boys in his cars.  Queen Elizabeth Bows Lyon, walked the streets on London during the blitz with bombs dropping.  You can't even get an Indiana cop to walk twenty feet to LOOK at evidence

COPS, over the centuries put over 900 Billion Jews, and 500 million "witches" to the agony of burned alive. Same Cops stole everything their victims had (still do) Cops put millions to the agony "Hang by neck until dead"  a full fifteen minutes to dangle in agonizing strangulation. Today cops are Masons...ritual strangle initiation rites. ONLY thing male law has ever been; cruel and unusual punishment of innocent victims. Pornography NEVER "Law"

NOTHING is done for senior residents. ALL maintenance at Ridgeback Pig Village Mobile Park is for cop-BRIAN. who is stealing from residents (homes) and paid for maintenance (BEG for help for months on end) Cop-Brian is also stealing from the owner.  Brian pays lot-rent on an empty mobile to hide his "evictions" Steals at half price to rent. NO "tenant spokesperson" exists (totally at the mercy of despotic manager)  NO tenant activity (All are isolated)

95% Male Prop-her-T...Own-hers....HALF male pay women (two generations) FULL male bills (mooch women) Half pay=full-rent. Half-pay=full utilities (95% male corporation utilities (pollution and cancer from toxic waste) Half male pay-full male repairs and parts (Roof caves in, house rots) half male pay-full male food (malnutrition). 95% male corporate half pay women and bill women in full...use her money buy land.  Pigs squealing "equal!!!"

THIRTY YEARS women pay "rent" (no choice on half pay) Male "10% down tee hee" from giggling pig Own-hers And these same 95% pigs "increase rent" to feed their Mrs Pigs and piglets...with a pig-on-a-bench called "Judge"  Million $$ apartments on Lakeshore Drive for male=lame mooching Prop-her-T  Own-hers  (clear of all snow too)

SMALL "claims" courts, for the largest "legal" act their is. Putting lone senior women out of "homes" (paid 30 yrs) Millions of women homeless in America...and "Nothing he can do" Cops  CAN always put the women out for the PIG landlords and Prop-her-T...Own-hers. Landlords run real estate like Washington; pigs mooch women/half pay

Prop-her-T...Own-hers...run their real estate like Chicago street pimps...you pay males; while males use you. Abuse. Deadly Fire Traps...pay him anyway. Vandalizing to total destruction-pay him anyway. Attempt to kidnap and kill you-pay him anyway. It's patriarchal (Pay-tree-are-kill) pay the males to run their slaughterhouse HIS 100% "laws

KEEP two generations of senior women at sub-starvation (half-male pay/full bills) keeps her silent (males Sold us) Male pimp real estate...no matter how many times these pimps beat you to a bloody pulp; use-you pays him anyway THIRTY to 40 years women pay for land males "own" with "Only ten percent down tee hee"  HIS 100% male laws

MOBILE-Mo-Bile...women in such stress they vomit up stomach acid. Doctor-Dope-You-up...keep women quiet. Doctor=Rotcod...bait big fish Mercedes Benz...out of women's tissue rotting in malnutrition and stress (cancer). HALF-male-pay two generations of women (full male bills) Half pay=full rent. Half-pay=full pigs squealing "equal"

CANADA has the lowest rate of child pornography and child traffic in the world. Queen Elizabeth; very much a woman; will Not tolerate child pornography in any form. American "Kings" are trading with the highest rate of child pornography and traffic; China, Southeast Asia  (cadimite boys $50) Girls on streets for price of designer handbags. Sudan and India (crude oil snuff porn) Over 290,000 women are "Burned Brides" (Every year) Fire-torture to blackmail "Dowry Money" (Land/crude oil rights) United Nations Reports. Over centuries millions women burned. Russia/Poland mothers put out on streets penniless at divorce-centuries/still. CAN-a-DUH eh ? a nation without a Queen in total control of it....is a pig....pig is the term for Cops and Nazis. Every Queen in history strong economy

DOROTHY FALLS IN THE PIG PEN... MAP turn the map of America, down-side-up and see PIG. Texas Horn (child traffic to South America) Florida horn (child traffic to South America and Cuba...sells children China.) Hollywood (prime rump pig) brainwash all Americans for Washington pigs. Hollywood pig-rump Child movie stars in beds and on drugs by age 13. White House Hollywood brainwashing America, to 'vote' for pigs who leave elderly women to starve to death.  San Francisco AH....ocean toxic from China imports. Billions tonnage fuel (fish toxic)

HORSES ASSOFA DIFFERENT COLOR...you'll never see another one like im'

OBAMA 50% of "Registered Voters" Marion Indiana 2008, could not Vote "Not enough voting machines" (70 missing vote machines) Marion Chronicle Tribune, November 6, 2008 (Court clerks count fixed votes) Same Grant County court clerks, file the fixed court judgments and paid-off judges (indicted for forgery, perjury & blackmail) Obama and Hilary Clinton were in Marion twice 2008.  Marion home Indiana State Representative Eric Turner

OBAMA "Fund raising with Lady Gaga and Sheryl Sandberg" (Fox news) Sheryl Sandberg; CEO Facebook (joke Jonbenet April Fool)  Chairwoman UNITED STATES TREASURY and Charwomen Swiss Economic Forum; Beast Computer Swiss Bank (crude oil kings) Headlines Murders!! distract America and world, while every dime in America and world is manipulated into Beast. ONE key steal it all..soon.  Lady Gaga "Priestess Church Satan"

MARCH 31, 2013 is Not "Easter"  Traditional Christian Easter is the first  Sunday in April. OBAMA "Easter egg hunt" *April Fool 2013 at White House (??) in a purple shirt. Golly scarecrow, do you think Obama Black Pope in Church of Satan ??  Headline travels!!! to California, Colorado, and Indiana. Hawaii big news!  (coven C of Satan)

POLAND announced in 1999 "Barack Obama next president of the United States" (picture) Nine years before any American ever heard his name. 1999=666. Obama was born in Kenya Africa August 4 (LEO Beast) Obama's birth certificate is signed by Sir Edward Lavender (as in purple) Hawaii is the secondary location Church of Satan coven

FIVE years of terrorizing American seniors "Cut back Social Security and food stamps" (homeless and starve)

SNAP ended Thanksgiving and Christmas, millions of seniors and children had no food for "Christian" Holidays. Obama has run a reign of terror on seniors, disabled for five years "Cut Social Security and food stamps" (death) Millions of animals, cats and dogs, put to death "Can't afford them can't afford own food and rent"  Millions of lone senior women sobbing at Animal "Care" and Control.  5000 cats and dogs put to death every week (needle in heart)

FSSA (Fed-her-ill) Starvation of Seniors and Slaughter Animals.   FSSA (Food Stamps) $48 a month. Two generations American women (Half-male pay-and full male bills) Half male pay-full male rent. Half male pay full male utilities (95% male owns world corporations) Half male pay-full male repairs. Half male pay-full food. None

FSSA is now giving $350 a month to males from the third world who who burn their women alive in agony (STILL) HALF pay two generations of America women (full male bills) HALF male pay=full male taxes. Half pay-NO Food 95% male corporate pigs who pay 50c slave labor third world. And 100% male "Laws" feeding women to PIGS

CRUDE OIL Kings, Obama, Clinton, Bush.  United Nations reports; "Over 290,000 women  "Burned Brides" every year. Women are tortured-with-fire, agony and scars, to blackmail "dowry money" (Land with crude oil rights) Every year 155,000 women are burned alive in agony for crude oil rights.  95% male owns world land.. including USA

PATSY RAMSEY, is personification of world-attacks on women by 96% male 'news' pigs slaughterhouses. Patsy Ramsey "Showed no emotion at the death of Jonbenet" LIES. Patsy Ramsey was so far in shock her body quivered. She sat on the couch with a bowl in her lap, and was unable to speak (four witness) John Ramsey was RAGING.

JOHN RAMSEY left his Bible open for police to read. Psalms 118 (antique Bible) "Bind the sacrifice in strong ropes" (removed from modern Bibles) Psalms 35-36 "My enemies seek to kill me, by destroying those I love" Both KNEW who murdered BOTH their beautiful daughters. BETH Ramsey *Chicago death date adds to 666. Beth Ramsey was NO "automobile accident" neither was Velma Jean Atkinson an "automobile accident" April Fool 05

Psychopaths jeer their victims. Tom Koby, held a "police luncheon" on the date of BETH Ramsey's death. Tom Koby put up screen-savers on police computers "Patsy killed Jonbenet"  every day over and over Brainwash. Tom Koby (Kobalsky) snorting platters of Cocain with POLAND computer pirates, Alex Hunter DA and police staff. Tom Koby, rat-tail hippy (like Chris Teagle) Koby hippy Satanist Chief of Police Boulder, murdered JonBenet (lamb).

OBVIOUSLY happy child, Jonbenet was like a little colt (filly) dancing and prancing with pure delight in life! ALL Girl feminine and graceful..for jealous Pig-male-ya. NO way was this child ever "molested by parents" LIES by Tom Koby (chief of police) who planted a book of child "incest" on JR Just as Betty Deals body was planted with 40 dead LIES by sheriff deputy "suicides" and Laci Peterson's body planted Richmond (Jon Creek) California, *April Fool

LAURENCIA BOMBENEC was also a victim of planted police "evidence"  Blonde hairs in an envelope, the forensic pathologist (a woman) Said "NOT in that envelope when I sealed it" also a switch of gun planted by police Wisconsin Laurencia was also a witness to police corruption, pornography, and abuse women. Fixed courts and "judges" 30 yrs

AUTOPSY, Jonbenet's autopsy was attended by police who knew autopsy report; "pectoral hemorrhage eyelids and lungs" Police KNEW Jonbenet was already dead of strangulation before hit in head with *police flashlight. NO Blood from a massive head wound which cracked her little skull all the way across  (her heart had stopped beating)

I'M NOT A WITCH AT ALL, I'M A LITTLE GIRL,  Jonbenet was feminine ALL GIRL. She loved ballet slippers, and glitter on her toes, and petticoats and dolls, and hats and tutus, and makeup and MOTHER. Had Jonbenet been a baseball or football obsession for Pyg-male-ya 96% male news and Hollywood sport glory;  SHE and her family would be respected by a 96% male money news & publish in-love-with-own-image (other males)

MOTHER is burned to lynch;  "Let her daughter swish her shoulders! molester!!!!" Swishing witches in drag for dance correography have eight year old girls, teens and mothers doing a hump-dance  with crotch jutting. PIGS! EIGHT times in his Book, Steve Thomas, Boulder Cop, refers to Jonbenet "toilet habits"  96% male publishing $. SIX views of women-sitting on Toilets; one Hollywood "mother & daughter" Every movie toilet paper/bowl scenes

POT FOR A CROWN and GRASS FOR ROBE; STEVE THOMAS, Boulder "Narcotics Detective" with Tom Koby snorting platters of Cocain with POLAND Computer Pirates and Alex Hunter, District Attorney. Tom Koby (Kobalsky) Chief of Police. EVERY paragraph Steve Thomas; book, is the exact opposite of previous paragraph;  TEST of American's level of Brainwash...instigation to world lynch Patsy Ramsey, manipulate world money

CLONING by split twin DNA; First Boulder Officer on the scene with Jonbenet murder; Paul Reinchenbach. A beautiful six-year-old girl strangled in her parent's basement, in a house where those parents never enter again. Reichanbach, is the name of a couple in Gas City Indiana, who took "Dorothy" on a tour of their finished large basement, in which they planned to retire in safety and comfort from Tornados, the rest of their lives...and the REICH-in-Box of Gas City Masons, to have Dorothy kidnapped, clubbed-to-death or murder as 41 "suicide" 

REICHENBACH is the name of the news-paper reporter in 1932;  "Lindbergh's showed no emotion, didn't care" 

CLONING proof of ancestry (twin genes DNA) Dorothy is related to JonBenet was murdered *Christmas 1996=666 Head bashed in a basement *cornerstone. Charles Lindbergh, age two, was also kidnapped and killed, when his head bashed on the *cornerstone of the Lindbergh mansion 1932. King James was kidnapped, and brutally tortured, his wrists bound so tightly with rope they bled, his head bashed on the *cornerstone of his palace. William Sampson, Canadian news foreign correspondent, was kidnapped, tortured, wrists bound to cut flesh and head bashed on *cornerstone (Iraq) Dorothy was kidnapped, set up to kill, brutally tortured, her wrists bound to bloody and *Cornerstone Wabash-her-head, to-set her up to kill-her-off as the 41 "suicide"  POLAND blackmail "Doctor"

JonBenet was strangled with a *paintbrush handle, fed *pineapple, found in a wine cellar (purple) Dressed all in white Wrapped in a white blanket (perfect little Lamb) a gold cross around her neck. Ransom signed "Victory! SBTC" (SBTC=1223=8 August/LEO/Beast/Satan) "Satan Better Than Christ" Beast Computer note threat to "behead" 

Victory!=41 (April Fool) French slang for Christians. 41=5 (Five-star pentagram) Masons and centuries the devils star Christmas Eve is 12-24 3x6. 1996=666 (Beast Computer Swiss Bank...every dime America and world has;  in Beast)

VICTORY!=41 *April Fool. Forty dead in purple shrouds, Moorehouse, Church of Satan. April Fool is fish/French French slang/fish for "Christians"  40 dead telling you "Christ can now get behind devil"  5=pentagram/Star MASON

RANSOM MONEY $118,000 parrots a bonus check deposit into John Ramseys Bank  $118,117.50=24=6 (cops) BANKS told by government pigs;  "MUST use electron-ick eye"  Seniors $100 checks are "legal" theft of $1000. NO CHOICE to Americans "Automatic Withdraw" from your accounts...continues right on when you will lose your jobs

Ramsey's house was 6866 square feet, after Bolder crews got done expanding the old Tudor style 1920's house Christmas 1996=666.  with 8=August/LEO/Beast and 'red smoke' as an old professor *Santa Claus (red herring) SANTA is the continuing jeer in every murder or multiple murders. Rancho *Santa Fe HG to Santa Fe Jonbenet SANTA is the jeer of Boulder Detective Steve Thomas...with his double-talk twinn in every paragraph Book

RAY BOLGER Cowardly Lion OZ  BOLDER COLORADO  long known as a hippy coven town. Bolder University long known as a Satan worship school. Bolder University same street as Ramsey's 15th Street. Bolder Mayor LIED "Nothing out there to hurt you" Knowing a Satanist college and 47 registered child molesters/nine mile MOVIE line up to Rosemary's Baby (Mia Farrow) Dakota Apartments Manhattan. *Actor sells wife womb to devil

PATSY RAMSEY was 'Miss West Virginia'  Dorothy, sister-in-law (Carolee) Miss South *Dakota, first runner-up to Miss America (Anita Briant)  Rosemary Baby movie takes place at the *Dakota Apartments *Manhattan New Yo Bolder has *Dakota Ranch (Chris Wolf) Dorothy has (Wolf Michael Collins) Wolf=Warlock Gas City coven Indiana in collusion with a "Landlord" (David Pierson) to burn her alive (kill witness) TIN MAN (Larry Charvoz) Manhattan

MANHATTEN clones a line up to TIN MAN (Larry Charvoz) and *Santa Fe New Mexico (Tom Koby Bolder Cop) Santa is repeatedly used as a jeer at Christmas; without Christmas America's economy will collapse-in-total SOON Already brainwashed teenagers sneer "I'm sick of Christmas"  GIVING does't suit a pack of greedy teen PIGS

ARE YOU SAYING MY APPLES AREN'T WHAT THEY OUGHT TO BE? (Linda Arndt) Arndt-you-cute to destroy murder evidence by having John Ramsey and his friends "Search the house" Boulder police detective Linda Arndt-you-cute to befriend the Ramseys and then LIE on television "I looked into John Ramsey's eyes and I knew what happened, I counted my 18 bullets"  To do what? shoot two sets of unarmed frightened parents ?. Gas City Indiana police and sheriff department destroyed evidence too...out-right stole (my car) with evidence Betty Deal

NO BLOOD from a skull fracture the length of her small skull. Dead of ritual torture-kill strangulation with a pure white *nylon cord. Then bash-in-head to "let demons out"  Aztec ritual child sacrifice. Aztec priests used to skin the children and then dance in their skins. Painting on hideous wall murals Denver International Airport; from Mexico.

REWRITES IN PROGRESS.....please bear with me..still in shock...and need to do a lot of rewrites

JonBenet was Not "hit in head by mother in rage over bed wetting"  (Steve Thomas Book) Autopsy clearly states "pectoral hemmorhage on lungs and eyelids" meaning JonBenet was already dead of strangulation, then hit head  

NEVER was it revealed that Bolder Detectives had threats to "Behead" them.  Steve Thomas had a dead mutilated cat tossed in his yard, that Detective Linda Arndt had blood splashed on her door. All the methods of Aztec cults who work in collusion with a Mason boys club, which still today uses ritual strangulation as "initiation rites" (several died

JonBenet was hit in the head hard enough to kill a three hundred pound man with a police flashlight. DOROTHY set up to kill by "blunt force trauma"  by a three hundred pound policeman (Kirk McCullum police captain) McCollum is former "Department of Defense" (invented computers) Co-Be with Koby Bolder chief of police (Kobalsky) and POLAND. All surrounded by a witch covens international puffs of *red smoke  "We Will Bury You" (bay of pigs)?? 

Ransom note "we admire your business (computers) but not the country it serves" ( America) all computers looted to Sudan/China COMPUTER PIRATES!  Not only did John Ramsey lose his American based computer company & supplies/staff.  ALL of California Silicon Valley Computers driven into bankruptsy with every American Masters Degrees and Ph.D's  ALL stolen to "Customer Service" in SUDAN (Burn and stone women "Laws") and "Made in China"  Silicon Valley computer bankrupty was brought on by Bill Clinton (Oil king...Billion$$ torture women land)

BEAST Computer (Swiss Bank) now controls all American money; private and public. All world money in fact. Beast Computer is owned and controlled by unlimited crude oil money. Crude Oil Barons who torture-kill women  Beast means idol in Arabic. Jeering at American Christians...the same psychopaths who jeer torture-kill women GET OUT OF HER my children"  is what the Bible warns....HER torture-kill women; and "Christians" SUPPORT IT

OFF TO EXPLORE NEW FRONTIERS eh? (Professor Marvel OZ to run-away Dorothy Judy Garland) FRONTIER plays 666 games. Dorothy's factual account number; 13-23072-666-245633-04. Manipulate Fraud Over-billing up and down from $350 to $35 until the final total (one year) $1,926,66 (should be $950 =tax fees) Bait and Switch "$69.00 Bundle includes everything"  $69.99=666 for every America Christian being manipulated into the Beast Computer Swiss Bank.  One key wipe out (steal) every dime in America and world. Fort Wayne MASONS David Capp, Attorney General Hunter and Frontier CEO David Benowitz.  Fort Wayne DA with *Alex Hunter eh?

APRIL FOOL 2012 Comcast cable joins the terrorizing Dorothy "Past due didn't pay shut off April" NO shut off February. Phone call says "April shut off and didn't pay" Wrong address and city ?? TEN YEARS "credit score" Americans are being frozen-up to prevent purchase of homes; while planeloads arrive from oil $ to buy up land  

ARE YOU SAYING MY APPLES AREN'T WHAT OUGHT TO BE? OZ Indianapolis Communication Commission. Letter "Law passed PL-27-2006. AMERICA has NO control over internet billing"  (copy in Book )

NO computers made in America today "Made in China" United Nations reports "over 180,000 China women commit suicide every year from hard work and no pay" Elderly women go blind sewing for 50c per hour. Over 150,000 women in China commit suicide every year, due to hard work and no pay. SUDAN all customer service & billing

BILL CLINTON in California Silicon Valley, while every Masters Degree lost everything to COMPUTER pirates Looting all American made computers to China 50c day; labor. Hillary Clinton "Defense Department" is the agency which INVENTED COMPUTERS. Bill and Hillary Clinton, dope, embezzle, perjury (vote fix Marion/Obama 2008)

Gee Toto, NO man may buy nor sell, unless his name and number is fed to this greedy computer Beast "Get OUT of HER"  is what the Bible says....I wonder why people keep fooling around with something their own book says NOT to? HER (Wombs) women "burned brides" and burned alive in agony for "dowry money" land with "crude oil rights"

USE CASH, no cost, no time and private. Americans are spending Billions$$ to "protect identity"  Golly, dumb  Today, pin numbers are Over-ridden, and millions of dollars are missing out of "Automatic Bank Pay" Accounts

NO CHOICE; "Banks MUST use electron-ick eye"  Elders write check for $100..electron-icks steals $1000.  NO CHOICE is a very real "violation of human rights" from a Washington crude oil slaughterhouse of burn her alive "Get OUT of HER my children"  Her...women are being burned alive for crude oil money....Beast computer holds it all 

Computer (Come-pew-Tare) Nuclear Gluttony; Cancer of employees in nuclear plants, Cancer of brains, Cancer of spines, cancer of spleens, leukemia. "Or you will SHARE in her sins"  CLONING biofeedback sin of PIGS who slaughter their own employees;  pew-vomit from (cancer)  TAR-RAT (clone/echo) you be the "wage of sin" death

FACT, American money has no gold and no silver behind it. Washington DC has borrowed from China and Japan for so long; America owes China more money than we have gold in Fort Knox. America owned by China gold-b-Yen. Most American own no United States Savings Bonds...brainwashed "interest too low"  China does own US bonds

ARE YOU A GOOD WITCH OR A BAD WITCH ? Linda Arndt resigned from police force; March, 3, 99 adds to 24=6 (666 squared) Arndt-you-the "law"  Oh yes indeed Toto,  THIS IS the "law" out of hippy-schools. POLAND and Russia invaded American Universities in the 1960's. Those in-control today BOMBED us to rule. Los Angeles University's in the 1960's were running blood. Kent State mass murder by cops.. to black power fire bombs 

POT FOR A CROWN AND GRASS FOR A ROBE...THREE BOULDER Prosecutors snorting platters of Cocain with Tom Koby  (chief of police) Alex Hunter (District Attorney) and his police staff (Lou Smit resigned in disgust...Gee Toto, Lou Smit knew cops were lying, and Smit ended up dead) Koby (Kobalsky) and POLAND Computer Pirates; KOBY rat-tail hippy Satanist "Chief of Police" murdered JonBenet by ritual strangle *Masons

POLICE CODE EXPERTS ??? Every California college kid knows SBTC "Satan Better Than Christ" (Anton LeVey) every California college kid can do simple math SBTC=1223=8=August=LEO Beast computer Swiss Bank. Every California college kid knows Jonbenet *fed pineapple (Hawaii coven) murder *wine cellar (Purple People)

LIES "Boulder Colorado police have little experience with murder" Over 2000 murders and violent crimes. Include the shot-gun killing of a man who was dating Robert Redford's daughter. Violent crimes "Plea Bargain" GIRLS & MOTHERS are in the jails...easy prey for paid-by-the-head jail graft...for COWARDLY Law Enforcement Off  

TWINN DOLL Jonbenet was given a Twinn Doll for Christmas. Patsy Ramsey recoiled from it in horror; "It looks like a blonde child in a casket"  Jonbenet IS in a casket (coffin) *Painted murals Denver International Airport in POLAND skirt and vest with purple orchids (Hawaii coven) branch of Church of Satan San Francisco (LeVey) WHO contacted Patsy Ramsey with offers to "buy her child a Twinn Doll for Christmas" (Frame "brother"  AGE NINE)

TWINN BOOK (Steve Thomas) Boulder "Narcotics Detective" snorting Cocain with Koby, Hunter, Prosecutors. LIES in every page of his book; Twin pages; TWO stories in every paragraph. One "Would not give police evidence" Brags "Planned to plant evidence" by breaking and entering and if caught drop it and run" for LYNCH Patsy

PATSY RAMSEY was well known for the large pewter cross she wore every day (cure of forth stage cancer) Ramsey family were long-known devout Christians. Jonbenet and all of the Ramsey children wore or had crosses. Every murdered victim was a devout Christian family. Laci Petersons family & family of Scott Peterson; Christians Adam Walsh (age six) beautiful lamb.. "beheaded" *Christmas murder. America's Most Wanted (John Walsh) 

PSALMS 35-36 John Ramsey left his Bible open for police to read "My enemies seek to kill me by destroying those I love" and an antique Bible with an old passage no longer printed 118 "Bind the sacrifice with strong ropes" BETH Ramsey was NO "automobile accident" in *Chicago. Date of her murder is 666 (January 8, 1992 six months after graduation is 3x6) Tom Koby had a "police luncheon" on the date of Beth Ramsey's death (psychopaths jeer)

TOM KOBY (Kobalsky) rat-tail hippy Satanist Chief of Police, Boulder Colorado murdered Jonbenet Ramsey. Ritual Strangulation (Lamb dressed in white with cross and strangled with a white rope) Tom Koby then raped Jonbenet with a paintbrush handle (celluloise fibers in her tiny vagina) hit her in head with a police flashlight, deliberately left in the Ramsey's kitchen in plain sight...torture victims, and jeer Americans....who were in fact lynching "fools"

HANDWRITING on ransom note is Tom Koby's and is very obviously the handwriting of a cop (Not 9 year old) NOT a woman's handwriting. It is the writing of a predatory spider and looks it. Arrogant, bragging-braying...LIKE Steve Thomas "Detective" BRAGS in book "Planned to break in,  and if caught, take something and drop it"

LIES from "Doctors" (pathologists) "looked at pictures of autopsy, child molested by father" CELULOISE was in Jonbenet's tiny vagina, from a paintbrush handle.  NOT "incest molest"  CHILD vagina 1/4 inch "pictures"?? ALL victims had pathologists to lie, and forge death certificates. Jonbenet, Thomas Kindcade, Kennedys and Dorothy!

OBVIOUSLY HAPPY Jonbenet sparkled with wit and brilliance. Danced like a joyous little colt with mare. She adored her mother which attracted the jealous rage of every female viper in Boulder (dance instructor cops news) MOTHERS are under attack from Hollywood to "women's magazines" (alienate children from mother=rule world) 

GRAND JURY Boulder Colorado October 13, 1998 (Halloween month) 1131998=32-5 (star pentagram/devil)   

PLANTED EVIDENCE "looked staged" Yes, very staged, BY police whining "Ramsey's didn't trust police" Stage and plant "Book open to incest" Stage and plant "want Patsy's slacks" (slacks she wore to shield Jonbenet body) Stage and plant Laurencia Bombeneck "Hairs not in envelope sealed by ME" (woman coroner) Gun planted too. Stage and plant Laci Peterson *April Fool 2003, pregnant body planted same spot as several murdered pregnant

LAWYER UP ?! John and Patsy Ramsey were lynched world wide for "Lawyering up" and protecting themselves. Their personal friend (Michael Byron) went TO them immediately. A former prosecutor, Byron knew at once what was being done to the Ramseys, who were warned by their own company staff;  "they are out to set you up"

READ what "they" did to Dorothy...including fixing it so NO "Lawyer" would help. NO "witness protection" either Just a nine year old girl (Alihana Lemmon) who was beheaded and dismembered three miles from Dorothy (threat? NO "witness protection" for Dorothy??  Hollywood prime rump Pigs shows! Brainwash ewe for Washington pigs

Scarecrow,well Dorothy, I haven't got a brain, but it seems to me that every internet is deliberately keeping senior women off internet. HALF male pay the past two generations cannot afford $110 ($529 to $800 Social Sec=no food None of the "senior discounts" are valid, just never ending bait and switch. NOT possible to do, means silence.  

COMCAST joins the con *April Fool 2012 with "Shut off April 2010 and owes with "penalty fees" NO Shut off February 2010 and silence from Comcast "Past due" NOT and wrong address/city?! (credit score=USA lose homes 

DOROTHY FALLS IN THE PIG PEN. Turn the map of America down-side-up. See the PIG with a long snout into Washington DC. Pigs Vote SELF six-figure lifetime incomes, out of lone women's sub starvation. $4hr lifetime. HALF pay two generations of American women $4-6 hour, worked like oxen, drop exhaustion and broken bodies. Social Security $529 to $850 month sub-starvation. HALF male pay and full male bills..96% male corporate pigs

WIZARD (Merlin Wheedpole) CEO/president Shelter Inc; recruiting homeless for Moorehouse/Sex/Purple; was written-up in the July 1992 Contra Costa Times "Why are Jon Creek and Merlin Wheedpole who control a homeless shelter, touring Moorehouse? a cult of very bad repute?"  Contra Costa County; 40 dead bodies with homeless BETTY DEAL in purple shrouds (snuff porn) Body of pregnant young bride Laci Peterson *April Fool 03. Merlin Wheedpole; to forge "records" of Dorothy...witness to all this for several months....swishing magic Tare-rod !

DO LOOK BEHIND THE CUR-TON TON is "Breeding" in French. CUR is dog. Dog is a Pirate! 92% of pornography, child pornography, and murder snuff pornography comes from Swishing Magic Tare-Rods. 87% of Aids victims are mothers who drop like flies in Brazil, and leave thousands of orphans. SHOES "Made in Brazil" Designer Shoes $350-$5000, Made in Brazil...where little teen girls are kidnapped as sex slaves to "cure" males

I DO BELIEVE IN SPOOKS ! I DO Cowardly Lion OZ (Beth and Carol Hockmuth) Two vile old women "Raise demons" out of small children (age six) they take into their stuffy mobile (Ridgebrook Village Fort Wayne) One little boy ran sobbing after considerable struggle to get away (Beth in wading boots *dunk demons bathtub) Several small children have been drowned for "demons" Later, older brother arrives to rage at the two old fools. Meanwhile trucks and vans arrive late at night full of those who refuse to speak English. Mobiles near *airports

MUNCHKINS Over 600 million "missing children" worldwide. 27 million known sold into the child sex slavery of China, Asia, Russia, Poland, South America and Mexico. All nations which keep women poor. Now becoming USA CANADA has the *lowest rate of missing children and child pornography in the world. Queen Elizabeth, very much a woman will not tolerate it. Seems the "Dreams" of American Kings...is to trade with *highest rate. Can-a-Duh eh?

DOROTHY FALLS IN PIG PEN MAP, turn the map of America down side up (like Gas City cross) Cop pigs Small dark man (Russian?) knocks on Dorothy's door and tells her "You are going to jail ten years for making false charges"  False charges (?!) of two old women "raise demons" and trucks late at night; "suspect child trafficking"

MAIL is a Fake "Hearing for Detention" (jail)  The Judge signature stamp is *Up-side-down (?!) NO court room is named. The File complaint number "Doesn't exist" says Allen County court clerks and two supervisors. DATE August 9, 2013 is stamp date. 89213=23=5=41 April Fool (fish) French slang for Christians and their murders 

DATE of "Hearing" with no named court room number; August 20, 2013 at 8am 822138=24=6 (666 squared) Dorothy confused and frightened on the near empty third floor of Allen County Court; all doors closed and empty halls unless a murder trial in session; was set-up-to-kidnap and kill by the SHERIFF Department and a Judge (Avery)

Fort Wayne Police at door "Decree you suicide"  (Judge Avery and another cop named Brian) 41 "Suicide" Swine trample the pearls of Greek architecture, Fort Wayne Indiana.  Historic Greek Courthouse Sheriff Department Hqs 

PIG map of America. Washington pigs are "trading" with the highest rate of child trafficking and child labor. China Southeast Asia, Taiwan, (Dragon) Poland Russia (Bear) Africa Sudan Bangladesh slavery (Lion and Leopard) CON to keep mothers, lone women and senior women at sub-starvation "Cut Social Security 20%"  (kill-off experience) 

LAMB, join the map of America to Canada, and a lamb is created. Tip of nose New-found-land. CANADA has the *Lowest rate of child pornography and child traffic in world. Queen Elizabeth, very much a woman, will NOT Tolerate child pornography in any form.  American Kings..are trading with the *highest rate of child pornography. America; without a Queen to rule it, is a PIG...Time to CAN-a-DUH eh?

CAT  England is the shape of a cat. Dover, Penzance tip of nose Ashcroft. Follow a MAP right side up. A Queen is a mother cat, a very good mother too. Queen Elizabeth has the same lifetime goal. Wealth/power to STOP Muslim nations from torture killing women. Muslim crude oil $ Burn alive and stone to death DOES want youth-on-thrones. Prince Charles adores his mother; respects his mother and seeks her counsil.  American males COVET HER JOB

WOMEN are cut-down and sabotaged from Queen Elizabeth to Mary Kay, because male pigs COVET world. 93% Male Govern-Men (male one world order) 100% male-written-and-interpreted "Laws" (plunder and rape women) 96% male money news publishing, books, magazines, Hollywood. 96% male controls computers; a slaughterhouse of rape and confiscate and harass and brain-cancer from 'wireless' pigs. 96% male corporations China slave labor PIGS Crude Oil Kings; Obama Clinton Bush, with their 290,000 women "burned brides" for 95% male owns world land

AMERICA the "Dreams of Kings" is to trade with the highest rate of child pornography and child traffic in world, China, Southeast Asia, Poland/Russia, South America and Mexico. Where women are kept poor, USA Today

MAKE MONEY , help expose the Truth...simply order the sample; Book Wizards of Awes $20 One Sample Copy your one sample and share it with others. You determine your own price. Sample has all pictures and all documents and evidence. Send $20 ELLEN PO Box 8384 Fort Wayne Indiana 46898 

ORANGE PAWS....founded by "Dorothy" for public awareness. MILLIONS of animals will be put to death. Lone senior women with a 20% CUT out of sub-starvation Social Security "Can't afford" vets and Food for their beloved cats and dogs. NOW 2013 over 5000 a week...cats and dogs are put-to death INDIANA. Needles into the trusting little hearts of our babies...by the millions NOW "cannot afford" our best friends

TWENTY FIVE percent paychecks  to pre-pay Doctors "Insurance" Mercedes Benz and million$ houses College Students (20 hour week jobs) WILL have to put-to-death millions of beloved dogs and cats 2015 ORANGE PAWS Donations to Ellen Hutchinson PO Box 8384, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46898 

AUCTION,  Silk TIE...designed by Gary Garcia, leader of band "Grateful Dead" who was so DEAD he bragged "Priest in Church of Satan"   Anton LeVey in 1964 tried to buy the movie rights to Exorcist. With Charles Manson.  THIS is what "entertains" YOUR teenagers and pays Billions $$ Tax money to PIGS

TIE designed by "Priest" Gary Garcia, is in fact quite beautiful...pure silk; Orange background and purple flowers with black stitch design...fitting for a priest of Satan to sell his soul for Hollywood glory to Teens. Black stitches resemble the stitches in the mouth of little Jonbenet during autopsy. Start bid $6 million. Send Bids; Ellen Hutchinson PO Box 8384 Fort Wayne Indiana 46898  all money to ORANGE PAWS

ELLEN Eleanor Ruth Hutchinson, volunteer victims advocate for battered women works under Great Grand-father clause; Frank Billings Kellogg. Judge Permanent Court of Justice (world court) The Hague, Netherlands. Frank B Kellogg wrote principals of Geneva Conventions World War One. Forbids torture-of-prisoners. But NO Geneva "Laws" 100% male written and interpreted; protect  women from being burned-alive-in-agony for crude oil PIGS 

NO Geneva Convention "Laws" (100% male written and interpreted "laws") protect  elderly women in China from 50c an hour to drop dead in exhaustion after a lifetime of slave labor, watching their granddaughter's "right to work" 155,000 China women slaves "suicide" (every year) hopeless slavery; for 96% male world wide corporations PIGS

Kellogg Nobel Peace Prize 1929. Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact, with French Premier Aristide Briand and President Woodrow Wilson. 63 nations renounced war, and contained written plans for Russia of d. Tsar Nicholas. Secretary of State, United States Senator, United States Congressman, President American Bar Association

Frank Billings Kellogg, Ambassador to Great Britain, Court of Saint James, served King George V and Queen Mary of Teck. Kellogg wrote 'Dawes Report'  Reparation money to England from Germany attacks World War One. ELLEN is writing ERH-HER Report.  Reparation Money to Women "War on Women" decreed February 2012 

INDIANA, Ellen Hutchinson is seeking a six-hundred-million $ Settlement from the state of Indiana. Largest Settlement in history for political and police attempts to murder a witness. SIX attempts to kill Ellen Hutchinson. Six-6-hundred-million-dollars to write new LAWS for Women...today 100% male laws are a pigs slaughterhouse on W

CLONE line up to the Little Charles Lindbergh Kidnapping 1932

Anne Spencer-Morrow-Lindbergh wrote 'Gift of the Sea'  Dorothy gives you Gift of the SEE

For 80 years, this year 2012, police experts have tried to prove (Bruno Richard Hauptmann) was not the kidnapper, killer of little Charles Lindbergh. Dorothy's Plantegenete "twin" genes with Anne Spencer Morrow Lindbergh, is proof Bruno Richard Hauptman, was indeed the kidnapper killer of baby Charles Lindbergh in 1932

Bruno Richard Hauptmann lived on *Needham Street in the Bronx New York. Code name "Cemetery John"  He was a carpenter, caught by *Corn Bank, in concern one of the gold back ransom notes was "counterfeit" (no longer issued) *Car license written on the bill. He gave instructions by way of a *flower shop, near a *grave yard. He was convicted by evidence in the *garage he built for his *landlord, and the *phone number of John Condon on his wall

SEE-My-Tare-He John (John Storey) *Needham Storey Funeral Homes give Dorothy the Bronx cheer "If youuuuuu haven't gotten that car to a forensic laboratory by now, Youuuu are the one in trouble! not us!"  July 4, 2003

NOT "that car" MY CAR. thieves and psychopaths erase identity...John and Mark Storey, in criminal collusion with a corn farmer (Jon Creek) to steal *car (kidnap/murder evidence) padlock out-of-reach in his garage. Mark Storey Landlord, and Dorothy's real name is Ellen Hutchinson "The work of a carpenter's son"

Flower Shop (Rod Knapp) false charge of *phone calls. Little Charles was killed by *accident when he was dropped from a ladder at his *window to bash his head on the *cornerstone of the Lindbergh home in Hopewell New Jersey. Dorothy was kidnapped/kill *deliberately by a Brutal Haupt-mann-Nazi Doctor (Semann Cocon) *Cornerstone, Wa-Bash witness-Dorothy-in-the-head.  Bruno R. Hauptmann wore a Nazi uniform to his trial.

Lindberghs had a chief of police (Swartzkoptf) who was a friend, a spotless man who knew his job. Dorothy/Ellen has police captain (Kirk McCollum) with hamburger grease down front of his shirt (Swartz-Nazi-*coffin) No Friend. 1932 Norman Swartzkoptf said it was an "inside job" by nanny Betty Gow and Red Johnson, Norwegian sailor. He was right.Dorothy/Ellen has a *Red Potter (blamed for try kill her) Her husband was a Norwegian sailor Hosp Ship

VIOLET Sharp was the Morrows maid (Anne's parents) Violet committed suicide with cyanide (silver polish) rather than face police questions. She was engaged to the Butler, a mean drunk who would have fired her; if he learned she had been out with another man (double date) NO job reference mid-depression was slow death on the streets for a powerless maid anyway.  That police and FBI "don't understand this" is WHY senior women are starving in USA

FBI profiler John Douglas writes in his book Cases That Haunt Us, "Violet Sharp committing suicide reminds him of Leonard Lake, a serial killer who torture killed women, and made snuff films, Leonerd took cyanide rather than face police questions" Leonard Lake is a LEO-nerd Creek this time; out to cereal-kill Dorothy; with a purple/violet murder porn kills using cyanide to make snuff films and avoiding questions by cops write it up "suicide"

Charles Lindbergh solo flight 'Spirit of Saint Louis' NY to Paris "Open up the Gates of Heaven" (world travel) Dorothy open-up "Heavens Gate UFO Cult, 40 dead "suicides" in purple shrouds" (murder snuff pornography films)

John Douglas writes ""John Condon's remarks about Anne were so flatulent, just plain icky"  Dorothy has the flatulent Wind-Bags of give you Gas City. Jon CON-done with an ick-E. Douglas "Nothing more about the Lindbergh case to be written" Oh No Toto! we have only just begun !  *Mexican Ambassador, *Airplane Pilot *Martha's Vineyard *Boat named *Nelly  *Paris solo flight *wild goose chase *window kidnapping *children kidnapped *royals (hairs)

BALLOT BOX, the ransom money for little Charles Lindbergh (already dead minutes afrer kidnapped) was delivered by John Condone, to "Cemetary John" (Bruno Hauptmann) in a ballott Box (Voting box) 2003 Kidnap to kill Dorothy over vote-fixing Barack Obama (John and Mark Storey) Obama masquarades as President USA (JonBenet alreadyd) 







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